Why It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button on Trust

We need a new conversation on "trust." Radical new models are unfolding before our eyes -- from social commerce to one-click mobile ratings and reviews to trust-incubating "Service 2.0." The pace of change and disruptions begs a new dialogue and a new wave of thinking about we nurture trust and the credibility our conversations, platforms and models.

How to Earn ‘Engagement Capital’ on YouTube

Marketers need to pay close attention to engagement capital -- what it is, how it's created, where it's spent -- before they reap the full marketing potential of social video. Engagement capital is the means by which a marketer exchanges entertaining content for support or action by a user. As a marketer, the type of brand video you create affects the level of engagement capital you build with your viewer.

Nielsen: Facebook’s Ads Work Pretty Well

BATAVIA, Ohio (AdAge.com) -- It pays to have fans on Facebook if you want your ads to work there too. So-called earned media generated when people mention or advocate brands makes the paid media considerably more effective, according to the first public study to come out of the collaboration of Nielsen Co. and Facebook. The companies plan to discuss results of the study in a session at Ad:Tech in San Francisco on Tuesday.

The World’s Best Banner Ads (And Why They Worked)

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- What makes a great online display ad? Ashley Ringrose, co-founder of Soap Creative and curator of Bannerblog, has some ideas. Among them: A truly interactive ad must have an interactive idea. Entertain and involve the user and they will respond. That and be useful to consumers.

Chat, Stats, Secrets About Twitter

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- It was the announcement heard 'round the digital ad world: Twitter revealed at Advertising Age's Digital Conference that it would be accepting sponsored tweets. Here is a roundup of what's been reported and what hasn't since then about Twitter's announced business model.

McDonald’s, Macy’s Tap New Ad Medium: Web Bank Statements

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Imagine signing in to your online-banking account and finding promotions linked to your transactions. Underneath a transaction for a restaurant, there's an offer from that eatery for $10 cash back when you spend a minimum of $20. And underneath a purchase at an apparel chain, a rival offers 15% cash back for shopping at its store or website.