Twitter Reacts to Disturbing Gordon Hayward Injury: ‘Absolutely Gut Wrenching’

During his first game sporting the green and white colors of the Boston Celtics, NBA guard Gordon Hayward suffered an extremely disturbing leg injury while playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Less than half-way through the first quarter, Hayward took a nasty fall while attempting to finish an alley-oop. An unnatural landing resulted in his left-leg bending and seemingly breaking. Players from both teams immediately reacted with horrified expressions and disturbed body language. Hayward was then carted off court to a thunderous applause and sent to the locker room — where Cavs’ star LeBron James reportedly met him. According to ESPN, Hayward has suffered a fractured ankle. As with many gruesome injuries, Twitter reacted with showers of “thoughts and prayers,” as well as with just pure shock.

Hannity on Uranium One Deal: ‘Hillary Clinton and Her Husband Sold Out America to the Russians’

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity slammed the Clintons and the Obama administration over the new report that the FBI had gathered evidence that Russian corruption was behind the Uranium One deal and that it was tied to the Clinton Foundation. “After President Trump won in November, President Obama and his administration — they were telling anyone who would listen, ‘Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia interfered with our election. Russia was creating a direct threat to American democracy'” Hannity mocked. “Well if that’s the case, why when they have mountains of evidence that we will reveal tonight of Russian bribery going back to 2009, why then would the Obama administration and Hillary [Clinton] in particular sign off on the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Vladimir Putin and the Russians?” The Fox News host boasted about his own coverage of the Uranium One deal by showing a clip Continue reading "Hannity on Uranium One Deal: ‘Hillary Clinton and Her Husband Sold Out America to the Russians’"

Trump Calls Grieving Widow of Soldier Killed in Niger: ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For’

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump was confronted during a press conference for not publicly speaking about the four soldiers who were killed in Niger earlier this month. Trump took that opportunity to not only defend his actions but to claim that Barack Obama and other presidents hadn’t called the families of slain soldiers in the past. Facing an avalanche of criticism over both his smear of his predecessors and his silence on the fallen military members, the president made calls to the families of victims today. And in one call, it appears the president’s words weren’t exactly what a widow was looking for. Per WPLG Local 10:
U.S. President Donald Trump told U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Tuesday that “he knew what he signed up for …but when it happens it hurts anyway,” when he died serving in northwestern Africa, according to Rep. Frederica Continue reading "Trump Calls Grieving Widow of Soldier Killed in Niger: ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For’"

Molly Ringwald Calls Out Studio Exec Jeffrey Katzenberg For Sexually Explicit Comment in Essay

In an essay about sexual harassment in Hollywood, actress Molly Ringwald called out studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg for a sexually explicit comment he made about her over 20 years ago. In her piece called “All The Other Harvey Weinsteins,” Ringwald made reference to Katzenberg, who at the time just founded DreamWorks SKG with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, and was quoted in a 1995 article about her fading stardom. “I wouldn’t know [Molly Ringwald] if she sat on my face,” he said. Ringwald did not forget. “The head of a major studio — and, incidentally, someone who claims himself to be horrified by the Harvey allegations — was quoted as saying, ‘I wouldn’t know [Molly Ringwald] if she sat on my face,'” she wrote. “Maybe he was misquoted. If he ever sent a note of apology, it must have gotten lost in the mail.” Katzenberg issued the Continue reading "Molly Ringwald Calls Out Studio Exec Jeffrey Katzenberg For Sexually Explicit Comment in Essay"

Ainsley Earhardt Claims Fox & Friends Never Gives Trump ‘Softball Questions’

Despite Fox & Friends being notoriously known for their outrageously pro-Trump punditry, host Ainsley Earhardt claims the show would never give “soft interviews” to President Donald Trump or other members of the administration. Earhardt defended herself and her fellow members of Fox & Friends while appearing on Sean Hannity‘s radio show — the other network host known for his near exclusively pro-Trump coverage. “The mainstream media, or the liberal press will want to write an article [saying], you know, we give soft interviews — that is not true,” Earhardt told Hannity. Continuing her claim that the president’s favorite morning show is actually a capital-j Journalist program, the Fox News host said Vice President Mike Pence‘s staff told her their interview was one of his toughest. However, Hannity did ask her what she thought about the president choosing Fox & Friends as “his favorite show” — to which Earhardt Continue reading "Ainsley Earhardt Claims Fox & Friends Never Gives Trump ‘Softball Questions’"

Trump Declares He’s Bringing ‘Merry Christmas’ Back: ‘I Want Merry Christmas!’

Towards the end of a speech at the Heritage Foundation purportedly about pitching his tax reform plan, President Donald Trump went on a riff about the “War on Christmas” and thee use of the term “Merry Christmas.” Telling the crowd that he wanted to give them the “best Christmas present of all” in massive tax relief, Trump took the opportunity to go on about how stores don’t post signs saying “Merry Christmas” and people don’t use the saying anymore. “I will give you a bigger Christmas present,” Trump stated. “You’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas again. You’re gonna say Merry Christmas.” He went on to claim that stores decorated for Christmas but didn’t say “Merry Christmas,” leading him to tell the audience it will occur this season. “I want them to say, Merry Christmas,” he exclaimed. “Everybody. Happy New Year. Happy Holidays. But I want Merry Christmas. It’s Continue reading "Trump Declares He’s Bringing ‘Merry Christmas’ Back: ‘I Want Merry Christmas!’"

Trump: Now People Are Trying to ‘Destroy Statues of Christopher Columbus; What’s Next?’

During his speech to the Heritage Foundation tonight, President Trump talked about how he wants to “preserve our history, not tear it down.” “Now they’re even trying to destroy statues of Christopher Columbus,” Trump said. “What’s next? Has to be stopped. It’s heritage.” The President is referring to recent reports of Columbus statues being vandalized as more people have started questioning why there are statues of him in the first place. He also obliquely referred to NFL protesters by talking about how the American flag “should be treated with reverence and respect,” adding, “Young Americans should be taught to love our country, honor our anthem, and proudly recite the Pledge of Allegiance.” Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac