Jon Stokes on Chrome OS

A smart take on Chrome OS from Jon Stokes:

Apple and Microsoft began decades ago with “the PC,” and they’re currently involved in a slow and painful process of trying to stretch and push “the PC” out towards the Internet and towards a more useful and integrated relationship with the cloud as a new type of server. Google, on the other hand, began with the Internet, and it presumes the cloud in everything it does. With Chrome OS, the company is now trying to push and stretch the Internet back down onto “the PC” as just one of a growing range of cloud clients.

When Information Overwhelms Facts

Alexander Micek on last week’s report on laptop reliability from SquareTrade:

When you only have two data points to model, however, two things happen: (1) you can easily model the two points with a linear curve that perfectly fits the data (R2=1). (2) Your model is capable of predicting nothing. So, the SquareTrade authors have formed an inappropriate model based on sloppy data to make fallacious projections.

Howard Bryant on the Misguided Demand for a Salary Cap in Major League Baseball

Howard Bryant nails it:

So the Yankees are champions, and thus begins an offseason that will be centered on money. Owners across the league this offseason will promote the creation of a salary cap, ostensibly for “competitive balance” — a way to take money from the players and take down the Yankees simultaneously. All this at a time when the owners have a golden opportunity to improve the quality of the game but won’t because they refuse to reduce their sizable profits.

Apple’s iPhone Web Apps Directory

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Apple has a directory of iPhone web apps that predates the native App Store. Slim pickings, as you might have guessed.

(Judging by my email, one misconception many people have is that iPhone web apps only work when you have network access. That’s not necessarily true — you can write an iPhone web app that runs offline, uses local storage (via HTML5), and launches from your home screen without the MobileSafari browser chrome. My favorite example of such a web app: Neven Mrgan’s Glyphboard.