Here’s Why Terry Bradshaw Was Wearing a Stained Shirt During the Super Bowl Broadcast

Earlier, we posted about fans on Twitter being critical of the first half Super Bowl commercial offerings. If there was one first half spot that did catch people’s attention, though, it was a Tide commercial — only people didn’t immediately realize was a commercial. Early in the second quarter, Fox NFL studio hosts Curt Menefee and Terry Bradshaw appeared on screen, ostensibly to promote the halftime show with Lady Gaga. Everything appeared to be normal. Only, there was an impossible to miss red stain on Bradshaw’s shirt. Viewers noticed it immediately:

Twitter Really Wasn’t Impressed With the First Half Super Bowl Ads

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 8.04.34 PM (1) If there was any group of viewers who hated the first half of Super Bowl LI more than New England Patriots fans, it was those who tuned in just for the commercials. The Super Bowl is known for having the most funny, emotional, and all-around best advertisements on television on all year. But fans, journalists, and even a Senator have all been critical of this year’s crop. Here’s a sampling of the social media opinion on Sunday night’s ads:

Snickers to Produce the First Ever Live Super Bowl Commercial

Snickers is planning to shoot what would be the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial. According to , Mars Inc., which manufactures Snickers, purchased a 30-second spot with the intent of filming it live. The commercial, which will air during the first break of the third quarter according to CNN Money, will feature Adam Driver as “a very hungry cowboy,” Mars marketing executive Berta de Pablos-Barbier told the Journal. Live ads have been somewhat popular of late. Oreo, Toyota and Reddi-Wip all aired live spots during the NBC broadcast of Hairspray Live! in December. Mars Inc. is undoubtedly hoping that Driver doesn’t fumble his lines — given that he’s only got one shot and the ad costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million. Watch a trailer for the ad above, via Snickers. [featured image via screengrab] – Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

Newsonomics: Trump may be the news industry’s greatest opportunity to build a sustainable model

One of the most challenging periods in American press history begins at noon Eastern today. The cries of “Lügenpresse” (defended by the outlet until recently run by new chief strategist to the president) echo almost as much as the stiff-arm salutes in the nation’s capital in late October. The Russian propaganda service Russia Today (now nicely rebranded as RT America) somehow taking over the airwaves of C-SPAN for 10 minutes is just icing on the cake. Who knows what language cable news’ crawls will be in soon? As we feel the ever-louder banging on the doors of a free press, we should also hear, weirdly, another knocking. That’s the knocking of opportunity. It’s not just the “journalistic spring” that Jack Shafer predicts as the conflicts and controversies of the Trump administration prove fertile ground for investigation. It’s the opportunity to rewrite the tattered social contract between journalists and readers, Continue reading "Newsonomics: Trump may be the news industry’s greatest opportunity to build a sustainable model"

Must Reads in Media & Technology: Jan. 9

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1. It’s Time to Retire the Tainted Term ‘Fake News’ (Margaret Sullivan / Washington Post)

  1. How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart (Pagan Kennedy / New York Times)

  2. Russian Hackers Find Ready Bullhorns in the Media (Max Fischer / New York Times)

4. Why Some Publishers Are Sticking with Medium, For Now (Benjamin Mullin / Poynter)

  1. ‘The Model Can Really Work Well’: The Case for Ad-Driven Media (Ross Benes / Digiday)

6. Under its New CEO, New York Magazine is Branching Out Into More “Voice-y News Products” (Laura Hazard Owen / Nieman Lab)


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Coca-Cola is Trying to Convince You Coke Goes Well With Paella and Sushi

shutterstock_281282999Soda is out. Foodie culture has taken over and as people’s palates become more sophisticated, they’re drinking less and less soda. Coca-Cola is trying to combat that with a new initiative that aims to show that Coke goes with everything. According to the Associated Press, The company made a TV ad that features a young couple drinking Coke while they make paella. Food bloggers are also now doing paid posts that feature the product next to fancier items.
Typically, when we think of Coca-Cola, we think of pizza and hamburgers. An online ad on Vox Media’s sites claims, Continue reading "Coca-Cola is Trying to Convince You Coke Goes Well With Paella and Sushi"

Burger King Got Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro to do its Commercial for Cheesy Tots, and it’s Everything

Those of us who were alive and of film watching age in 2004 will forever associate tater tots with the movie Napoloeon Dynamite. Also “dang quesadillas,” llamas, ligers, and the days of “chatting online with babes all day.” via GIPHY Burger King is now bringing back its cheesy tots for a limited time, and they tapped the stars of the cult classic for their new commercial, and everything about it is pretty much amazing. Though it’s been a long time, not much has changed between Napoleon and Pedro. [image via screen grab]