Rand Paul On Aqua Buddha: “I Absolutely Deny Kidnapping Anyone, Ever”

Former secret society frat boy and current candidate for Senate Rand Paul took to Neil Cavuto today to respond to a number of things including charges in yesterday’s GQ profile that in college he tied up a girl and tried to make her smoke pot and then forced her to bow down and worship the Aqua Buddha. Side note: I’ve wondered more than once this week whether between Paul, Steven Slater, Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain, and the Mosque, Shark Week hasn’t taken a hit in ratings.

Back to the Aqua Buddha. When asked about the allegations Rand Paul had this to say:

Please spare us the details. You know they also have pictures of me with an alien. They’re also now saying I could have been abducted by aliens at one point in my college career. [It's unclear whether Paul is trying to make a National Enquirer joke here]. I mean this stuff is just outrageous and ridiculous. No I was never involved with kidnapping. No I was never involved with forcibly drugging people.

Paul also bemoans today’s media that allows anonymous sources to come forward with complaints that he will now have to answer for the rest of the campaign — though, really in the larger scheme of political scandal “Aqua Budha ranks pretty high on the awesome meter. Also, the story is “absolutely not true” and “I absolutely deny kidnapping anyone ever.” Watch below.

Taiwanese NMA News Tackles JetBlue Attendant With Succinct And Adorable Cartoon

A couple months ago, we wrote about Taiwanese news organization NMA News and I theorized that they were actively courting traffic from American blogs with western-centric videos. Boy, was I right. Not only did they create a “World Edition” Twitter account and start tweeting at different bloggers (Including yours truly. Hey, guys!) they soon began subtitling their videos in English as well. While I haven’t written a post about everything they’ve done (you can follow their Twitter for that), I had to link to this short little gem featuring everyone’s favorite ex-flight attendant, Steven Slater! Man, these guys are fast.

Check out the Slater video below and, for a lengthier (and more bizarre) video make sure to check this one out. It features an animated Snooki smashing an animated President Obama with an animated booze bottle.

Keith Olbermann To Deliver “Special Comment” Aimed At Gibbs Tonight

Want to know what MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann thinks of Robert Gibbs“professional left” comment? You’ll have to wait until Countdown tonight – but it will happen, and will come in “Special Comment” form.

Michael Moore will give his take as well. This is probably not what Pres. Obama wants right now, on the night of these midterm primaries.

Olbermann made the announcement this afternoon on Twitter:

Early ShowPlug from “The Professional Left.” @MMFlint (Michael Moore) reacts, plus a Special Comment, on Mr. Gibbs’ remarks, on Countdown

Olbermann didn’t answer directly when I asked for his take (on Twitter) a few hours ago, after Bill Burton specified Gibbs meant “cable TV commentators” when he referred to the “professional left” during today’s White House briefing. Now we’ll see what one of the most influential voices on the left has to say about the criticism.

Also, apparently Keith didn’t like my joke that his Special Comment aimed at Gibbs means “civil war.” So I’d imagine it won’t sound like this Special Comment.

> Update: Olbermann tweets a preview:

For those freaking out on the prospect of a Special Comment on “Professional Left” this relevant quote to NetRoots Nation last month:
“What I’m asking you is to keep making your voices heard. To keep holding me accountable” — President Obama, July 2010

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Trade Martin Protests Ground Zero Mosque Through Song. Badly.

Regardless of your views on the proposed Muslim community center near Ground Zero, I think we can all agree on the following: protesting via awful country songs is probably not the answer. Not that that stopped musician Trade Martin from trying.

Through the oh-so-American medium of unabashed country music, Martin’s song, “We’ve Got To Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero,” attempts to reconcile the promises of our nation’s constitution with the emotional duty of honoring the victims of a national tragedy. Not to spoil it or anything, but Martin fails. Mostly because the song really is just that awful. Which is exactly why you’ll should listen to it.

Lyrics and video below. (Via Wonkette)

We’ve got “Freedom Of Religion”, I understand

But Ground Zero is one location,

where a Mosque shouldn’t stand!!!


We’ve got to stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

From thumin’ its nose at every victim and hero

Thousands of Americans died in the attack
It’s a sacred place, and that’s a cold hard fact

There’s a painful memory in our minds

Our hearts keep breakin’ when we envision that tragic time.


God help us retain the honor and trust

For all the families…., who have suffered so damn much


Many Innocent Americans were killed

If we let them build it, can’t you see

They’ll turn 9-11 to a mockery

Dennis DeConcini Discusses His Late Friend Ted Stevens With Megyn Kelly

It has been confirmed that former Sen. Ted Stevens did not survive the tragic plane crash in Alaska last night. During today’s broadcast, Megyn Kelly interviewed former Arizona Sen. Dennis DeConcini about Stevens who was his friend in and outside of Washington. It was a touching segment filled with a bunch of interesting stories about the late senator.

One thing that a clearly grieving DeConcini stressed was just how much of a nonpartisan Stevens was and how much he helped DeConcini and Arizona (as well as Alaska, of course):

“Ted Stevens was truly somebody who reached across the aisle. The thing was, when I came to the Senate, the Democrats had a big majority but Ted was very affective. When the Republicans took over under Ronald Reagan, he still reached across the aisle. He just wasn’t a partisan guy. Now he had issues that he didn’t agree with the Democrats. He’d vote against them and speak against them on the floor. But there was never any hostility or any vigor or, you know, left any feelings and taste in people’s mind, but there was never any meanness from Ted. He could be tough as nails and when he believed in something, that is what he stood for and fought for. But when it was all over, you know, you could go have a beer with him.”

While the next few days will be spent discussing and analyzing the contributions of the longest-serving Republican senator in history, this conversation marked a personal and informative start to the conversation. Watch below.

WH Deputy Press Secretary Explains Robert Gibbs Comment On ‘Professional Left’

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took a shot at what he called the “professional left” in an interview published today with The Hill’s Sam Youngman causing a bit of dust-up within beltway media insiders. So it was great anticipation that the White House press corps looked towards today briefing to ask Gibbs what exactly he meant by those comments. Alas, Deputy Secretary Bill Burton was at the podium in lieu of an ailing Gibbs, but that didn’t keep reporters from asking questions.

The interview with Youngman, Gibbs takes a blunt view of the administration’s critics from the left:

“I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested,” Gibbs said. “I mean, it’s crazy.”

The press secretary dismissed the “professional left” in terms very similar to those used by their opponents on the ideological right, saying, “They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.”

Of those who complain that Obama caved to centrists on issues such as healthcare reform, Gibbs said: “They wouldn’t be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president.”

In remarks later made to Huffington Post’s Sam Stein, Gibbs later qualified the remarks as “inartful” and Burton clarified that Gibbs defined the “professional left,” as cable TV commentators.

Mediaite’s own White House reporter Tommy Christopher asked Burton about criticism that, with regard to the “professional left,” with issues like Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones and ACORN, that the Obama administration seems to be more to the “professional right” in terms of the both response and rhetorical effort. In other words, the White House communications efforts might be guilty of taking the left for granted.

Burton showed that he is adept at that “no-answer-answer” by pushing back on Tommy, dismissing his line of thinking as sort of an “existential question,” then following with the banal kicker of “the President is concerned about what’s best for this country.”

Did Glenn Beck Just Boost Sales For Obama’s Dreams From My Father?

Turns out Glenn Beck may be good for President Barack Obama’s business. Book business anyway. Last night during his show opener Beck used Obama’s 2004 memoir Dreams From My Father — which recounts Obama’s youth being raised by his single mother, as well as his absent father, whom he only met once — to illustrate that the president’s ’socialism’ was likely inspired by his father.

Leaving that utterly tenuous (ridiculous) and uncomfortable argument aside — tenuous because, as noted, Obama’s relationship with his father has been defined by his absence, and uncomfortable because dragging deceased family members into things is always just that — turns out just by featuring the book, Beck may have boosted its sales.

The Amazon sales rank on the book yesterday was 133,037 and today it is 1,203 for the paperback and 28,199 for the hardcover copy. Not too shabby. Probably Beck shouldn’t expect a thank-you call on the red phone, but as always it’s interesting to note Beck’s ability to sell even books he has, shall we say, less than flattering things to say about. You can watch Beck’s ‘Obama’s dreams from his father include…socialism’ diatribe below.