MediaNews Following NYT On Metered Web Access; Two Pubs To Rollout Pay System By May

Dean Singleton

MediaNews looks like it’s jumping on the online metered pay model just after the NYT made news it will introduce such a system next year. In comparison to the NYT’s plans, MediaNews is moving a lot faster than the NYT, Bloomberg reports. The pay system will launch on just two of MediaNews’ 56 dailies by May. Users will be able to access up to 25 “premium” articles per month—after that, the meter kicks in.  At that point, the two newspaper sites’ readers will have to choose between paying a fee—MediaNews isn’t saying what it is yet—or they will have to subscribe to the print edition.

The first two papers to get online meters are the Chico, CA-based Enterprise- Record and Pennsylvania’s York Daily Record.

While it may look like MediaNews, whose parent company Affiliated Media just filed for bankruptcy protection, is jumping on the metered bandwagon after the NYT’s attention-getting announcement, Chairman and CEO Dean Singleton (image, left) has been thinking about this for a while.

If the plan holds true to Singleton’s past comments on paywalls, there is at least a slight difference between what he hopes to accomplish and what the NYT and the Financial Times, which has had a metered system in place for years, have had in mind. The FT and the NYT are working on building their websites into distinct businesses apart from the primary print business. While Singleton waits for the paywalls and online advertising to cease being ancillary to the traditional print side, the immediate goal of this plan is to drive more subscribers to the physical newspaper.


O’Keefe, Etc.

James O’Keefe is a hell of a problem for the press. Whatever else he is, O’Keefe is an instigator par excellence, and wherever he goes accusations of “journalistic malpractice”—to borrow a phrase—fly in all directions. Addressing them all would be logistically impossible, and CJR has already written plenty on O’Keefe (see here, here, and <a href=

‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Going On ‘The View”

NEW YORK — ABC says the house mates from "Jersey Shore" are headed to "The View" for some fist-pumping and outlandish talk.

ABC says the unlikely stars from the hit MTV reality series about a group of 20-something Italian-Americans will be guests on the weekday talk show on Feb. 23.

They're all scheduled to appear: Snooki, JWoww, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammi, DJ Pauly D and, of course, The Situation.

The outlandish, party-hearty cast has been a regular source of chatter among "The View" hosts, who include Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar (BAY'-har), Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd.

"The View" airs weekdays at 11 a.m. Eastern time.

Paterson Sex Scandal In The Works? Media Abuzz About Possible ‘Bombshell’ Story

Rumors are flying that the New York Times is set to publish a bombshell scandal regarding New York Governor David Paterson.

Members of the media are abuzz about the alleged story on blogs and twitter, portending that it could be the final nail in Paterson's campaign coffin.

But just what is said scandal?

Nobody seems to know.

The Daily News' Elizabeth Benjamin says it's "far worse than his acknowledged extramarital affair with a former state employee."

New York Magazine, who just ran a lengthy profile on the governor, couldn't get a peep out of the Times, but writes that they hear the paper is "coming up with something big about the Paterson administration."

Many believe the scandal is linked to a story that appeared in the New York Post this past weekend that further detailed Paterson's recent decision to ban state troopers from the Governor's Mansion.

According to the Post, a trooper accidentally caught the governor in a somewhat-compromising position:

The trooper opened the door and the first thing he saw was the governor and a woman inside and the two of them snuggling together, embracing. There was nothing more than that, snuggling, and they had their clothes on.

Gawker, for their part, claims that it all may be related to a rumor that Paterson and his wife Michelle are swingers.

Whatever the scandal is, this week just keeps getting better and better for Andrew Cuomo.

Oprah Audience Member Goes Into Labor During Show Taping

An audience member went into labor during a taping of the "Oprah" show Thursday afternoon, Oprah revealed during her live Friday show.

Lori McCrindle, a 27-weeks pregnant woman from Toronto, gave birth to a baby boy named Justin in a Chicago hospital one hour after her water broke in the bathroom during the show's taping. Oprah ran off set to the ambulance which was taking McCrindle to a local hospital when she heard the news.

McCrindle phoned into the show on Friday.

"After all these years it is not too often we have a first. But yesterday was a doozy," Oprah said.

Oprah promised to fly McCrindle back to Chicago for another taping of the show.

Justin weighed in a 2 pounds, 13 ounces.