MSN Gets a Makeover, but Does New Look Matter?

NEW YORK ( -- MSN is getting its first major redesign in more than a decade in a bid to dust off its late-'90s look, reduce clutter and, as Yahoo did earlier this year, give users the ability to interact with their social networks from its home page. The question remains: Does it matter?

Why Digital Agencies Aren’t Ready to Lead

Any conversation about digital marketing these days includes at least one mention that traditional agencies just "don't get it." While this may be correct, what's equally true is that digital agencies are not ready to take the lead.

Facebook’s Big Changes: Action Items for Marketers

Facebook's latest round of updates announced this week will affect everyone: marketers, developers, publishers, consumers and anyone else remotely connected to its site and platform. And some of the changes will especially affect marketers.

How Online Video Can Benefit Brands When It Comes to Search

NEW YORK ( -- Viral-video marketing, as it's traditionally been defined -- create a cute, funny, breathtaking or unexpected piece of content, seed it in the right places, and watch users pass it along -- has developed into a legitimate form of marketing. But what if marketers' fixation on all things viral is leading them to neglect other valuable and more consistently successful online-video strategies?