Avenatti Fires Back at Michael Cohen Attorneys for Court Filing Saying He’s Created ‘Carnival Atmosphere’

As the legal battle between Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti wages on, Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer made another appearance on MSNBC to keep taking shots at the other side. Cohen’s attorneys went off on Avenatti in a court filing Friday to try and bar him from court proceedings, blamed him for “creation of a carnival atmosphere and the knowing, willful engagement in inappropriate conduct.” Avenatti spoke this morning with Joy Reid on AM Joy and said, “We’re not going away. We’re not going to change what we’ve been doing.” “If they want the carnival and the circus to leave town,” he said, “they need to stop the cover-up.” Reid brought up the charge from Cohen’s team that Avenatti is looking to get media attention and is smearing Cohen in the process. Avenatti responded that he’s being targeted because “we’re providing information and evidence to the American people. Continue reading "Avenatti Fires Back at Michael Cohen Attorneys for Court Filing Saying He’s Created ‘Carnival Atmosphere’"

‘God’ Twitter Account Responds to Trump ‘God Bless You’ Tweet : ‘F*ck You A**hole’

@TheTweetofGod, a satirical Twitter account with a massive following that wields the might of a Higher Power to rain down burns on politicians and the media, lambasted President Donald Trump for his response to the latest mass school shooting in a tweet that has now gone viral. The account, run by former Daily Show writer and producer David Javerbaum, has amassed a following of five million thanks to its sardonic tweets, in the voice of God, commenting on politics and pop culture. The latest missive from the account took aim at Trump’s response to Friday’s shooting at a Santa Fe high school that left 10 dead and 13 more wounded. The president’s response — a bizarre mix of Trumpian syntax and tone-deafness — noted as news started to pour in about the shooting that “early reports” were “not looking good.” “God bless all!” his tweet added.

Twitter Flips Out Over News of Another Don Jr. Trump Tower Meeting: He’s ’In a Lot of Trouble’

The news of Donald Trump Jr. having a second Trump Tower meeting lit up Twitter this afternoon, with people expressing shock while also speculating on what this could mean:

Jennifer Mendelsohn’s ‘Resistance Genealogy’ Calls B.S. On Myth of Ancestral Immigrants as Model Citizens

A “liberal delusion.” “Deeply flawed.” “Another symptom of Trump derangement syndrome.” Those are all terms used this week to describe what Jennifer Mendelsohn has branded Resistance Genealogy. The criticisms have been launched by both the Left and the Right against the Baltimore-based writer’s initiative to dig up the lineage of xenophobic Trump fans to call attention to the age-old reality that the United States is a nation of immigrants. So, why does she do it? Mendelsohn doesn’t like hypocrites. “Discrimination against immigrants by recently assimilated Americans is as old a tradition as America, as immigration itself, meaning you can go back through the history of America, and at every single point in history, people who had assimilated and considered themselves Americans were always looking down on the new people who were trying to become American,” she said. It all started last year when she took on one of Continue reading "Jennifer Mendelsohn’s ‘Resistance Genealogy’ Calls B.S. On Myth of Ancestral Immigrants as Model Citizens"

President Trump Accidentally Misspells His Wife Melania’s Name on Twitter

Some typos are weirder than others, but this one’s just… odd. First Lady Melania Trump is back at the White House today after recovering in the hospital for a few days. It’s good news for the Trumps, though the President accidentally misspelled his wife’s name in his Twitter message. Whether it was the slip of a finger or an issue regarding auto-correct, the tweet in question has been taken down and corrected… …but not before pretty much everyone noticed:

Bishop Who Gave Powerful Sermon at Royal Wedding Speaks Out: ‘We Need Some Joy in This World’

Bishop Michael Curry‘s sermon at the royal wedding immediately went viral and earned much praise on social media, and Curry appeared on CNN hours later to discuss the ceremony. Curry did an interview this afternoon with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who offered effusive praise for Bishop Curry’s sermon. Curry himself explained he wanted to get across that “this love isn’t just simply a sentimental thing, this is actually a way of life, and it’s a way of life that actually makes a difference in people’s lives.” He said of the new royal couple, “The way they looked at each other just sent a message of, ‘These people are in love for real.'” He continued:
“If you could visually see a relationship, we saw that. And it was contagious in the room. I mean, the thing is you actually could feel it in the church, and people were Continue reading "Bishop Who Gave Powerful Sermon at Royal Wedding Speaks Out: ‘We Need Some Joy in This World’"