Bada Development Fundamentals (PDF)

Developer introduction to Samsung’s upcoming proprietary mobile OS. C++, not Java. I can’t remember the last new consumer-facing system I’ve seen using C++ as the default language. (Via Tim Bray.)

Update: I forgot about the game consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii all have C++ APIs as their default.

Jersey Shore Episode 2: Trashbags, Gray Hairs, Gas Grills

snooki_12-11It was a sugar-free Red Bull, half-fist pump episode of Jersey Shore this week, as the gang of guidos and guidettes spending their August in Sleezeside Heights, New Jersey took it fairly easy for the majority of the hour-long episode.

Of course, f-bombs were still dropped and outs were still made. Let’s get to the play-by-play.

Jwoww awoke after last week’s debauchery/Pauly D make out session to be informed that yes, she did in fact make out with Pauly D, despite having a boyfriend who was slated to visit in a few hours. “She just doesn’t want to feel like a trashbag because she has a boyfriend and she kissed me with the tongue,” explained Pauly D.

The Situation still appears hurt by the whole Ronnie/Sweetheart situation. Rejection is not something that comes easy to anyone, but especially to The Situation. “I could pretty much have my choice of pretty much anyone down here,” he says, but we know what he’s thinking. If only Sweetheart wanted him and his Situation. But no, she doesn’t.

There was this exchange that took place while Snooki sucked the juice out of a pickle. She loves pickles.

Snooki: Isn’t there, like one thing you eat every day.
Pauly: Yes.
Snooki: What?
Pauly: I dunno.

Ronnie, to Jwoww, gives some good advice to The Situation: “He’s pushing it, he’s pushing it, he’s like fucking pushing her away and pushing her toward me.”

Now it’s time for the crew to start bringing their friends to the Jersey shore house, beginning with Jwoww’s boyfriend, who looks like he’d fit right in. Tommy is a slightly less built Ronnie but sounds like Pauly D. Pauly D isn’t really a fan. “I think he’s kind of a sucker if you ask me,” says Pauly D, momentarily forgetting he himself is 29-years-old, a DJ in Rhode Island and a participant on the most embarrassing reality show of all time. Next is Angelina, who brings over her friends Lena and Alana who really want to party. She also wants to meet up with her boyfriend Mike, who finally agrees to see her. But when he sees her later that night, nice Mike has become weirdly aggressive and mean Mike. “As of tonight, don’t call me on the fucking phone. I’m done,” says Mike, and he disappears into the night. Also, he’s married – but getting a divorce!

The next morning, Angelina is so upset about her boyfriend that she doesn’t want to work at the T-shirt shop the group has been assigned to. “I don’t have to do what I don’t want to do. That’s it. It was common courtesy for me to even walk over there,” she says in a follow-up interview. When it comes time to confront her boss, she hides in a bathroom. Just as the audience realizes Angelina does not have a single redeeming quality, she is informed she has to leave the show.

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Vid-Biz: Adobe, PBS, Zucker

Adobe Drops Flash Support for PowerPC G3; Flash Player 10.1 will be the last to support PowerPC-based G3 computer, which was last made in 1999. (CNET)

YouTube Adds PBS NewsHour; the official NewsHour YouTube channel will have reports from the NewsHour television broadcast posted the same night the broadcast airs on PBS. (

Zucker Signs a New Contract; the deal with NBC Universal will keep the CEO at the company through 2013. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Digital Will Be Biggest Concern for Comcast/NBCU; a new Futuresource report predicts the Comcast/NBCU merger will be focusing on new delivery models. (Video Business)

Liguori Signs $4.7 Million Employment Deal; new Discovery Communications exec signs three-year deal that includes $1 million base salary and $3.7 million in incentives. (Multichannel News)

Cisco Predicts Online Video Will Move to a Paid/Subscription Model; Director of Service Provider Video Marketing Murali Nemani says the advertising model is not working, and publishers will need to find new ways to monetize assets. (Beet.TV)

Gotcha Media Partners with Ooyala to Deliver Live MMA Video; companies clock more than 15,000 concurrent viewers in Japan during first collaboration. (emailed release)

Craigslist Founder Newmark: I’ve Never Looked At eBay’s Classifieds Site

Craig Newmark

Craigslist CEO Craig Newmark (pictured, left) took the stand in the company’s court battle with eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) on Friday to deny that he ever looked at the auction site’s online classifieds unit, Kijiji, Reuters reported. Newmark sought to blunt charges that he had access to information about eBay’s classifieds business before it launched. The two companies have been engaged in legal jousting for the past year-and-a-half, since eBay sued Craigslist over “unfairly” diluting its ownership stake in the auctions site after eBay’s Kijiji debuted in the U.S. in 2007. In response, Craigslist brought a countersuit a month later, accusing eBay of using its minority stake in the Craigslist to steal its trade secrets.

Newmark’s testimony today and the e-mail evidence from eBay that were shown in court earlier this week demonstrated a wide cultural divide in their ill-fated partnership. As he often does, Newmark attempted to portray Craigslist as more of a community service as opposed to a business. He also emphasized his own personal discomfort with the trappings of wealth. Meanwhile, e-mails from eBay execs deride the “amateurish” board meetings held by Newmark and Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster, and appear to include impatience and amusement that the two couldn’t work a Powerpoint presentation.

The auctions site appeared to grow frustrated in its attempt to make money from its deal with Craigslist. As a result, a year after coming together with Craigslist, eBay considered the partnership dead. Buckmaster is expected to take stand in the Delaware court today, as the trial will likely continue through next week.