Five Up-and-Coming Mobile Shopping Sites You’ll Be Using

NEW YORK ( -- You may not have purchased any Christmas gifts from your phone this year, but next year it's likely you will. Plenty of retailers, big and small, are just beginning to wrap their heads around "m-commerce." Here five mobile sites we'll be shopping in the coming year.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Takes Indefinite Medical Leave

NEW YORK ( -- Apple is going to be without Steve Jobs -- this time, indefinitely. The Apple CEO announced on Monday that he's taking a leave of absence to focus on his health, almost exactly two years after he took a previous leave of absence to recover from treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Why Pandora Is on Virtually Every Device

NEW YORK ( -- At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, Pandora was seemingly in everything from BlackBerry tablets to Roku boxes and even a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator from Samsung. How did a 10-year-old company -- on the brink of bankruptcy as recently as four years ago -- become the de facto radio app for virtually every new app-enabled device?

Why Selling 3-D Cameras Won’t Be a Snap

NEW YORK ( -- Get ready for some competition, James Cameron. 3-D cameras and camcorders are coming to the masses. Except that it might take almost as long for consumers to catch on to the concept as it did to make "Avatar." While manufacturers have clearly figured out how to bring 3-D down to the consumer level through 3-D technology, the much bigger challenge is a marketing one.

IPad Users Prefer Advertising to Pay Model for Content

NEW YORK ( -- In a survey conducted by online research company Knowledge Networks, 86% of iPad owners said they would be willing to "watch" ads to gain access to free content such as TV shows or magazine and newspaper articles. In practice, iPad users download an average of 24 apps, and of those, only six, or about a quarter of them are paid

Heineken Shows Web Correct Way to Enter a Party

NEW YORK ( -- The "Most Interesting Man in the World" has met his match. Well, not really (that's impossible), but Heineken's "The Entrance" is the cornerstone of a new web campaign from Weiden & Kennedy that topped the Viral Chart last week with more than 2 million views.