On July 10, bloggers and freelancers unite to wear pants

Put Some Damn Pants On Already!

If you’re freelance, unemployed, or underemployed, you probably work at home and don’t always wear pants either. (Gentleman–no, those ratty “writing shorts” do not count.)

This Friday, July 10th, let’s all make an effort to all put on pants. Fridays are often a time for a more relaxed dress code in offices. But not for the jobless. This Friday, take a shower in the morning, fix your hair, and put on some nice clothes even if you won’t be leaving the house. Nice shorts and skirts OK too, but NO boxers or pajamas–you must wear clothes that you could actually go to a job in. (Send in pics if you want!)

Too often, un- and under-employment causes people to fall into a rut. This will give everyone an extra shot of self-esteem and aura of respectability as we continue our job hunting. It’ll make us all feel better.

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Urban Dictionary’s definition of “reddit”


A site or hive-mind for grown-up children that were too ugly or geeky to be abused by their priest and now majorly pissed off about it. Like Manichism, The Reddit Church of Fundamental Atheists has a dualist philosophy with two gods, one named Darwin and the other a living deity called Dawkins. Members of the church can vote on which stories reach the front page. Reddit tends to recycle the same stories on its front page over and over again, abliet with slight modifications it the hope that no one catches on. Typically in 3 categories, 1)Funny animal pictures 2)Gossip about republicans 3)Jesus SUXXXXX!!!!. The site believes it has a monopoly on reason and user will discuss topics in the comments section which can be broken down into 5 categories 1)Comments on funny animal pictures 2)Comments about republicans 3)Jesus SUXXXXX!!!!4) Redditors telling us their life stories 5)Redditors making fun of other redditors life stories. As long as you have the exact same opionions as the other redditors you can celebrate your independent thinking. Here are 2 examples 1)”Hey reddit I hate religion!” Welcome to reddit! 2)”Hey Redditors could you please explain to me why you hate Jesus so much?” Fuck off you Christian fundamentalist! You can’t reason with religious people! Fuck off with your religious wars and women abuse!

Despite having all the answers to all the worlds problems, most redditors would prefer to spend time in their basements and on better sites like 4chan and digg.

A feature that make the site worth visiting is the NSFW section, which typically has very few comments so you don’t have to listen to the preaching while you fap.

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Why take an already-profitable news outlet and inject it with VC funding?

Marc Andreessen’s Burgeoning Blogging Empire: Invests In Talking Points Memo

More news about Marc Andreessen making venture investments this morning after the launch of his new $300 million fund, Andreessen Horowitz: he is leading a round of financing for TPM Media, better known as the TalkingPointsMemo blog.

TPM founder Josh Marshall confirmed the pending investment today by phone. The round is small, between $500k and $1 million. Andreessen is leading the round and a number of other angel investors are participating as well.

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