Local news may not be getting a Trump bump

The latest print issue of the Columbia Journalism Review focuses on local news. The publication is posting the articles online throughout May. Some digital tidbits: — As part of a survey of 420 journalists at small (circulation under 50,000) local newspapers across the country (written for Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism), Christopher Ali and Damian Radcliffe asked about the use of digital reporting tools like podcasts, augmented reality, and chat apps. Most of the journalists said they learn about these by reading about them (in places like Nieman Lab!) and teaching themselves. Eighty-four percent of respondents are using video reporting, 67 percent are using live video, and 25 percent were podcasting. — It can be challenging for small newspapers owned by chains with a one-size-fits-all digital strategy. One respondent said:
Our newspaper has fewer than 5,000 readers. Our personal challenge is that the owners treat all papers Continue reading "Local news may not be getting a Trump bump"

Texas Senate cites ‘decorum’ to increase distance between legislators, reporters

    By Tamar Wilner Reporters in Texas have long enjoyed an unusual level of access to their state legislators. But when the legislative session started earlier this month, they became the latest statehouse journalists to find that access diminished in the name of order and propriety. And as the adversarial relationship between the Trump administration and the press intensifies, some Texas reporters argue a...

Headlines editors probably wish they could take back

    By The Editors In this week's Lower Case... Meanwhile in Kildare...check out this hilarious headline from today's Leinster Leader ? pic.twitter.com/oaIqTiqF5j— Shane Beatty (@ShaneBeattyKFM) January 17, 2017  Although certainly not a funny story, the immature side of me had to laugh at the...