Making Your Website Work for You: Knowing What to Track and Why

The most important lesson I’ve learned at Brick Factory is that results matter. What good is a website if it doesn’t help you reach your goals? We work closely with a ton of nonprofits, and when it comes to their websites, our clients are usually focused on two major goals:
  1. Growing their email list
  2. Increasing online donations
You can track these key metrics through your email marketing platform, CRM, or donation platform, but what if you want to look at this data in relation to how users are interacting with your website? Not so easy if you don’t have the right infrastructure in place. If you set your site up correctly, there is a wealth of donation and email sign up data to be mined. Understanding how, when, and why your visitors take action (or don’t take action) can help you figure out what’s working, where to switch things up,
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Boost Nonprofit Donations in 3 Easy Steps

If there was a fast, free way to increase visibility to your nonprofit’s donation page, would you do it?

Google has recently released a feature that connects Google users with a nonprofit’s donation page via the knowledge panel (the box that appears on the right-hand side of search results that tells you a business’s phone number or hours of operation).

In Google’s The Keyword blog, Google product manager Prem Ramaswami says about this new feature, “We’ve seen people’s generosity throughout 2017, especially in times of crisis and need. And earlier this year, we made a commitment to continue to bring the best of our people, products, and philanthropy to make an impact and help create opportunity for everyone.” Think about how this can translate to hard numbers for your nonprofit. For most of our nonprofit clients, Google search is their top source of traffic. So, when people are
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Five Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Of course you did. You sat pleasantly with your extended family checking your watch as the game dragged on, because it’s a school night after all and little Trevor is not exactly killing it in reading comprehension and you can not have that discussion again at Parents Night. But lighten up, he’s only in 2nd grade and college ain’t for everyone. The point is, while you were knocking back an Old English 40 and a Cheesy Gordita® some of us were working. Yours truly heroically fought through his own bedtime and watched every commercial in last night’s Super Bowl broadcast in order to complete this required blog post. For that alone, you owe me at the very least to read some of it. What follows is a list of the top and bottom 5 Super Bowl commercials according to me (and Todd who texted
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We tried Facebook’s new donation tools. Here’s what we learned.

You’ve got a large, engaged Facebook following. They comment, they like, they share. But, for some reason, they’re not donating. Frustrated? You’re not the only one. Thankfully, about six months ago, Facebook rolled out several ways for its users to support their favorite nonprofits. Before, if you wanted your Facebook audience to donate, you had to post a link to your donation page and hope for the best. Your followers had to see the post, click the link, leave Facebook, and complete the donation. Now, your followers can donate without ever leaving the Facebook. (And without any fees!) We tried out these in-app fundraising tools with one of my clients. Normally, we see a very small number of donations directly from Facebook. But, we suspected that once we removed the extra step – leaving Facebook – donations would go up. And we were right. Once we implemented the new
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Drawing Logos from Memory

As an experiment  recently had over 150 people draw ten famous logos completely from memory.  The study found that while people are certainly familiar with these ubiquitous logos, the details are quite fuzzy.  Check out the full study as it is fascinating. After reading this article, our team decided to perform an experiment. So, we asked three members of our staff who have serious drawing skills, and Gary (who agreed to this but claims his “drawing skills are terrible even with a perfect memory”), to recreate the logos from memory. Here are the logos we asked our team to draw to help spark your own memory. Tom McCormick  The first submission came from our Chief Creative Officer, Tom. Tom nailed the overall color schemes and concept of the logos while missing some of the details. So, even though the Starbucks mermaid looks an anchor with swollen
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Brick Factory Announces Production Release of Stacks

The Brick Factory is happy to announce the first 1.0 production release of our Stacks Drupal 8 module. Stacks makes it possible to develop re-usable components such as slide shows, galleries, banners, and much more in your Drupal projects.  You can check out a good overview of Stacks here and in the video below. The 1.0 release includes a number of improvements:
  • Only re-usable widgets now need to have a title provided
  • Stacks used to only allow the field to be added to a node; it now is available to any field-able entity
  • Repeatable image fields no longer only show the first image. All images now display correctly
  • When nodes containing widgets are deleted, the associated widget entities and instances are now deleted as well
Check out Stacks and let us know what you think.