Little Love for the Mobile Web in App-Adoring World

NEW YORK ( -- The love affair between marketers and mobile apps is in full bloom, but the obsession with apps and the niche market they represent is coming at the expense of the mobile web, which is exponentially bigger and starving for brand dollars.

Nestle to Facebook Fans: Consider Yourself Embraced

Nestle, in a fit of intellectual property protectionism, informed its 90,000 Facebook fans last night that: "We welcome your comments, but please don't post using an altered version of any of our logos as your profile pic -- they will be deleted." Some users have begun using the company logo, which features a nest of birds, to depict environmental damage.

Yahoo No. 2 Steps in to Lead Sales on Interim Basis

NEW YORK ( -- Yahoo No. 2 Hilary Schneider will oversee ad sales at the portal for at least the next few months as it searches internally and externally for a replacement for Joanne Bradford, who left suddenly to be come chief revenue officer at Demand Media.

Apple’s iPad Ad? Yep, It Went Viral

NEW YORK ( -- This is where your correspondent eats crow. Last week, I predicted that Apple's "Meet iPad" campaign, which made its debut on TV during the Oscars, wouldn't go viral. Why? Because Apple videos typically don't due to the lock the company keeps on distribution. Sure enough, early on, "Meet iPad" got a slow start.