Starting your news website: How to get the most promotional value from Twitter

By Robert Niles: Thank you to everyone who sent along comments about my last piece, Starting your news website: A checklist for students and mid-career beginners. In response to a few comments, today I'm going more in-depth on how to most effectively use a promotional channel for a news website - specifically, how to get the most from Twitter. A Twitter feed provides one more forum for you to show the best of your site's work to an audience. Ideally, the Twitter feed should encourage people to click to your website, as well as to use their Twitter feeds to spread the word about your feed (and your website and brand), to other readers you haven't attracted yet. Again, these tips are designed for beginners to social media - journalism students or mid-career legacy media journalists who are making the switch to online publishing. If you are an online news veteran, well... click the comment button and share your best advice, too!

Jon Stewart Discusses Lou Dobbs’s Decision To ‘Go Palin’

At some point in the future, Jon Stewart may again have to endure the hour-long waterboarding of the soul that is the Sean Hannity show. But he'll never have to watch Lou Dobbs on CNN again, so upside! Thursday night, the Daily Show host brought his audience up to speed on Dobbs's decision to depart, saying, "Nothing says honest and straightforward better than a surprise announcement that you're quitting for reasons you can't explain to do something you can't discuss."

So true! The only thing that differentiates Dobbs's "I quit" announcement from Sarah Palin's was that there were no woodland creatures squawking in the background. At least none that you could hear. Stewart would go on to make this obvious link.

Dobbs, of course, has some vague plans to wander the earth, kickin' mad science and "contributing positively to a better understanding of the great issues of our day."

Stewart responded: "So, in order to contribute positively to a better understanding of the issues of our day, you must leave your nightly television show, devoted to understanding the issues of our day. I actually agree with you on that one."


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Former Exec Griffiths Also In Talks To Buy Playboy

Playboy Eyes

A second bidder has emerged in the battle to take over Playboy (NYSE: PLA). The LA Times and Reuters both report that a group led by former Playboy Entertainment chief James Griffiths and PE firm Golden Gate Capital is in discussions to buy the company for around $300 million. This follows Thursday’s report that Iconix Brand Group, the company behind apparel brands like London Fog and Starter, was looking at Playboy’s books.

While Iconix is likely interested in Playboy’s licensing assets, Griffiths’ interest is probably more media-focused. He spent six years as president of worldwide television distribution at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, before joining Playboy in early 2004. (He left less than two years later, as part of a management reorg). Golden Gate’s holdings, meanwhile, include TV and radio station operator MAX Media.

One interesting aside if Griffiths/Golden Gate and Iconix are in fact the two bidders: Golden Gate beat out Iconix in the auction to buy outdoor clothing chain Eddie Bauer this summer. Playboy is not commenting on any of these reports, although it has said since February that it would be open to offers for a buyout.


Jon Stewart Will Miss Lou Dobbs, But He Can See Him Monday On O’Reilly

stewart_11-13Jon Stewart said his goodbye to Lou Dobbs last night on The Daily Show, but he won’t have to wait too long to see him back on cable news.

Dobbs will be on The O’Reilly Factor Monday night.

After playing part of the video of Dobbs addressing his viewers about his CNN exit, Stewart decided on a parallel. “Lou Dobbs is going Palin, he’s going rogue!,” he said. “Lou Dobbs is saying the problems we are facing are too important for me, Lou Dobbs, to stay at my job.”

Stewart joked about why Dobbs needing a platform for his views, since he already has an hour-long show each night on CNN. Of course, that very well could be the reason he left – CNN doesn’t want Dobbs espousing his opinions on the air, they want him to do a news program. (I know, I know, Stewart’s a comedian.)

Stewart wished Dobbs “buena suerte” in the future, but we know one of those future plans already. Daily Finance is reporting Dobbs will stop by Fox News for an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Monday night. This summer, Dobbs tried to do just that – but the interview got vetoed by CNN. Now that he’s free from the network, he’s not wasting any time to get on the top rated cable news show.

• Stewart also weighed in on Sean Hannity’s apology.

Here’s the Daily Show clip:

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