Extreme Makeover: FOIA Edition (On The Media: Friday, 19 June 2009)

Filing a FOIA request is common practice for investigative reporters, but whether a request is honored sometimes feels like chance. So in 2007 Congress created a kind of FOIA ombudsman: the director of the Office of Government Information Services. Last week Miriam Nisbet, who has worked for the Justice Department and the American Library Association, was named to the post. Nisbet explains how she hopes to improve the FOIA process.

Missed Connections (On The Media: Friday, 19 June 2009)

The Obama Administration has allocated billions to expand broadband service to underserved areas, but the first step is spending millions of dollars to find those areas. And how that mapping is done will greatly affect whether the digital divide will be bridged. Mark McElroy is the Senior Vice President of Communications for Connected Nation, the nation’s largest broadband service mapping company. Art Brodsky is the communications director for Public Knowledge, a leading critic of Connected Nation’s mapping methodology.