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Social networks appear like flowers in the spring or security updates for some very well known OS. You have yourself a full range of possibilities to choose according to your preferences. The amount of data we have to digest daily increases and sometimes we wish we were omniscient to interact with each and every member in our communities. There are some tools that make your social experience easier, tools that let you follow almost all of your social activity from your desktop or web application. That is great. But what if we could take social experience one step further and we had the chance to carry our networks, our friends, our favorite stuff along with us, what if directly from your browser, just by adding an extension, you could tell the world what you like and people joined you in your preferences to follow you in the quest for interesting things and all of that were done by simply introducing some innovation in the way we interact, giving us much more time to enjoy our friends. I know we already have lots of services covering part of these expectations but I am not aware of any that encompasses so much with less, that makes socializing as easy as Glue does, basically because it breaks with many preconceived ideas we have about the way our social networking is supposed to be.

Glue by AdaptiveBlue uses top-down semantic recognition technology that spots things, similar things, by creating unique keys thanks to special algorithms. Let’s say you like Sci-fi books and you want to write a review about I Robot by Asimov on Amazon but some of your friends by chance happened to choose such book as a fave somewhere else. You both would share the same book and the cover would show in your glue profiles for everyone to see. The possibility to correlate such book on many book sites as well as the interaction around it with your friends via reviews or comments decentralizes the social experience. It is as they call it, a smarter way to connect that is based on contextual conversations which do not stick to the site but are glued to you and your browser instead. The same can be done with movies, stocks, wine, artists, restaurants and more. One good feature implemented in Glue is the option to automatically sync friends from other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. And this is only the beginning. This uniqueness makes of Glue a good contestant in the arena of social networks and socializing tools that must be taken into account. It is not strange that sooner or later other companies follow in AdaptiveBlue steps, other companies that set their eyes on semantic web and user-friendly decentralized tools to enrich our social experience and help creating the next web.

I have become addicted to the use of Glue in spite of the fact that I was totally indifferent to it last year when they launched the service. I was not aware of its potential and claimed for more services. They have improved the offer since then specially with the last browser plugin for Glue (v. 4.2.17) or the Glue iPhone app. New features include connected conversations, smart recommendations and web wide top lists. This little but important push is sending a constant dripping of new friends notifications to my Gmail account, a good signal of the growing success Glue is experiencing. This Apture-enhanced link shows a short screencast including ‘replies’, one of the new additions among other interesting videos and relevant information:

Glue: Likes, Comments, and Replies.

I am not an analyst, on the contrary, my goal is to share with you my personal impressions on helpful tools from the point of view of the user. Should you need a deep analysis please consult these other articles on the web about Glue by AdaptiveBlue:

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