Is Voice-Based Bubbly the New Twitter?

In India, thousands of consumers are going from tweeting to bubbling. A hot new social networking service dubbed "Bubbly," which is essentially a voice-based Twitter, is quickly gaining popularity among Indians. And thanks to Bollywood celebs being early adopters, Bubbly is growing virally and with virtually zero marketing spend.

Pepsi’s World Cup Campaign Infiltrates Viral Chart

NEW YORK ( -- Coke may be the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, but Pepsi's 2.5-minute "Oh Africa" is the first World Cup ad to make the viral chart, and portends well for Pepsi's revamped social-media strategy.

What Kind of Brand Associates With Chatroulette?

LONDON ( -- What kind of brand would want to associate with Chatroulette? Well, French Connection -- of FCUK fame -- would, and the U.K.-based clothing retailer is using the random, anonymous chat room for a marketing push.

10 Ways to Not Be a Jerk at SXSW

Let's say that your boss is cool enough to pay your way to SXSW this year. Whether it's your first time or fifth, there are 10 things to do that will be sure to alienate you from people at SXSW and those back at home that hate you for being there.

Carol Bartz Wants Yahoo to Move Faster

NEW YORK ( -- In this video report, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz talks to Ad Age executive editor Abbey Klaassen about her biggest frustrations during her first year running the iconic web company.

Marketers, Get Back to Boring

Maybe things haven't changed that much at all. Maybe what's missing in our "social" marketing transformation is the really boring and basic stuff. Maybe dull drives digital. Maybe fundamentals face us forward. Maybe boring is breakthrough.

YouTube Brings Mobile Ads to Revenue Mix

NEW YORK ( -- YouTube has spent the past year putting ads in every corner of the site, from big, splashy homepage ads to pre-roll, post-roll and overlays on video. But one aspect has remained curiously ad-free: its mobile site.