Yahoo Buys Ad Tech Startup Dapper

NEW YORK ( -- Yahoo has acquired San Francisco-based Dapper, a startup with technology that can change content within a display ad based on the presumed interests of the viewer, for an undisclosed sum.

We Built These Silos, So Why Can’t We Tear Them Down?

If debates between ad buyers and sellers about the issues with cross-platform media deals were aired as a reality show, it might be called "The Blame Game." Each side faults the other for the persistent difficulty in closing cross-platform deals while talking at length about the strides it's made to improve the situation.

DMA Struggles to Reinvent Itself as Direct Evolves in Digital World

NEW YORK ( -- When walking the exhibit floor of the Direct Marketing Association next week in San Francisco, pay careful attention to the vendors. Odds are the majority of them will be mailers, list providers, printers and letter shops -- not exactly top of the list for Firstborn, Digitas or R/GA.

What Happens When Facebook Goes Down?

NEW YORK ( -- More than a million websites around the web are looped into the world's largest social network via Facebook Connect. Its social plug-in -- the increasingly ubiquitous "Like" button -- generates at least 3 billion clicks a day. And for many brands, a Facebook presence has outstripped their own proprietary CRM programs. With Facebook providing sharing tools, authentication, and even commerce for so many sites and brands, what happens when Facebook goes down, as it did on Sept. 22 for more than two hours?

As Tech Blogs Grow up, Can They Transcend Their Founders?

NEW YORK ( -- They started out as personal obsessions and evolved into agenda-setting news outlets proffering snap judgments on everything from Yahoo's executive drama to Google's new URL shortener. Now, a question: Have a noisy group of tech blogs come of age?