Hardest hit: Profits slid 100% at big papers

The bigger newspapers are, the harder their profits fell in the last five years, according to newly revised data provided Monday by the Inland Press Association.Profits fell 100.1% since 2004 at newspapers with circulation greater than 80,000, said Tim Mather, the analyst at the trade association who collated financial date reported by 120 papers across the nation.Compared with other industries,

Starcraft Trailer Parody Promotes Warcraft Fan Machinima

To promote the latest installment of Illegal Danish, their popular World of Warcraft machinima series, D.W. Hackleman and his brother Clint came up with a clever conceit: They fully recreated the trailer of the hotly anticipated game Starcraft II with elements of Warcraft. Now instead of a cigar-chomping space Marine donning an armored helmet, the Hacklemans’ version ends with a spunky purple-haired gnome named Dirti G, ready to rock.

Converting Warcraft’s medieval fantasy trappings into Starcraft’s military sci-fi milieu was a painstaking task that Clint estimates took the brothers about 700 hours to complete. At the end, however, they had a machinima appealing to both Warcraft and Starcraft fans. (Both games, not coincidentally, are from Blizzard Entertainment.) That’s likely to attract more viewers to their Danish series, which according to Clint, has already been viewed over 10 million times. (He says the Starcraft II parody, which went online July 4, has already attracted 50,000 views.)

Known professionally as Myndflame, the Hackleman brothers have developed a lucrative career from their machinima; Clint tells me the projects earn them $50,000 to $100,000 annually. Adhering to Blizzard’s rules around machinima, the brothers don’t sell DVD copies or downloads of their Warcraft movies, but instead monetize them with online ads and CD sales of the movies’ soundtracks. In fact, Clint tells me, “Blizzard is going to be adding some news to their community sites to promote our latest movie next week and seems to be in good spirits (as they should, given the free advertising!)”

To create the Warcraft-to-Starcraft conversion, the brothers used WoW Modelviewer, a program that extracts characters and models from World of Warcraft’s game engine, then heavily modified and composited these elements in 3-D with Maya. “The scene with the shoulder armor being placed onto the gnome was probably the most difficult,” D.W. tells me, “because it used a complex combination of 2-D and 3-D effects with more than a hundred layers.” That’s one way to get medieval on a Marine.

Illegal Danish 3: The Ballad of Dirti G is set for a fall release. But what’s with the title, anyway? “The Danish itself is a mysterious pastry (think of it similar to The Simpsons’ ‘Forbidden Donut’) with powers that vary depending on who’s telling its tale,” Clint explains. Glad that’s cleared up.

Illegal Danish link resources:

Illegal Danish 3 Prelude, HD version, Side-by-side comparison of Starcraft 2 cinematic and Illegal Danish 3 Prelude, Zinwrath: The Movie, Super Snacks, Escape from Orgrimmar.

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Urban Dictionary’s definition of “reddit”


A site or hive-mind for grown-up children that were too ugly or geeky to be abused by their priest and now majorly pissed off about it. Like Manichism, The Reddit Church of Fundamental Atheists has a dualist philosophy with two gods, one named Darwin and the other a living deity called Dawkins. Members of the church can vote on which stories reach the front page. Reddit tends to recycle the same stories on its front page over and over again, abliet with slight modifications it the hope that no one catches on. Typically in 3 categories, 1)Funny animal pictures 2)Gossip about republicans 3)Jesus SUXXXXX!!!!. The site believes it has a monopoly on reason and user will discuss topics in the comments section which can be broken down into 5 categories 1)Comments on funny animal pictures 2)Comments about republicans 3)Jesus SUXXXXX!!!!4) Redditors telling us their life stories 5)Redditors making fun of other redditors life stories. As long as you have the exact same opionions as the other redditors you can celebrate your independent thinking. Here are 2 examples 1)”Hey reddit I hate religion!” Welcome to reddit! 2)”Hey Redditors could you please explain to me why you hate Jesus so much?” Fuck off you Christian fundamentalist! You can’t reason with religious people! Fuck off with your religious wars and women abuse!

Despite having all the answers to all the worlds problems, most redditors would prefer to spend time in their basements and on better sites like 4chan and digg.

A feature that make the site worth visiting is the NSFW section, which typically has very few comments so you don’t have to listen to the preaching while you fap.

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Why take an already-profitable news outlet and inject it with VC funding?

Marc Andreessen’s Burgeoning Blogging Empire: Invests In Talking Points Memo

More news about Marc Andreessen making venture investments this morning after the launch of his new $300 million fund, Andreessen Horowitz: he is leading a round of financing for TPM Media, better known as the TalkingPointsMemo blog.

TPM founder Josh Marshall confirmed the pending investment today by phone. The round is small, between $500k and $1 million. Andreessen is leading the round and a number of other angel investors are participating as well.

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2 Days Till the NewTeeVee Hollywood Meetup

It’s almost time to get your meetup on! This Wednesday, join the Lizzes, Chris, Om and Janko for a casual NewTeeVee community get-together in Hollywood. Bring your thirst, your beautiful LA faces, and your online video scoops and gossip. The Facebook event page is here, the deets are below, and below that is an inspirational [...]

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