The Silent Treatment (On The Media: Friday, 10 July 2009)

Last month, New York Times reporter David Rhode
escaped from the Taliban, which held him hostage for seven months
. The Times was able to keep the news of his kidnapping out of traditional media, but it appeared on Rohde’s Wikipedia page almost immediately. So the Times asked Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales to help redact the information. Wales talks about the ethical dilemma.

Heart of Stone (On The Media: Friday, 10 July 2009)

Was I.F. Stone a Soviet agent who passed secrets? Or a justly celebrated icon of American muckraking from the left? Jackson Lears, a professor of history at Rutgers University who discussed some newly published claims in the New York Times Book Review recently, says Stone is the victim of posthumous character assassination.

July 10, 2009 (On The Media: Friday, 10 July 2009)

Show Summary: MJ mania, Wiki collusion and Khrushchev’s wild ride around America

Debunk This! (On The Media: Friday, 03 July 2009)

This week, OTM talks about popular cultural myths that refuse to die. The first is a newbie but it seems to have staying power: the rumor that President Obama is a Muslim. A recent Pew study found that many Americans still believe it to be true, and many more simply don't know the President's religion. Political scientist Brendan Nyhan explains how misperceptions spread and says we can be incredibly stubborn in the face of facts.

Tabula Rosa (On The Media: Friday, 03 July 2009)

Most obituaries of Rosa Parks focus on the story we all know: how the humble seamstress changed history by refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. But while that account is accurate, it's only part of her story. In this interview we originally aired in 2005, Bob talks with Duke historian Tim Tyson about the construction of an American hero.