Evan Bayh Imparts Final Advice To Senate In New York Times

Evan Bayh announced earlier this week that he’d not be seeking reelection for his seat in the Senate for 2010. He’s retiring, a surprise to everyone who has tried to come up with some explanation to why a kid (well, relatively) would leave a promising future in government so early on. Bayh felt like it was time to let the world know why he was leaving a role in government politics that had been set in stone by his father before him, so naturally this airing-out was in the form of an op-ed at The New York Times and involved a lot of references to baseball, weird idioms, and a proposal that all senators have a monthly lunch together to sit down and discuss the nation’s problems over hot dogs and hamburgers. Of course, that’s just a suggestion, as Bayh will not be joining in on this discussion.

But if you want his advice, the Senate should go to all their corporate money with a questionnaire asking them how they could do a better job, reform the filibuster (so people have to read from Stephanie Meyer’s novels), and to think beyond short-sighted goals of self-interest. All very, very good advice that will in no way be implemented, and even less so now that Bayh is taking himself out of the running. Haven’t you ever heard that you can do more good within a system then outside of it? Or am I getting my idioms mixed up again?

Michelle Obama Doesn’t Talk Shop With Huckabee, Husband

Mike Huckabee interviewed first lady Michelle Obama today with a bunch of softball questions about “cowardly” people on the Internet who call the Obamas names, what it was like for Sasha Obama to meet the pope, and -as the hot button issue of the day – childhood obesity. Which yes, is a national problem, but we wonder exactly how long the list of off-topic issues the administration gave Fox News before allowing Michelle to be on this show was that the biggest debate they could bring up was “You are really hard on fat kids. Why?”

Also, Mrs. Obama discusses how she doesn’t like to talk about politics at home, and would rather sit down to a good game of Sorry, which is something the folks at CPAC would love to hear right now.

Weekend Vid Picks: All Hail William Shatner

I have one mission today, guys, and that is to get you excited about famous actor and Canadian William Shatner joining the cast of upcoming Twitter-to-television sitcom pilot S— My Dad Says (new, TV-friendly title still to be determined) as the titular Dad. I come armed with decades of video from the man’s past career. I anticipate that my mission will be an overwhelming success.

Let’s work our way backwards. Shatner had a big viral success in 2009 when he appeared on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien to perform a section of Gov. Sarah Palin’s farewell address to Alaska. NBC has removed the video from both its site and Hulu, but here’s a bootleg clip from that as captured by MSNBC’s Countdown.

But the man is also a bit of a web video pro in his own right, thanks to the online-only Shatner Project, an intriguing hodge-podge of videos documenting his adventures in Hollywood — like a 2008 Shatner responding directly to comments J.J. Abrams made about the potential for him to do a cameo in the new Star Trek reboot. It’s not the classiest move, but Shatner’s directness has always been a big part of his signature style.

As a reminder of said directness, let’s revisit one of his most legendary moments — Shatner’s 1986 appearance on Saturday Night Live, when he ruthlessly mocked the most devoted of Star Trek fans.

William Shatner SNL skit Get A Life 1986-12-20
Uploaded by efly2020. – Click for more funny videos.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself, wow, Shatner can be a bit of a jerk sometimes. But that’s just the thing! Even a casual perusal of the SMDS Twitter feed indicates that the dad in question isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine — he’s brash, disapproving and often inappropriate. Which might be an unfortunate bit of typecasting for William Shatner, but also has potential to be comedy gold.

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Mark Joseph: Kevin Smith & the Gift Of Honesty

Here's the thing about the Kevin Smith Southwest Airlines incident: Instead of complaining about his treatment he should be thanking those flight attendants and that pilot for a moment of honesty that he was probably sorely in need of.

I've never been as big as Smith, but relatively speaking anyway, I wasn't too far off when I tipped the scales at 123 at the tender age of ten years old. Only my wake-up call didn't come from a flight attendant but from a little girl who couldn't have been more than five years old. I was in the middle of a soccer game, intently playing my position (goalie -- what else?) and minding my own business when she walked around the goal post, looked me squarely in the eyes and blurted out, "You're fat!"

I know, I know, psychiatrists are going to say I was traumatized by the incident, but I don't think so. I think it was a gift. A gift of honesty. The kind of gift that big-time directors too often surrounded by sycophants don't often receive.

My five-year old friend was absolutely right. I was fat. And her innocent comment spurred me on to do something about my situation. And if Kevin Smith were smart, instead of twittering insults about Southwest Airlines, he would instead thank those flight attendants for their honesty and use the incident as a chance to improve his health and the comfort of those in the seats next to him on his next flight.

Michelle Obama & Huckabee Interview On Fox News (VIDEO)

First Lady Michelle Obama taped an interview with Fox News' Mike Huckabee that aired tonight in which she discussed her efforts to battle child obesity, an grave problem she believes "we can really fix."

Huckabee has been a strong supporter of the First Lady's efforts, in part due to his own struggles with obesity.

Despite the tensions between Fox News and the Obama administration, the 20-minute interview was light and breezy. As their conversation progressed, they touched on topics like whether she watches Fox News (Obama said she doesn't watch much television news) as well as the fascination with her famously-toned arms.


Core Animation and Flash Player

Adobe engineer Tinic Uro on the performance improvements in the forthcoming Core Animation-capable Flash Player 10.1 for Mac OS X.

In his browser comparison matrices, Uro only mentions Safari (which gets the Core Animation support in Flash), Firefox (which gets Quartz 2D), and Opera (which is still getting QuickDraw). But in the comments he states that Chrome (which is already far more popular than Opera on Mac OS X) doesn’t yet support Core Animation.