Yours Truly on The Incomparable to Talk About ‘2001’

Speaking of Jason Snell, he was kind enough to invite me on The Incomparable — along with John Siracusa, Philip Michaels, Moisés Chiullan, and Dr. Drang — to talk about 2001: A Space Odyssey. My fondness and appreciation for 2001 is hard to convey. Most of it holds up remarkably well 50 years later. There are parts that still seem impossible, 50 years later. But what ultimately strikes me about 2001 is that it was an attempt by arguably the greatest filmmaker who ever lived to make the greatest movie ever made. Ultimately the work itself is what matters in judging any artistic achievement, but the sheer ambition behind 2001 staggers me whenever I contemplate it. From the scientific rigor to the stunning advances in special effects to the gorgeous 70mm cinematography to the mesmerizing editing and soundtrack, 2001 simply swells my heart.

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Apple’s Newest Macs Include Better Built-in Audio Devices

Paul Kafasis, writing at the Rogue Amoeba blog:
On older Macs, the headphone jack and the internal speakers are essentially separate ports on a single output device, and only one of these ports is allowed to be active at a time. Because of this, audio can be sent to either the built-in speakers, or the headphone jack, but not to both. As well, if anything is connected to the headphone jack, the OS shuts off the built-in speaker completely. With these new Macs, there are actually two distinct output devices. The headphone jack and the internal speakers are separate devices, completely independent from one another.