Fox & Friends‘s Brian Kilmeade Hits Trump Economy: $21 Trillion in Debt ‘Bothers Me’

During one of Fox & Friends‘ regular moments touting President Donald Trump‘s booming economy, co-host Brian Kilmeade offered a notable fact check. After a restaurant patron in Florida told Steve Doocy that the current economy was the best of his lifetime, co-host Ainsley Earhart noted, “that’s pretty strong!” “Probably true,” reliable Trump booster Pete Hegseth said. “Except for the $21 trillion in debt,” Kilmeade deadpanned. “That kind of bothers me.” “Well that’s a whole thing,” Hegseth said. “You can only take care of one thing at a time, Brian.” “What’s one more trillion!” Earhardt joked. Trump’s tax plan and and massive budget spending deal from earlier this year ensured his administration amassed $1 trillion in debt by March. In August, the U.S. passed the $21.3 trillion mark, and the national deficit rose to $1.2 trillion in the fiscal year. Watch above, via Fox News.

Ainsley Earhardt Walks Back Her Earlier Report That Trump Considering Manafort Pardon

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt broke some news on Hannity Wednesday night when she said President Donald Trump told her that he “would consider” pardoning Paul Manafort, his former campaign chief found guilty on eight counts and faces 80 years in prison. Here’s a transcript of Earhardt’s comments on Hannity Wednesday night:
Earhardt: He mentioned pardoning Manafort. Hannity: He did mention pardoning Manafort? Earhardt: He did. He said that he would consider that. He feels I think — I think he feels bad for Manafort.
In her actual interview with Trump that aired on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, which Fox News told Mediaite was aired unedited, Earhardt asked the president about a Manafort pardon and he simply said he has “great respect” for Manafort. Earhardt appeared to walk back her characterization of Trump’s comments on Fox & Friends. “He never said he was going to pardon Continue reading "Ainsley Earhardt Walks Back Her Earlier Report That Trump Considering Manafort Pardon"

Trump on Legal Issues: I Get ‘Good Information by Watching a Number of Shows’

In the first year of the Trump administration, there was something of a debate about how much television that President Donald Trump watched. Critics claimed that he was too obsessed with news coverage  (reportedly watching eight hours a day), while he denied that he even had time to watch television, despite the fact that an inordinate amount of his tweets were critical of cable news programming. Well in year two of his time in the White House, it appears that Mr. Trump is now more willing to admit his predilection for television viewing, which was revealed in Fox News exclusive interview with Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt. When asked about the legal problems of the now-former attorney for Trump Organization Michael Cohen, the Commander-in-Chief claimed that what is being alleged is not a crime. “By the way, he pled to two counts which aren’t a crime which Continue reading "Trump on Legal Issues: I Get ‘Good Information by Watching a Number of Shows’"

Trump on Impeachment: ‘Markets Would Crash’ and ‘Everybody Would Be Very Poor’

The midterm elections are roughly 11 weeks away, and the issue of impeaching President Donald Trump has become a talking point, especially on conservative-friendly media outlets. The GOP appears to be thinking that if they can successfully make the midterms a referendum on impeachment, they can do better, though the vast majority of Democrats have tamped down impeachment talk instead claiming that the Mueller investigation should first run its course. This became a topic of conversation in Fox News exclusive with Ainsley Earhardt, who asked the President if he believes the Democrats will try to impeach him. His elliptical reply can best be summed up with  “I don’t know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job. ” He added that if he ever got impeached “I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking, you would see — Continue reading "Trump on Impeachment: ‘Markets Would Crash’ and ‘Everybody Would Be Very Poor’"

Trump Blames Justice Dept. Corruption Under Obama; Again Blames Sessions

President Donald Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt yesterday on a day that followed what many agree to be the most difficult day of news for the embattled president. After discussing the plea deal made by Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen that directly implicated Trump, Earhard asked if he was considering pardoning his former Campaign Chair, Paul Manafort, who had recently been found guilty of eight charges of banking and tax fraud. Trump often answers in an what is charitably called an elliptical manner, filled with short run-on clauses. Critics might see his response as rambling and unfocused. A rough transcript is below, but his answer about Manafort quickly turned to Hillary Clinton’s issues, John Podesta, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Earhardt noted that “a lot of people are frustrated with the DOJ and Jeff Sessions,” then asked if Trump plans on firing Continue reading "Trump Blames Justice Dept. Corruption Under Obama; Again Blames Sessions"

Trump Considering Pardon For Paul Manafort, Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt Says

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt said on Hannity Wednesday night that President Donald Trump will consider pardoning Paul Manafort. Sean Hannity — interviewing Earhardt after her interview with the president that is set to air tomorrow morning on Fox & Friends — asked if Trump was more angry at his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen than Paul Manafort. Earhardt replied: “He mentioned pardoning Manafort.” “He did mention pardoning Manafort?” Hannity asked. “He did,” she replied. “He said he considered that. He feels I think — I think he feels bad for Manafort. They were friends, he didn’t work for him for very long. Worked for him for basically 100 days. The president didn’t know about all of this tax stuff. He wouldn’t know about that.” Earhardt’s full interview with the president will air on Fox & Friends Thursday morning.

Trump Says Hush Money Payments to Women Came From Him, Not Campaign

President Donald Trump denied that the hush money payments to women arranged by his lawyer Michael Cohen came from his 2016 campaign, claiming they instead came from himself. Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt sat down for an exclusive interview with the president in the wake of Cohen implicating the president in crimes, stating Trump directed him to payoff the women — porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal — during the 2016 campaign. Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violations as a result of those payments. In the interview, set to air in full Thursday morning, Trump claimed that he only found out about the payments later on. That’s in contradiction to Cohen’s statement in court, as well as the recording released by Cohen that shows Trump speaking about the payments in September 2016. “Later on I knew,” Trump said on Fox & Friends. “Later on.” Trump Continue reading "Trump Says Hush Money Payments to Women Came From Him, Not Campaign"