How High School Journalists are Innovating with Podcasts, 360 Video and More

DALLAS – More than 4,900 high school students, advisers and journalism professionals shared ideas about innovation in scholastic media at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association Annual Fall National High School Journalism Convention in Dallas last month. “We are in the midst of growing an innovative culture of citizens,” Rittenour High School (St. Louis, Mo.) journalism adviser Jane Bannester said.  “We need to prepare our future journalists by giving them the basics of good storytelling, but also help them to be flexible with how they send that message.” JEA President Sarah Nichols said integrating technology, one of the chief forms of innovation today, can be daunting for some high school advisers. “It requires a certain level of flexibility, trust and willingness to fail — all while helping students work within their deadline schedule and budget constraints,” Nichols said. That’s why high school students from 44
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Media Metrics Roundup for December 13, 2017

The Winners Of Hearken’s 2017 Champion Of Curiosity Awards
Hearken Staff
These have it all: Great metrics, great engagement and great storytelling. How a Project on Underground Music Went Analog to Increase Engagement
Kristine Villanueva / MetricShift
Zines vs. Instagram. Google Is Sending More Traffic Than Facebook To Publishers — Again
Rani Molla / Recode
It’s a reversal from the start of 2017. Publishers Sharing AMP Articles On Twitter Can Now Access Analytics
David Cohen / AdWeek
Referrals will now be attributed to Twitter instead of organic traffic. Facebook Always Wins: Data Shows Publishers Are Buying Far More Facebook Traffic
Max Willens / Digiday
The number of paid publisher impressions more than doubled in 18 months. Retention Is Hard, And Getting Harder – Here’s Why
Brian Balfour / Reforge
A deep dive on user retention by three experts in product growth.

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Media and Journalism Fellowships: Dec. 13 Edition

Here’s a list of current media and journalism fellowship programs, including the deadlines for applying. If we’re missing any major programs, or you would like your program to be in the featured fellowship slot, please let us know by contacting Mark Glaser at mark [at] mediashift [dot] org and we’ll add them to the list. All featured fellowships are paid promotional slots. Fellowship descriptions are excerpts, edited for length and clarity.

Featured Fellowship

Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists
Ann Arbor, Mich.
The Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists offer accomplished, mid-career journalists an academic year of study and collaborative learning at the University of Michigan. Fellows receive a $70,000 stipend to deepen knowledge, develop new ideas and address changes facing the journalism industry. A diverse range of journalists are invited to apply: reporters, editors, data experts, visual journalists, engagement specialists, designers and developers, entrepreneurs and organizational change agents. Apply online now!
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E-Books and Self-Publishing Roundup: December 12, 2017

Each week, we curate the top stories of the week in e-books and self-publishing. Sign up here to get these delivered right to your inbox.
  1. ‘Bad Sex In Fiction’ Award Goes To Novelist Who Compared Skin To Stained Bathtub (Camila Domonoske / NPR)
  2. BookBub CPM Ads and Wide Distribution (David Gaughran / David Gaughran)
  3. The Texas Prison System Has Some Confusing Logic On What Books Inmates Can Read (Mary Papenfuss / Huff Post)
  4. The Inside Story of How the Kindle Was Born (Neal Karlinksy / The Amazon Blog)
  5. Patreon Changes Fee Structure and Unleashes Chaos (Mike Glyer / File 770)
  6. Cengage’s New E-Textbook Subscription Service Seems Reasonable, but the Question Lingers: Who Needs Textbooks Anymore? (Mirela Ronsevic / NSR)
  7. How to Give Away an eBook From an Author Website (Nate Hoffelder / The Digital Reader)
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How Philanthropy and the Media Could Work Better Together

A version of this piece originally appeared at Alliance Magazine. Why are the worlds of philanthropy and the media still so far apart? What could and should be done to bring them together and realize the promise of a reciprocal relationship? Now, more than ever, philanthropy and the media don’t just need to work more effectively together, they actually need each other to fulfill their respective missions. Philanthropy and the media are well defined terms. Philanthropy is roughly the promotion of the welfare of others using money towards causes in the public interest. The media refers to the main means of communicating to audiences, in this case, principally the transmission of news and information. Yet today, the definition of both philanthropy and media are being stretched. For example, is the purchase of the Washington Post by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos an exercise in philanthropy? For most people, it would be a clear no. However, it did save the publication from vanishing. Is the acquisition of a dominating stake in The Atlantic by Laurene Powell Jobs and her company, the Emerson Collective, an act of philanthropy? They argue it is. Meanwhile, journalism today has many different
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Why Recirculation Is A Key Metric For News Publishers in 2018

The following piece is a guest post, and does not necessarily reflect the views of this publication. Read more about MediaShift guest posts here. Readers have never enjoyed greater access to content and the media industry has never been more competitive. Yet news outlets rely on the big platforms to deliver traffic, at increasing cost to the quality of their news content and bottom line. As a publisher, for your project to survive and thrive you need to create a loyal audience — users hungry for content who satisfy their appetite on your site instead of skipping away for their next bite. The best way to measure your success is with a metric called recirculation. If you’re unfamiliar with recirculation, this article will guide you through what it is, how to use it to maximize potential, and what it can achieve for your team.

What is recirculation?

Recirculation is a
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Upcoming Trainings and Courses: Dec. 12 Edition

Each week, MediaShift will list upcoming online trainings and courses for journalists and media people – with a focus on digital training. We’ll include our DigitalEd courses, as well as those from Mediabistro, NewsU, and others. If we’re missing anything, or you’d like to pay to promote your training in the “featured training” spot of our weekly post, please contact Mark Glaser at mark [at] mediashift [dot] org. Any non-MediaShift courses in the “featured training” slot are paid placements. Note: Course and training descriptions are excerpts, edited for length and clarity.

Featured Trainings

Transmedia Storytelling in Journalism
The mediascape of the 21st century is both a wicked problem and an unlimited opportunity for journalists. At the same time that powerful new storytelling tools have emerged our once-captive audiences have scattered into a dispersed mediascape. We can tell compelling stories like never before. But how do we get those stories Continue reading "Upcoming Trainings and Courses: Dec. 12 Edition"