Moving Beyond the Norm

Alex Jones built his Infowars brand on conspiratorial thinking and table-pounding rage. This week, we look at the three lawsuits testing whether Jones can sustain his business on lies alone. After the LGBT-rights advocate David Buckel committed suicide in Brooklyn's Prospect Park this past weekend, we review the difficult history of self-immolation and we zoom in on one such incident, in Texas in 2014. Plus, an LSD retrospective, featuring never-before-heard audio from author Ken Kesey's acid-fueled hijinks.  1. Lyrissa Lidsky [@LidskyLidsky], professor at University of Missouri's School of Law, on the legal threats to Alex Jones' conspiratorial media business. Listen
  1. Andrew Poe, professor of political science at Amherst College, on the history of self-immolation. Listen
  2. Michael Hall [@mikehalltexas], executive editor at Texas Monthly, on the life and death of pastor Charles Moore. Listen

4. River Donaghey and Tom Wolfe, Continue reading "Moving Beyond the Norm"

Morning Joe Fascinated by That Report of Steve Bannon Destroying a Jacuzzi With Acid

Don’t worry, the Breaking Bad references were made. As Morning Joe discussed  reports of ongoing shakeups inside of the White House on Friday, Joe Scarborough took the opportunity to again blast President Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, blaming him for the turmoil. As the panel talked about how Bannon reportedly tried to intimidate the House Freedom Caucus during a recent meeting, Mika Brzezinski snarked that maybe Bannon should’ve “[cleaned] out another bathtub with acid.” Brzezinski was referencing a profile of Bannon from earlier this month in the Washington Post which examined the curious aspects of the former Brietbart chief’s nomadic lifestyle. One detail that got a lot of attention was an anecdote about a landlord who found Bannon’s former home left in disrepair and a jacuzzi destroyed after seemingly covered in acid. Brzezinski and Scarborough tried to change the subject to a Wall Continue reading "Morning Joe Fascinated by That Report of Steve Bannon Destroying a Jacuzzi With Acid"

Man Basically Dissolves After Falling Into Yellowstone Hot Spring…

hot-springeditedFollowing an incident where a 23-year-old man died after falling into a hot spring, Yellowstone Park officials are telling visitors to please obey all warning signs. “Because (Yellowstone) is wild and it hasn’t been overly altered by people to make things a whole lot safer, it’s got dangers,” he said. “And a place like Yellowstone, which is set aside because of the incredible geothermal resources that are here, all the more so.” Back in June, Colin Nathaniel Scott and his sister went to go look for a spot to “hot pot,” which is going into a hot spring to soak. According to park officials, Scott went to check the temperature of one hot spring in an unauthorized area of the park when he slipped and fell in. Rescue workers were unable to retrieve Scott’s body due to a lighting storm. By the time they came the next day, there Continue reading "Man Basically Dissolves After Falling Into Yellowstone Hot Spring…"