Sony Versus the iPhone

Jared Newman:

Sony continues to insist that it’s not competing with the iPhone on gaming, even though the opposite is increasingly becoming true.

Think of all the various separate devices Sony makes which compete with the iPhone to at least some degree: PSPs, Walkmen, point-and-shoot cameras, and mobile phones. Games are just a part of it.

Kind of Bloop

Kind of Bloop, the 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis commissioned by Andy Baio through Kickstarter, is now available for download for just $5. It’s just great.

I’ll tell you what’s weird about it, though. When I hear the music from an actual old 8-bit game, I can see the game in my mind. Kind of Bloop is so evocative, but yet in some ways so familiar, that it like triggers a like sort of false deja vu, a feeling that I’m just on the cusp of remembering the game to which it went.

OmniOutliner 3.9

Sweet, the last version of OmniOutliner I’ll ever have to download and update manually:

This release brings some much needed updating in the form of our self-installing updater and switching to Apple’s auto-save feature. Any file you have open will now be backed-up even if you’ve never saved it!