Soundbite: Peter King Will Punch You In The Face

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“Before stepping into the boxing ring for a friendly match with Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), the one thing you need to know is that he will, in fact, punch you in the face.”

Politico’s Patrick Gavin, in what may be the best lede ever, describing his ill-fated boxing match with the slap-happy King.

In a week of D.C. fisticuffs, Gavin and King were squaring off in the name of TK. Gavin — who is a big guy, but wears a lot of pastels — probably wasn’t expecting to be roughed up too much. But turns out King had other ideas:

“I’m going to beat Patrick Gavin for a thousand reasons,” King said, with classic boxer bravado. “I’m smarter, I’m better looking, I’m stronger; [I’ve] got a better jab, a better right, a better hook; and I’m a nicer guy. I mean, good guys win! Good guys win in boxing, and there’s no reporter that can ever stand up to a politician.”

Wow. Gavin may think twice the next time he invites a politico to play a friendly game. Good thing he’s still got a while before his his wedding day. Brides don’t like their grooms bloody.

Unrelated: Doesn’t Patrick look like an old-school 80s Karate Kid-type hero in the pic above? You can almost see the sweatband.

Game Changer: Boxing With The King [Politico Click]

Trivial Pursuit at ProPublica

There is a journalistic school of thought emerging, I fear, that holds that because you went to the trouble of investigating something you publish, whether you find anything worthwhile or not. This comes to mind after reading a piece by ProPublica on supposed waste in government stimulus spending. Stimulus for Cotton Candy, Tango and a Fish Orchestra?...

Jeff Bewkes: Broadcast Networks “May Not Survive”

He's far less sanguine about free TV--a dinosaur awaiting a meteor strike.

"The broadcast networks have fewer people watching, for shorter times of day, lower and declining ratings; they have reducing revenue from advertising, they have declining programming budgets and lower earnings, so they have fewer of the scripted shows than they used to have. So therefore their business model is becoming increasingly not viable. If you look at broadcast networks, which are the only ones in TV that have 'free' aspect, if they don't get some form of carriage fee, they may not survive."

Shelly Palmer: Oprah to Move Her Show to Her OWN Channel?: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer November 6, 2009

Oprah announced that she will exclusively air her flagship program on the Oprah Winfrey Network beginning 2011.
The move finds Oprah walking away from her massive syndication deals, in an attempt to flesh out the programming of her new venture with Discovery. If Oprah does not move the Oprah show to the OWN network, Discovery may take the network away from the superstar.

" target="_blank" onClick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outgoing/2009-11-05/_samsung');">
Samsung is set to begin bundling internet with 23 different new TV's and three Blu-ray players.
While other companies like LG, Sony and Sharp have also manufactured lines with similar connectivity, only 12% of flat screen televisions sold in September were outfitted with an Internet connection. With Samsung making the push, and increased streaming services from Netflix and Blockbuster, streaming the web through your television may finally be a viable way to access entertainment.

" target="_blank" onClick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outgoing/2009-11-05/_verizon');">
Verizon is now offering customers the chance to purchase prepaid data plans.
However, while users will be able to pay for a prepaid amount of data, they will be subject to a hefty convenience charge. Users looking to buy data seperately from their wireless plan will have the option of a daily ($15 for 75 mb), weekly ($30 for 250 mb) or monthly ($50 for 500 mb) plan.

Best Buy announced that it will install mobile applications on Google Android based smart phones purchased at its store. The free in-store mobile application set up is one way Best Buy hopes to lure in potential Android customers. The goal is to show customers "what is available to them and how they can bring it to life on their device."

Shelly Palmer is a consultant and the host of MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer a daily show featuring news you can use about technology, media & entertainment. He is Managing Director of Advanced Media Ventures Group LLC and the author of Television Disrupted: The Transition from Network to Networked TV. Shelly is also President of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. You can join the MediaBytes mailing list here. Shelly can be reached at For information about Get Digital Classes, visit

Eric Schmidt: Attacks On Execs Have ‘Gone Too Far’ (VIDEO)

Google CEO Eric Schmidt sat down with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network for an extensive interview that probed Schmidt's take on everything from Google to Twitter, Obama to bankers.

See what Schmidt has to say about Microsoft ("Hopefully we won't repeat the mistakes that Microsoft made 10 years ago that ultimately led to all these things that happened to them"), Google's hunger for content, and what he thinks about Twitter -- as well as his take on health care reform, the "demonization" of CEOs, and his discussions with Obama about serving in his administration.