Brian Williams: I Start The Day With “A Bit Of Methamphetamine” (VIDEO)

Brian Williams made a loopy, entertaining appearance on "Way Too Early with Willie Geist" Thursday morning, detailing his morning routine in depth and congratulating the "Morning Joe" co-host on his new solo show.

Williams claimed that each morning begins with members of his presumably-fictional "valet staff... repeating the stories of the day in a low voice as I kind of come to."

"I step into clothing that is held out for me," Williams continued. "I select from a wide array of shirts and ties and jacket combinations."

When Geist suggested that Williams' morning routine seemed to include "a couple of drinks," the "Nightly News" anchor did Geist one better, joking that "normally they'll prepare for me just a bit of methamphetamine if it's going to be a tough morning."

Williams also congratulated Geist on his new 5:30AM show, lauding him for claiming one of the "last shards of television that no one really cared about."

As Williams' deadpan appearance came to an end, a chuckling Geist admitted, "I don't know what just happened."


WSJ: Never Mind

The WSJ has posted an update to Ben Charny’s “Apple at CES 2010” story:

Correction: It is not clear whether Apple will attend the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. This post previously stated that Apple would attend.

Ballmer On The Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: ‘Nobody Gets It’

Yahoo’s stock continued to drop Thursday—and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer took time to defend the deal from Yahoo’s perspective at a meeting with analysts at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters: “On the Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) side, this is the one that stuns me, that people haven’t figured out. Yahoo gets 88 percent of search revenue,” he said. “They have zero percentage COGS (cost of goods sold) and they have no R&D expense… Did they sell their search business? No. They get to keep 88 percent of the revenue.” He also emphasized that Yahoo would now be able to focus on “its leadership in online media.”

“People expected something to be sold. Nothing got sold and nothing got bought.” And he said that after fielding questions about the new partnership he realized that “nobody gets it.”

By putting together Microsoft and Yahoo’s market shares in search, Ballmer reiterated that Microsoft would be able to improve its search product. “The more queries you see, the more you can tune your product,” he said. “The more scale you have, the more relevant you make ads for users.” Economically, Ballmer said the partnership “creates an immediate possibility for synergy.” Because there will be more bidders in the marketplace, bid prices should be higher, he said, and Microsoft should be able to better monetize its search business.

On its own, Ballmer said that Microsoft’s relaunched Bing search engine had seen a “bit of momentum.” ComScore (NSDQ: SCOR) figures showed that during its first month on the market, Bing’s market share increased by 0.4 percentage points.  “I can’t claim that going from eight to eight-and-a-half (percent) market share is momentum, but the buzz has been good,” he said. “The Bing effort represents a step forward for that product.”

Is Anybody Out There-ere-ere?

Every day TV broadcasts are sent out into the atmosphere. But we don’t do anything to reel them back in. Recently the web comic Abstruse Goose played with the concept of how far into space broadcasts throughout the years would have made it by now. It’s been making the rounds and we loved it. Here’s hoping extraterrestrials have the analog tuners to bring those signals in.


Printed with permission from Abstruse Goose.

Maria Rodale Takes on Top Management Role at Family Company

NEW YORK ( -- The CEO's office at Rodale, publisher of magazines including Men's Health and books such as "The South Beach Diet," will revert to family control on Sept. 1, when Maria Rodale will succeed outgoing CEO Steven Pleshette Murphy, the company said. Ms. Rodale is the 47-year-old granddaughter of the company's founder and the daughter of prior chairmen Robert and Ardath Rodale.