Speaking of Grant Hutchinson and gorgeous gadgets, I’ve been meaning to link to his small collection of Sony Walkmen. I look at these and I can hear the tape hiss.

Verizon Palm Pre Plus Hands-On Video at Engadget

They’ve got a native API for games now; the “Need for Speed” demo looks good. (Biggest niggle: That the carrier banner in the status bar says “Verizon Wireless” rather than just “Verizon”.)

Update: I know that the full name of the carrier is “Verizon Wireless”, and that it’s a joint venture between Verizon Communications and Vodafone, but, come on, everyone calls it “Verizon”, and those are valuable pixels. And for what it’s worth, the iPhone’s U.S. carrier’s full name is “AT&T Mobility”, but it just says “AT&T” up in the status bar.

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