Trump Claims He Rejected Interview, Photoshoot for Time’s Person of the Year Issue: ‘Thanks Anyway!’

President Trump claimed on Twitter earlier tonight that he rejected an interview and photo shoot from Time Magazine for their TIME‘s Person of the Year issue. The President was named Person of the Year last year, and he said on Twitter the magazine contacted him about “probably” getting it this year. But, as he claims, “I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot.” And Trump concluded the tweet by saying he rejected the photo shoot: Back in 2015, when the honor went to Angela Merkel instead, then-candidate Trump Continue reading "Trump Claims He Rejected Interview, Photoshoot for Time’s Person of the Year Issue: ‘Thanks Anyway!’"

Wendy’s Savages McDonalds for Busted Black Friday Tweet

Back in the 1990s, could any futurist have predicted that a hallmark of our modern dystopia would be watching billion-dollar companies duke it out via pithy statements on the Internet as we scramble to afford health insurance and foodstuffs? Well, ok maybe. Still, here we are. Some lowly intern at McDonald’s social media department made a crucial mistake and forgot to paste relevant information into a Black Friday tweet and now the Internet is going crazy. As you can see, they posted the tweet before confirming whatever McRib or Quarter Pounder joke they were going to go with, leading a lowly intern at rival fast food giant Wendy’s to poke fun at not only their tweet, but their ability to serve up quality ice cream.

Source Says Charlie Rose Forced CBS to Fire Potential Replacement Josh Elliott: ‘Stabbed Him in the Back’

It looks like Charlie Rose, accused serial harasser and haver of ye olde “Crusty Paw,” screwed CBS even more than previously thought. Thanks to his alleged shenanigans, and some behind the scenes machinations earlier this year, the network is without a big-name host for CBS This Morning. CBS was grooming anchor Josh Elliott for the job but, according to an unnamed source who spoke to New York Post, Rose was threatened by the upstart and arranged for him to get fired, despite acting friendly to his face. “Josh was ousted by Charlie and his monstrous ego,” the source said. “Charlie flattered Josh to his face, invited him to cover on his PBS show, then stabbed him in the back by issuing an ultimatum to [CBS News President] David Rhodes, who has made a huge mistake. CBS would be in a very different place if they’d kept Josh on. Continue reading "Source Says Charlie Rose Forced CBS to Fire Potential Replacement Josh Elliott: ‘Stabbed Him in the Back’"

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Twitter Carves Up Tomi Lahren’s ‘Despicable’ Thanksgiving Tweet

Fox News contributor, and occasional ’80s pop star, Tomi Lahren is no stranger to courting controversy. As a matter of fact, one might say she trades in it. Her former boss, Glenn Beck, did accuse her of spouting off “crazy red-meat things” without having the “intellectual firepower to back it up,” after all. Speaking of red meat, Lahren used a day in which Americans typically consume white or dark meat, Thanksgiving, to launch yet another salvo against former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. The tweet places Kaepernick, who is widely credited with starting the anthem protests, on the beach at Normandy during the D-Day landings, thus proving he hates the troops… or something. Who the heck knows anymore. The crude Photoshop job sarcastically makes reference to Kaepernick being named “Citizen of the Year” by GQ, Continue reading "Twitter Carves Up Tomi Lahren’s ‘Despicable’ Thanksgiving Tweet"