Iconic brand advertising on TV isn’t going anywhere

The era of "peak TV" has ushered in a renaissance for brand advertising, and there has never been more opportunity to connect with viewers. By the same token, there have never been more challenges for marketers. TV's evolution is happening at a time when shifts in audience behavior, the proliferation of digital video, precision targeting and addressability are taking hold. New challenges have emerged. Increased ratings pressure, inflationary pricing and audience fragmentation have given rise to new thinking and evolved methods of targeting and measurement. These complexities are creating uncertainty within the TV ecosystem as stakeholders grapple with how to balance investments between existing and new technology. The 80-year-old TV industry has evolved from using content as a proxy for audience to targeting actual audiences on TV. We're entering an era of better understanding the customer. Continue reading at AdAge.com

Here’s how Snapchat will work with Tinder and other apps on its new developer platform

Snapchat's new developer platform that allows it to integrate with outside apps like Tinder, Postmates and Patreon, is going live this week. Now daters on Tinder will be able to flirt with Bitmojis. Postmates will let people share delivery information to friends inside Snapchat. Snapchat built four "kits" that will open the messaging and media app to outside developers. These types of developer tools are core to companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google, because they help drive innovation around their products and keep audiences in their ecosystems. Continue reading at AdAge.com

Apple cracks down on apps sharing info on users’ friends

Apple Inc. changed its App Store rules last week to limit how developers harvest, use and share information about iPhone owners' friends and other contacts. The move cracks down on a practice that's been employed for years. Developers ask users for access to their phone contacts, then use it for marketing and sometimes share or sell the information -- without permission from the other people listed on those digital address books. On both Apple's iOS and Google's Android, the world's largest smartphone operating systems, the tactic is sometimes used to juice growth and make money. Sharing of friends' data without their consent is what got Facebook Inc. into so much trouble when one of its outside developers gave information on millions of people to Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy. Apple has criticized the social network for that lapse and other missteps, while announcing new privacy updates to boost its reputation Continue reading "Apple cracks down on apps sharing info on users’ friends"

How Snapchat and Instagram are elevating their shopping games

Snapchat and Instagram are stepping up their shopping rivalry as they both work e-commerce into new areas of their apps. Snapchat is testing new Shoppable Snap Ads, a format it is first using to promote its Spectacles camera sunglasses. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Instagram brought shopping into Stories, the vertical-video section that was copied from Snapchat. (Instagram developed Stories after Snapchat popularized the video style, which lets people string snippets of film together into a fast-paced narrative, which disappears within 24 hours.) Brands on Instagram will now be able to drop shopping bag stickers into their Stories and sell products featured in the videos. The stickers had already been available for use on posts in Instagram's main feed, where they also indicate that an item is for sale. Stories is becoming one of the more popular features of Instagram, with 300 million people using it daily, according to the company. Continue reading "How Snapchat and Instagram are elevating their shopping games"

Reddit rolls out native video ads in attempt to woo Madison Avenue

Fresh off the heels of a new redesign from its former Web 1.0 layout, Reddit announced Tuesday that it's rolling out native video ads that will appear in-stream and automatically play without sound. Companies such as Nintendo, Netflix and Audi have already bought in. "Because of our scale, and as our video inventory continues to grow, we believe our native video product provides a material pocket of efficient reach for marketers," says Jen Wong, Reddit's chief operating officer. "We're bringing a lot of reach to the market." Continue reading at AdAge.com

Are you ‘in the zone’ for peak creativity?

One of my very first jobs was as a recording engineer. Working with musicians, I set up and operated the complex recording equipment that's used to capture, shape and mix the sounds of an album. After working with many artists, I noted there were two kinds of musician: those who wanted to spend more time sitting behind the workstation pulling the knobs and levers until something was "perfect," and those who just wanted to play and be "in the zone." More often than not, the musicians who focused on the playing had the best takes and achieved the best results. Since those early days, my engineering career has taken me from working in music to financial services and now to marketing and advertising. However, there's always been a constantno matter the industry, the focus must always be on how best to unlock creativity. And the creativity comes best from Continue reading "Are you ‘in the zone’ for peak creativity?"

Cannes Lions Festival of Technology? Digital presence can seem more crass than creative

From a T-Pain show on a yacht for an ad-tech outfit to a giant yellow Ferris wheel/oven on the Palais to promote Snapchat, flamboyant promotions have transformed advertising's largest festival into something more crass than creative, to hear some industry leaders tell it. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a shell of what it once stood for, they say, rapidly losing what set it apart from the tech-centered experiential marketing extravaganza better known as South by Southwest. Others suggest giving the Cannes Lions' tech delegations a chance. Continue reading at AdAge.com