Sarah Palin Speaks To Excited California GOP Crowd: “Fire Pelosi, Retire Reid”

Sarah Palin made a fiery, near-prime time speech in California tonight to an excited crowd of Republicans.

California, of course, is home to two high profile ‘mama grizzly’ candidates, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, who were not in attendance and were not mentioned by Palin. But she did have a lot to say.

It started with a direct shot at the Democratic leadership. “Are you ready to fight for your freedoms?” she asked the crowd, getting large cheers in response. “You fire Pelosi, retire Reid and their whole band of merry followers, and we get back on the right track.”

Palin also addressed the media. “For the press, yes I shall be invoking Reagan’s name again, and again, and again,” she said. “You won’t be hearing me invoking or quoting Alinsky, or Mao. We’re kind of a Reagan kind of crowd around here.”

She also gave Pres. Obama some suggestions on who he should be apologizing to.

Only CNN covered the speech live (but didn’t cover all of it, they went to a commercial before it was finished). Fox News stuck with its regular news programming, and MSNBC was in a doc about vampire killings, which was interesting for the five minutes I switched over but also, was, you know, about killer vampires.

Watch the full speech below:

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WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg Speaking At Stanford, Jokes Facebook Movie Is “100% Accurate”

In a few minutes, Facebook founder — and recent reluctant dramatized movie subject — Mark Zuckerberg will address the crowd at Ycombinator’s Startup School at Stanford University, following up a stellar slate including Groupon founder Andrew Mason, Quora founder Adam D’Angelo, Sun Microsystems founder Andy Bechtolsheim, Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman and angel investor big daddy Ron Conway. It’s going to be live from Dinkelspiel Auditorium, no less. Watch Zuckerberg’s own dinkelspiel below, courtesy of You won’t be alone — according to the stats on the page, there are 2,463 current viewers and a whopping 1,200,385 views so far. Wow. People like startups. Update: Huge cheer for Zuck. Okay, tune in. Update #2: Just joked that the FB movie was “100% accurate.” Crowd laugh. And moving on. Update #3: Owes beloved former Mediaite intern Arielle Zuckerberg, his younger sis, $50 – she bet him she’d finish college first. (Arielle we miss you!) Update #4: Addresses movie. Says every shirt in the movie he still owns; he’s been with the same girl since before FB launched; did not do it for the girls: “They just can’t wrap their head around the idea that someone would build something because they like building things!” Applause.

Watch live video from Startup School on

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Bill Maher Sees The Decline Of White Male Supremacy In Brett Favre’s Penis

Bill Maher, as nearly everyone that follows the news at this point, has an elaborately thought out opinion on Brett Favre’s penis. Unlike most comedians that have mocked his sexting scandal but stopped short of commenting beyond that and his insatiable desire to retire over and over, Maher sees it as more of a morality tale: it is not merely Favre who is in trouble, but “white penises,” who “are crying all over America.

As reported over on our sister site Sportsgrid, as far as sports insults go, Maher gets quite a few stingers in. But then there’s an entirely separate facet of his monologue, the political facet, where Maher elaborates on the relationship between naked pictures of Brett Favre and the women of the Tea Party. Yes, there is a relationship but, no, it’s not scandalous. It’s merely metaphorical– Favre, the white man that has controlled and colonized and raped and pillaged for so many years, longing for the stereotype of the “dumb housewife” that, as time passes, becomes increasingly more elusive. Enter Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell et al, and their appeal to the male psyche in that state seems insatiable, he argues. The story of Brett Favre is “about how pathetic and clueless white American males have become, he explains. “Because the kind of guy who thinks there are women out there who just cold want to see your cock is the same kind of guy who thinks Sarah Palin is swell and tax cuts pay for themselves.”

The Tea Party, he continues, is a fabrication of men like Brett Favre, who find that white Americans are on the road to becoming a minority and would like to “restore” the country. “If penises could cry,” he declares dramatically, “and I believe they can, white penises are crying all over America.” To soothe them, Republicans have deployed “the lovely MILFs of the new right,” he says, as a graphic of Palin, Bachmann, and O’Donnell appears. It is Brett Favre’s fault that these women are in positions of political power.

That’s quite the argument, and a bit of a stretch, though by far the funniest part of this segment is that, sitting next to Maher and off-camera, is Dana Loesch, editor-in-chief of Big Government and officially the hottest conservative new media lady according to Right Wing News. How awkward must this monologue have been for her?

Watch Bill Maher’s “New Rules” segment from last night’s Real Time via HBO below:

Wisconsin GOP Lt. Governor Candidate, A State Employee, Attacks Opponent For Supporting Universal Health Care

Wisconsin GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch really loves her state-subsidized health care, and thanks “the highest quality health care system in the world” for helping her survive her recent cancer diagnosis. That hasn’t stopped her from airing ads ads, however, that have attacked opponent Tom Barrett for supporting a “government takeover of health care.”

The Green Bay Press-Gazette has the story:

Wisconsin Republican lieutenant governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, diagnosed with cancer a month ago, touts the treatments she received under her state-subsidized insurance plan at the same time she rails against government-run health care in a new television ad.

The ad also accuses Democratic candidate Tom Barrett of supporting a government takeover of health care even though his campaign spokesman says he does not.

Jill Bader, a spokeswoman for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, said in a statement that Kleefisch was not unlike many Wisconsin residents who receive health insurance coverage through their employer. The statement does not mention that the employer in Kleefisch’s case is the state government.

In a year where the health care is a key issue, being branded as supporting the recently-passed health care bill can be seen as a liability in independent voter-heavy areas. The Barrett campaign has responded by calling the ad “an intentional attempt to mislead and distort,” with a spokesman telling the Press-Gazette “he has not supported a government-run takeover of health care, period.”

To be fair, Kleefish’s health care is state-subsidized because she is a state employee, such that the state buys her private insurance as would a private employer. She is not benefiting from a social program. It is telling, however, that her opponent is not only highlighting that point, but the fact that she

AIDS Activists In Boston Heckle An Angry President Obama

President Barack Obama was in Massachusetts today helping out Governor Deval Patrick’s reelection effort. Speaking at a campaign rally earlier today, however, he was met with a bit of a road bump– hecklers who objected to the amount of AIDS research funding his administration has so far provided. To which an angry President Obama retorted: “look at what the Republican leadership has to say about AIDS funding.”

The President appeared uncharacteristically upset as, mid-sentence, a group of folks in the crowd began to loudly object to his speech as he described the work his administration had done for AIDS research. As the crowd turned their heads up to look at the hecklers, President Obama followed as well, and modified his speech for them, menacingly pointing his finger up at them as he warned that a Republican leadership would be extremely destructive to their cause. After raising his voice mid-sentence in response to them, President Obama continued: “One of the great things about being a Democrat is, we like arguing with each other. But to the folks concerned about AIDS funding, I would say ‘take a look at what the Republican leadership has to say about AIDS funding.’”

With the vocal discontent coming from the American right, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, for a large part of Progressive America– Boston being one of the flagship cities of the progressive movement– the Obama administration has turned out to be disappointingly conservative. This, coupled with the stress of the midterms, the falling poll numbers, and the added pressure of the very loud Tea Party movement seems to have gotten ahold of the President for at least a sentence or two today.

The chunk of the speech where crowd dissent is audible (via MSNBC) below:

Fox News Watch Panelist Chides Jon Stewart For Mocking Arianna Huffington’s Accent

The celebrity efforts uniting behind Jon Stewart and his “Rally to Restore Sanity” have struck a nerve with the crew of Fox News Watch, who today examined whether companies using their corporate money to provide free transportation for the rally was appropriate. That made most of the panel queasy, but Cal Thomas objected to something else entirely: Stewart mocking Arianna Huffington’s accent when she promised to provide buses to his rally.

Thomas, of Tribune Media, was reacting to the initial announcement on the Daily Show that the Huffington Post would be providing free transportation from New York to Washington, DC on the day of the rally. To this announcement, the other panelists seemed more concerned about what it would mean for shareholders of the company, particularly Fox News Watch regular Jim Pinkerton. Judith Miller, who has found herself in the crosshairs of the Huffington Post once or twice in the past, agreed on that point, but took a sharper stab at Huffington for her treatment of bloggers, suggesting she should pay them once in a while.

Meanwhile, Thomas had his own concerns with Huffington herself, but made a much touchier point about Stewart’s behavior:

“She needs to make up her mind whether she is a journalist or an activist. She shouldn’t be both. But the other thing I want to point out in that Jon Stewart clip that we were all laughing at, it was very funny– he was mocking her accent. Can anybody think of another instance where, let’s see, the host was mocking the accent of an Al Sharpton, or a gay person? How does he get away with this?”

This isn’t the first time that claims of cultural insensitivity have been raised against Stewart, but the last time it happened, someone got fired. And there’s also the fact that in the history of the program, Stewart probably has mocked Al Sharpton at some point, though the thought of someone on the right acting similarly does raise a fair point about both ethnic politics in the media and the continued rift between Latino white ethnics and all other white ethnics (like Huffington, who is Greek-American).

Thomas’s comments from today’s Fox News Watch below: