Fat vs. Phat: It’s Bigger Than You Think

20090901_lmiller_250x375As of a few weeks ago, the fashion world has been in a tizzy over Lizzie Miller’s naked body, stomach roll and all, in the September issue of Glamour, and they’re not done yet; there’s more to come.

Maybe this move was to create some competition with Vogue [whose issue of the same month had its own documentary for God's sake] or to form a little controversy over a fat person in a magazine (Gasp! The horror!), or just to finally wake up and smell reality’s coffee. Before you jump to conclusions, you should know that I am thrilled to finally see a little meat on these ladies’ bones and while I understand the appeal of seeing a nude “full-figured” model is to show what this country believes is the “normal” body type, let me be the first to stand up and say that not all are created equal. Oh, I wasn’t the first the say that? Then, rather, I’ll say that not all models are broken into two simple categories: plus-sized and those other skinny chicks.

Designers have made it a point to cast ridiculously thin models to act as human hangers for their cloth creations, but the fact is that women want to wear those newest collections. We want to see how the clothes translate into our everyday, and that is absolutely impossible to do when looking at a 110 pound 13-year-old tripping down the runway.

20091001_glamour_560x375Most women have different shapes of pear or apple or celery or whatever vegetable or fruit we are comparing ourselves to this season. But why must the girls be naked? What point were they trying to prove? As women, we understand that cellulite and a little chub here or there is a part of life. I would much rather see some clothes on their bodies so that women with similar shapes may take dressing notes. But to look at all that skin? Let’s be serious, I feel uncomfortable being naked in the comfort of my own shower, but here is my point: ladies with curves should never be a novelty. If a majority of women in America have this so-called larger body type, then why should we need to stand up and cheer when it is finally put into a magazine? Doing so should be as normal as apple pie, a white picket fence, a flag with stars and stripes, or baseball. Aren’t all of those things just as American?

Sara is a 24 year old certified archivist with a passion for wall collages, eating soup, thrift shopping, and old books. Past fashion faux pas include sandals with socks, wearing the same sweatshirt for an entire week straight, and owning a fanny pack. Read her daily tomfoolery at www.sarazucker.com.

A Taste Of Don Imus: Dan Rather “Crazy,” David Letterman “A Creep”

imus_10-3Don Imus kicks off his Fox Business Network morning show on Monday (we’ll have more on that coming soon), but today he’s interviewed by FNC/FBN anchor Neil Cavuto. The interview airs at 4pmET on Fox News and 6pmET on FBN – and there are quite a few soundbites sure to garner some attention.

We got a look at some excerpts – including shots at Dan Rather, David Letterman and even his new colleague Glenn Beck.

Apparently Imus is not a fan of Rather, and didn’t have anything nice to say about the guy who Cavuto interviewed yesterday:

He’s crazy. He’s a nice guy but he’s insane. Just go to Florida and put on a sweater and play bocce ball. He acted like a lunatic there [at CBS]. At some point when you work for these big corporations, whether it’s News Corp or GE or CBS, when you start to get so nuts that the stock holders start complaining and they start to have board meetings and they say do we need this, the answer is no we don’t need this.

Moving on! Staying in the CBS family, here’s Imus taking some shots at David Letterman in the wake of the extortion and sex with staffers revelations.

I’ve always thought he was a creep anyway..He’s an angry mean spirited jerk…He’s a punk. Fundamentally if you are married or you have a commitment you should honor that. I’m not stupid and I know some people don’t but that what I do and what people should do.

Imus also said that when he worked at CBS, he watched a human resources film that relayed to employees that you’re “not supposed to have sex with the staff whether you’re married or not.”

And finally, when asked by Cavuto what he thinks of his new Fox family, he had this to say about Glenn Beck:

Don’t’ start with me, you’ve got nuts in this building and I’m not one of them…I love Glenn, but I’ll tell you this, it doesn’t end well.

Also discussed, the Rutgers comments, whether he thinks he should have been fired (he does) and how he ended up coming to FBN. Needless to say it should be a very lively interview.

Imus brings a big fan base with him, and if he keeps making comments like this, getting attention, something Imus has consistently been very good at, should be no problem at all. Will it end up paying off for FBN? We’ll see (and we’ll revisit Monday).

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Drudge on 2016 Olympics: World Rejects Obama


And so it begins.

Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins did a fine job, the other day, of cataloging the right’s sudden antipathy for chants of “USA! USA! USA!”  Now, with the news that the IOC has rejected Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid in the first round, conservatives are in the awkward position of trying to slam the President for failing to achieve the very thing they just said was a horrible waste of time.

First up to the spinning plate, naturally, is Matt Drudge, who immediately ran the headline “World Rejects Obama.”  No word yet on which media outlet will run “Mission Accomplished:Conservative Anti-Olympic Campaign Succeeds.”

On the other hand, CNN went almost immediately to some fancy backspin.  In this clip, you can hear the CNN anchor’s stunned reaction:

Quickly thereafter, however, he unspools some righteous backpedaling:

“Cities lose money hosting Olympic games, so maybe there’s a bit of a blessing in disguise here…”

They also have an article to that effect that was posted on CNN.com shortly after the announcement.  All that remains now is for someone to blame Bush, and someone else to call the IOC “racist.”

In case any of you still cares, the IOC has now voted to award the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janiero.

Start Kvelling — This Year’s Heeb 100 Is Out

Heeb 100So much nachas! This year’s Heeb 100 just came out and it’s a great list of some of the best and brightest up-and-coming Yids across art fashion, books, media, comedy, film, tv, activism, entrepreneurship and calling their mothers. We’re biased, because we know a few of them well (some very well!). Still, it’s a pretty impressive list as the Heeb 100 always is (cough, cough).

Here are a few notables in media and the like. Bias declared, btw.

Ezra Klein: The only question about this pick is, he’s not already on the list? This young Heeb blogger has hit his stride of late, becoming an especially dominant voice in covering the health care debate over at WaPo. And he’s killing on the Power Grid.

Brook Lundy: Brook Lundy is hilarious. You have ALL snickered at a someecard, and will no doubt continue to send and receive them for thier pith and vinegar. Even if you can’t pronounce the name. Oh, who are we to talk, right? As a matter of fact, I used the stickiness of that name as a justification for “Mediaite” back in the day — see Brook’s take on that here.

Lisa Anne Auerbach: Wearable media! Lisa’s message-sweaters are cozy AND let the world know what your issue is. Multi-tasking! I like her “Keep Abortion Legal” sweater. For it’s subtlety.

Ray Wert: Our fave car tutor also easily makes this list, not only by virtue of his killer traffic (ha! Get it? Cars? Traffic?) but also, he’s a Jew who writes about cars. Hello? (Update: Wow there’s another one: Car and Driver, editor Eddie Alterman. Breaking stereotypes left and right!)

Michael Galpert: Galpert may be one of the nicest guys on the new media tech scene, which somehow matches his ever-present newsboy cap (like he’s always saying, “Top o’ the day to you, guv’nor!”). He founded Aviary, an online image/vid editing site that he assured me will revolutionize how I work (confession: The montage you see here was made with Paint. Shh).

Heeb 100

Alex Olch: Olch is in the fashion section (for his fancy-schmancy ties, not to mention his fancy-schmancy guest-blogging on the NYT’s The Moment) but he could also be in the film section for his The Windmill Movie, a critically-acclaimed and painstakingly made documentary about a documentarian, starring Gossip Girl’s Wallace Shawn. Ha, that was fun to write.

Mara Altman: This fomer Village Voice junior columnist and frequent Gawker punching bag seems to be, er, coming along just fine. Ha, ha. Her book Thanks For Coming sounds pretty gutsy. And after this maybe she won’t need to write a sequel — so many Jewish mothers with sons who would be perfect for her!

Josh Zepps: Who is Josh Zepps? I predict that most people will know the answer to that question pretty soon. Look at that punim! Also, how does he only have 714 Twitter followers? Well, it’s 715 now, baby. Josh! TwitPic often!

Dr. Deborah Berebichez: A doctah! A sexy doctah! Who is a risk analyst on Wall Street! If she went on JDate, I’m pretty sure it would implode.

Nina and Julia Werman: Should I be admitting how I know them? From, er, shopping at their salon! Yeah, that’s it. Shopping distracts from the pain. Proud to see my LES neighbors so honored!

Sam Lessin: Sam Lessin created awesome file-sharing site drop.io. Total innovator. Spot on the Entrepreneur list is well-deserved. Also, his pic makes him look so THINKY!

Amy Phillips: News editor of Pitchfork Media, and someone you clearly want a mixed CD from. With Klezmer. Indie rock klezmer. It’s out there, right? Because that sounds awesome.

Dan Rollman: Completely, utterly different kind of innovator. And it depends if you think setting a world record for “Most Complaints In One Minute” is innovative. Jimmy Fallon does, he’s on the show again tonight (3rd time), setting world records for URDB. He is also Canadian. Booyah!

Kenny v. Spenny: Also Canadian! And totally naked in this photo. I do not know what Kenny is doing but it’s making me feel like putting some lotion on my skin.

Check out the full list here, or wander through the Heeb 100 Portrait Gallery at 92Y Tribeca tonight — IRL! — and go here.

David Letterman Late Show Shockers: The Top Ten List

david-lettermanThe media world – and just about everyone else for that matter – is all abuzz this morning over David Letterman’s revelation last night that he was being extorted for $2 million over the fact he’d had sex with women who’d worked for him. It is perhaps a measure of how well his viewers felt they knew him, and how successfully he portrays himself as an everyman that people were apparently shocked at this disclosure. Since at the end of the day (so far) all the story is is that Letterman — who was only married last March…to a woman who had worked for him at one time — had sex with women who worked for him. This is vastly different than, say, if Letterman was married and/or facing sexual harassment charges. As Donny Deutsch so aptly put it on Morning Joe this morning: “Do you think as you go around this newsroom there aren’t people having productive personal relationships?” On the scale of the sex scandals that have been recently dominating the headlines — Polanski, Ensign, Sanford — this is pretty tame.

Anyway, what Letterman’s disclosure did make for was some serious must-see TV. Also, hello ratings! But it’s certainly not the first time Letterman has grabbed the morning after spotlight due to shocking behavior. Here’s a look at our Top Ten Most Shocking Late Night Moments.

The Swearers

Back in the mid-nineties (and before!) it was enough to drop a few f-bombs on (pre-recorded) TV to get yourself in the next day’s top news (and the day after that, and the day after that). Madonna managed to drop so many during her infamous 1994 appearance there’s an entire wikipedia page devoted to the event. That said, Letterman’s introduction of her as someone “who had slept with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry” was sort of begging for a comeback, and boy did he get one!

Andy Kaufman’s explosion on Letterman in 1982 has by now reached iconic television moment status. And for good reason, it is hysterical.

>>>NEXT: Women who strip for Letterman!

Jeff Bewkes Claims Time Inc. Is Not for Sale (And Why You Shouldn’t Listen)

timeThere are many unanswered questions circulating about the fate of Time Inc., the magazine division of Time Warner, home to titles like Time and People. But AOL blog DailyFinance is reporting that at The Atlantic Monthly’s “First Draft of History” conference, Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes had some definitive answers: “Time Inc. is not for sale,” he said. “People made these rumors because they want a lot of activity.”

“[T]he readership is solid, the readership is holding up, the readers are happy, the titles are thriving,” he continued, saying that he believes Time Warner will still own magazines five years down the line. He also took the opportunity to deny that Time Warner had any interest in buying NBC Universal. But is the company’s CEO really the most reliable source when it comes to potential business dealings? He’s trying to run a business after all.

It seems counterintuitive, but it’s important to recognize the context of Bewkes’ statements when it comes to Time Inc. gossip, considering he has the most to gain (or lose!) when it comes time for negotiations. Anything he says or does has the potential to affect a sale price. It’s also worth remembering the old adage that says everything is for sale — for the right price. The struggling magazine division of a huge conglomerate is no exception and if Time Warner were shopping it, they would want to do so in private and on their terms, not with the media as a middleman.

Then, there’s the source reporting the CEO’s quotes to consider. The article, entitled “Time Warner CEO: We’ll still own Time Inc. in five years” by Jeff Bercovici, was posted at the DailyFinance blog, part of the AOL network owned by none other than Time Warner. The writer discloses the connection briefly but comments that Time Warner will not own AOL “for much longer.” Still, when it comes to business journalism and the sensitive large-scale dealings being covered, readers would do best to keep a skeptical eye and writers should stay candid about their connections as they set the tone for the public conversation. You never know how it could affect the bottom line.

Contextual Mayhem: At HuffPo, Jay Leno Show Ads Over Letterman Affair

Over at The Huffington Post, they’ve been treating the news of David Letterman’s shocking affairs with staffers — and the extortionist who tried to squeeze Letterman for $2 million dollars, suspected to be Robert “Joe” Halderman — with their trademark blanket coverage, leaving no stone unturned. The secret winner? Jay Leno. Ads for his show are popping up all around the news of his rival’s troubles.

It’s probably not intentional, but it is kinda ironic. Observe as not one, but two Leno show ads pop up on Letterman’s main news page:

Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 11.50.34 AM

And again:

Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 11.39.21 AM

(h/t Adland for pointing this out; they have another as well.)

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