Unilever’s So-Called Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing at its core is about mass collaboration. Unilever's move on the other hand is nothing of the sort. It is looking for is to get lots of high quality creative ideas at a significantly lower price.

Has Second Life Cut Its Mullet?

After blasting Second Life, I revisited the virtual world to see what I'd find. The world, which had always been rocking the mullet -- business up front and party in the back -- seems to have grown up and visited the barber.

Turn Your Web Photos Into Product Placements

You don't have to be Michael Jordan or Maria Sharapova to land an endorsement deal. For the rest of us, there's Udorse, which lets people endorse anything pictured in their shared photos -- and get paid for it.

Setting Your Brand Free to Find Fans Wherever They Are

Three months ago I did something that many considered virtual heresy. After five years and 5,300 posts I shuttered my blog, Micro Persuasion, in favor of a lifestream which you can find at SteveRubel.com. I thought I'd share why I went this route, what I learned these past three months and the implications for brands.

Judy Consumer Is Finally All A-Twitter

Here's the lesson for all of us who work in digital and technology marketing: Judy Consumer is being introduced to new technologies at an accelerating rate. While she is willing to invest the time to learn about new technology, there needs to be a clear vision of how the technology works in her life.