The Global CMO Interview: Lorraine Twohill, Google

NEW YORK ( -- Google is not known for its marketing; the product markets itself. But as Google attempts to translate its one mega-success -- search advertising -- into other lines of business, marketing is becoming a more important part of what the search giant is all about.

Five Video Ads to Get You Pumped About the World Cup

As nearly every person on the planet knows, the World Cup kicks off tomorrow. Given that the world of online video has a tendency to reflect our global society's collective consciousness, it is no surprise that there has already been plenty pre-game excitement across the web's video destinations.

At NewFront, Branded Entertainment Focuses on Fans

NEW YORK ( -- The NewFront, a play on TV's annual upfront ad-sales period, is evolving from a show-and-tell for original web series into a platform for figuring out where content and marketing are headed online. If the past two years were about giving producers and brands a forum to discuss ways to develop alternate financing and distribution of branded content, this year's conversation was about how to let consumers do the marketing for you.

Are Typosquatters Hijacking Your Brand?

The companies behind the 250 most visited U.S. websites are losing about $327 million per year through domains that contain typos of their brands, either because the domains are owned by third parties and used to divert would-be customers or because the brand itself is not using the domain properly.

Fake Stunt That Duped Real Newscast Goes Viral

NEW YORK ( -- Look what's landed on the Viral Chart this week: the now-infamous "Liquid Mountaineering" spot for outdoor apparel maker Hi-Tec. Infamous because the faux documentary about nutty European adventurers and their new "sport" was picked up as real news by D.C.'s NBC affiliate in May, which pretty much sets the bar for "earned media" when it comes to web video.

Microsoft’s New Sales Chief: We Can Make Money on the Web

NEW YORK ( -- It's been nearly two years since Microsoft has had a global head of advertising sales. During that time, losses at its internet division, which includes MSN, Bing and all its other ad-supported properties, ballooned to $713 million in the most recent quarter from $411 million a year ago.