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Here, thanks to GroundReport’s Rachel Sterne, is the archive of the presentation we made at the Aspen Institute on Monday; it starts a few minutes in:

And here, again, is the presentation, which uses new software from Prezi. Just click within the screen once the presentation starts and you will advance to the next screen.

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Michael Wolff: I’m Proud to Kill the News

The Guardian in London ran a piece Tuesday by my friend Ed Pilkington, the paper's correspondent in New York, about the financial woes of the photographer Annie Leibovitz. The piece was an efficient summary of this week's article in New York magazine about Leibovitz's spendthrift ways. While Pilkington is an accomplished reporter, he does not appear to have picked up the phone to have confirmed any details in the piece or to have added to it in any way. He just summarized.

I mention this because Dan Kennedy, a Guardian writer and a commentator about the media who lives in Boston, had a post on the Guardian's website Tuesday excoriating Newser for...well...summarizing news.

Newser is, he declared, "the most egregious example of abusive aggregation."

There's a label I can wear proudly.

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James Taranto Finds Sexism Hilarious

hillary-clintonI came across WSJ columnist James Taranto’s column from August 12th yesterday in doing research for my post about the Obama/Hitler posters and LaRouchePac. The column focused mostly on why Health Care reform was very very bad and why Barack Obama was insensitive/a hypocrite/shouldn’t joke about serious  things, while otherwise coining the term “Obamalignancy” and making a joke himself about typhoon victims in Taiwan. Ha, ha. Then, halfway down, I saw this:

‘Iron My Shirt!’

* “Clinton Presses India for Climate Change”–headline, United Press International, July 20
* “Clinton Presses NKorea on Denuclearisation, Myanmar Links”–headline, AFP, July 21
* “Clinton Presses Iran for Info on Detained U.S. Hikers”–headline,, Aug. 3
* “Clinton Presses South Africa on Zimbabwean Crisis”–headline, Bloomberg, Aug. 7
* “Clinton Presses Angola to Sweeten Trade Ties”–headline, Associated Press, Aug. 9
* “Clinton Presses Congo on Minerals”–headline, New York Times, Aug. 11
* “Clinton Presses Nigeria on Corruption, Violence”–headline, Associated Press, Aug. 12

Oh ho-ho! Remember that? It was during the New Hampshire primary, and Clinton was speaking at a rally when two hi-larious dudes disrupted it by shouting out “Iron my shirt!” and holding up signs with the same charming slogan. Get it? Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have been running for president, she should have been ironing some dude’s shirt — you know, because that’s what chicks do. It’s funny, last week during Office Hours I went through the litany of carelessly sexist comments about Clinton that were tossed off (and largely dismissed) last year during the campaign — Hillary nutcrackers, “Bros Before Hos” shirts, comparisons to crazy bunny boiling stalkers, anti-Hillary groups with vulgar acronyms, The Cackle, or otherwise likening her to a witch, Mike Barnicle comparing her to a first wife outside a Probate court, Tucker Carlson crossing his legs when he heard her voice, Randi Rhodes calling her a whore, Penn Jillette calling her a bitch, Chris Matthews saying that she only had a career because her husband messed around — but I forgot this one! So thanks to James Taranto for reminding me.

I think Hillary Clinton’s response from a year and a half ago is just as apt today: “Ah, the remnants of sexism — alive and well.”

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Vid-Biz: Real,, MLB

RealNetworks Launches new player; enables sharing and portability of downloaded web videos. (we’d written about the beta — Real says it’s been used to download more than 22 million videos in the last two months). (RealNetworks blog)

360,000 Streams for Mexico vs. U.S. World Cup Qualifier; soccer match streamed live to a record audience by and Telemundo on on Aug. 12. (emailed release)

MLB to Sell Single-Game Live Streams for $0.99; feature should be available by Sept. 1; Major League Baseball Advanced Media expects $450 million in revenue this year. (Bloomberg)

Rentrak to Measure Mobile TV for Qualcomm; Flo TV viewing data to be used to target advertising. (release)

Transformers 2 DVDs Will Have Holographs; augmented reality bonus features will be first such on the market for Paramount — though the studio’s online attempts at the same thing seemed pretty weak. (Video Business)

ubroadcast Relaunches Live Video Broadcast Tool; publicly traded company known for its radio broadcast app now tackling video; working on Sport Specific Performance’s Celebrity Golf TV show. (release)

DivX and Yahoo Settle Toolbar Dispute; DivX had accused Yahoo of backing out of a two-year bundled and co-branded toolbar agreement. (release)

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Mike McCready: Jon Stewart Exposes Fox News as the New Liberals

Jon Stewart exposes Fox News for their hypocrisy, their double standards and their casual relationship with the facts.

If you grew up during the cold war like I did, you probably remember being told how lucky we were to not live in the Soviet Union because their media was biased and misinformed and misled the population. I'm just sayin'...

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