Wikia’s Self-Policing Social-Media Model Lures Big Marketers

NEW YORK ( -- Lostpedia is one of the most active and vibrant sites on, Jimmy Wales' for-profit venture that is separate from his more well-known nonprofit crusade, Wikipedia. Wikia makes money by selling advertising and sponsorships and has already turned a profit, according to the company.

Cups Runneth Over for Lane Bryant Video

NEW YORK ( -- Did Fox and ABC reject a Lane Bryant lingerie ad? Well, no, but that didn't stop Lane Bryant from declaring network bias against women with boobs and having model Ashley Graham take a media tour last week to talk about the issue.

Ann Taylor Investigation Shows FTC Keeping Close Eye on Blogging

NEW YORK ( -- The Federal Trade Commission has made public its first investigation into a company's relationship with bloggers, and while the federal agency took no action, the decision provides some insight into how it is viewing marketers' relationships with online communities.

AOL’s Second-Quarter Ad Revenue Drops 19%

NEW YORK ( -- AOL reported a 19% decline in online ad revenue in the second quarter, and it announced the sale of instant messaging service ICQ for $187.5 million in cash to Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies.

Meet the Brands Hiding on Google

YORK, Pa. ( -- If a consumer types a brand name into the Google search box, a home-page link should -- and likely will -- appear as one of the top listings. But does the same thing happen when typing in a generic keyword relevant to that business? Craig MacDonald, Covario CMO, dug deeper into his research, and analyzed five brands at Advertising Age's request, to find out why they aren't ranking at the top of Google search.