Detailed Analysis of the Nexus One’s Screen

Interesting, technical look at the pixel-level details of the Nexus One’s OLED display:

The result is that PenTile works great on the Nexus One screen when color photographs are being displayed—it just doesn’t work as well for text because text is always displayed with high contrast to make it readable. And it’s arguable that text display is the most important use-case to optimize for on a mobile phone screen.

For various reasons, I don’t expect Apple to use OLED. I think Apple is all-in on LED-backlit IPS displays (which they’re using for the iPad and iMac, and promoting in the tech specs).

MocoNews: Google Sharing Advertising Revenue With Android Carriers and Handset Makers

Tricia Duryee on Android’s fast growth:

Well, at least part of the answer appears to be that Google is sharing advertising revenues with carriers that use Android, according to multiple sources who are familiar with the deals. In some cases, sources said, Google is also cutting deals with the handset makers. The revenue-sharing agreements only occur when the handsets come with Google applications, like search, maps and gmail, since that is not a requirement of Android. Google declined to comment, and said terms of its agreements with partners are confidential.

So, when handset makers use Windows Mobile, they pay Microsoft. When they use Android, they get paid by Google.

Rachel Maddow Makes Campaign Ad For GOP Sen. Scott Brown

After Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown delivered an unusually defensive response to the Facebook-originated claim that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was running for office in his state, the left-leaning host (who has admitted she feels “attacked” by Brown) decided on her show tonight to help him out a bit and create her own smear ad…against herself.

While this does highlight the ridiculousness of Brown’s quick-fire attack to an Internet rumor, it’s not like he has no reason to be worried. Wasn’t Chris Matthews planning to run for Senate at one point? How many other television or media personalities decide to make the switch over to politics once they feel confident enough in their viewership to throw their hat in the ring? Though at this point Maddow has exasperatedly denied her political aspirations enough that any continuing mention of her from Brown’s campaign is just asking for all of MSNBC’s wrath to be rained upon him.

CW to Double Ads in Web Shows

The CW Network plans next TV season to double the commercials in Web versions of its shows, looking to wring more revenue out of its rising online viewership.

“Uncalled For”: John McCain Admonishes GOP Rep. Steve King’s Slap Of Pelosi Pic

“A fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed” Republican Senator John McCain said tonight on CNN’s John King, USA. At the same time, when asked about the increasingly ugly incidents revolving around the passing of the health care bill, the one-time presidential hopeful condemned the actions of Republican Congressman Steve King for “slapping” or “wiping” a picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a rally, saying “Of course that’s uncalled for.” He also mentioned (though not by name) Rep. Randy Neugebauer shouting of “baby killer” as an example of inappropriate behavior. Though he doesn’t leave the blame entirely in the GOP’s court.

It’s interesting that McCain’s first example of “inflammatory behavior” came from Rep. John Lewis during McCain’s own campaign, seeing as how Lewis was most recently in the news for being the victim of racial slurs shouted by Tea Party protesters this weekend.

House Passes Health Care “Fixes” Bill, Despite GOP “Roadblocks”

Not quite as exciting as the original, but no less important, the House ended Barack Obama’s legislative action on the health care reform he signed into law on Tuesday by voting on a number of changes to the original bill earlier today. Passing by 56-43, the “fixes bill” still prompted to Republicans to raise two points of order against the new provisions, which will have to be addressed now that the Democrats don’t have the 60 votes to overrule. The amendments include a loan program to help offset the cost of the new bill, but also allowed GOP’ers to take out a student-lending initiative from the initial passages.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters that Republicans are “not serious about helping this bill” and only care about “throwing roadblocks in front of anything we do.”