Bruce Gilden – Coney Island (2005)

I liked a YouTube video: Bruce Gilden – Coney Island (2005) Android+Keyboard = Win: Switching to the Samsung Epic

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Thanks Louis, I will stop craving for iphones πŸ™‚

Charles Aznavour – Sa jeunesse

I liked a YouTube video: Charles Aznavour sings a song that he wrote at only age 18 (this makes it the year 1942!), called "Sa jeunesse," roughly translated as "One's youth." From Aznavour's Carnegie Hall DVD.

Charles Aznavour – She

I liked a YouTube video: The #1 song in the UK in 1974 and his most popular and most covered English song, the legendary Charles Aznavour now sings the classic "She." From his Carnegie Hall concert.

Elvis Costello – She ( Soundtrack to Notting Hill, 1999 ) – screen lyrics

I liked a YouTube video: Elvis Costello – She ( Soundtrack to Notting Hill, 1999 ) – screen lyrics

Blogging, Auto Censorship, Real Time Search and The Speed of Light

It’s funny how Google conditions our blogs, our articles, our thoughts. We are used to indulging in auto censorship with one eye in what we want to convey and the other on how to rephrase it so it pleases the spiders and we get some visibility. We knew how to do it cause we learn fast…but wait, just when we think we are playing the politically correct writer big brother comes and says now we go on real time search and a better index called Caffeine. Having that in mind, I have decided to change the title of my blog and the introductory words to describe what it is about. Let’s be serious, I am neither Chris Brogan nor Robert Scoble so the possibilities someone searches for Carlos Lorenzo and lands on my site are as probable as me being hit by a meteorite, so Carlos Lorenzo’s Blog on Social Media sounds more realistic and allows me to compare probabilities with more reliable objects offering less margin of error like a Frisian cow hauled by a tornado or a rain of frogs. As if with words like “blog” and “social media” were not enough (I am sure I managed to go up a couple of pages in search engines from the last place in those 181,000,000 results), I decided to enhanced the description as I said, by stealthily dropping the word Photography and squeezing in the term “social web”. These minor but essential changes will bring me out of anonymousness but hey!, remind me to publish at least three times a day, to tweet my postsΒ  and to create a page on Facebook to duplicate my work. It is time to forget about playing the lonesome rider of blogging anymore. In other words, someone pushed the button at Mountain View to go full throttle and here we are with our faces stuck on the passengers cabin walls traveling at the speed of light with no seat belts on.

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