Welcome Aboard the Anti-HuffPo Bandwagon; Took You Long Enough!

Visiting HuffPo is, simply, an icky experience -- like visiting pre-Disney Times Square. As I type this, HuffPo is hyping "stories." Meanwhile, if you actually come to the site for some of its "serious" aggregated content, and then click through to the original source, you get to feel dirty and used (and complicit) in a whole different way.

Egyptian Activists Understood Key to Social Media: It’s the ‘Social’

She doesn't have some new sentiment-analysis app. She doesn't consult on finding influencers. She doesn't claim to know the secrets of viral earned media. And I'm pretty sure she isn't on a panel at SXSW. All she's done is put her life, and the future of her country, in the hands of the internet. Mona Seif is a democracy protester in Cairo.