Twitter Skewers Ann Coulter Over Sad Tweet About Dying Alone

Ann Coulter courts controversy better than just about anyone, having almost invented the “say crazy things that get people to hate you” mode of attaining fame. Still, despite the occasional loony things that spew from her poison pen and mouth, she is a person, a living being with feelings. Her latest tweet has people wondering, is this person, this living being with feelings, broken? Here it is and, beware, it’s a doozy. Coulter took Sen. Marco Rubio to task for momentarily withholding his “yes” vote on the tax bill in the strangest way possible. The words are so sad, and yet so anti-child, that it’s hard for this media writer to even
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Coulter: Hearing Allegations Against Weinstein, Other ‘Hollywood Types’ Has Been ‘A Lot of Fun’

Never one to be ignored, professional bomb thrower Ann Coulter recently made some bizarre statements regarding sexual abuse allegations lobbed at Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Coulter appeared on Good Morning Britain and was asked about Kevin Spacey and his alleged sexual assault against actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was just 14 years old. The author of In Trump We Trust said she hoped the allegations against Spacey were not true, saying “I like him as an actor.” However, Coulter seemed to turn gleeful when given the opportunity to address the larger issue of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. “I love all of the allegations coming out against all of these big Hollywood types like Harvey Weinstein,” she said. “That’s been a lot of fun.” Host Richard Madley tried to steamroll past the comments, but co-host Susanna Reid was having none of it, biding her time until Continue reading "Coulter: Hearing Allegations Against Weinstein, Other ‘Hollywood Types’ Has Been ‘A Lot of Fun’"

Ann Coulter Reportedly ‘Railed’ at Donald Trump During a Recent Private Meeting

One of the reasons Donald Trump was able to win the presidency was his ability to gather support from conservative nationalists who rallied around his Make America Great Again slogan and his campaign promises of a border wall, Muslim ban, and tougher immigration laws. One of his earliest supporters was right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter. However, since he became president, Coulter has become more and more critical of Trump and his administration for ignoring his base and not making progress on his promises. According to the New York Times, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon recently brought in Coulter to speak to the president. And it appears she gave him a piece of her mind:
Frustration among conservatives has been building for some time. Weeks ago, Mr. Bannon brought Ann Coulter, the firebrand pundit, to see Mr. Trump, according to two people briefed on the visit. Ms. Coulter railed at Continue reading "Ann Coulter Reportedly ‘Railed’ at Donald Trump During a Recent Private Meeting"

‘Terrible Mistake’: Conservative Media Not Happy With Trump’s Attacks on AG Sessions

As President Donald Trump’s war with his own attorney general reached a fever pitch Tuesday morning — with the president again taking to Twitter to bash Jeff Sessions — conservative media is lining up behind the former Alabama senator. And it’s likely Trump is keeping a watchful eye on their reactions: The Washington Post reported Monday night that the president was soliciting advice from confidantes on whether he should replace Sessions, particularly concerned with how such a move would be perceived by the right-wing media. “One person close to Trump said the president asked him about how firing Sessions ‘would play in the conservative media.’” the Post reported. “Trump also asked him whether it would help to replace Sessions ‘with a major conservative,’ the person said.” Then, after referring to Sessions as “our beleaguered A.G.” in a tweet on Monday, Trump slammed his “VERY weak position Continue reading "‘Terrible Mistake’: Conservative Media Not Happy With Trump’s Attacks on AG Sessions"

Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Airplane Rosa Parks’ Ann Coulter Over Delta Tweetstorm

On Monday night, Trevor Noah took shots at Ann Coulter over her tweetstorm about Delta Airlines. “I know that it sometimes seems like all America talks about anymore is Donald Trump, but that’s not true.” he began. “Every few weeks, we also talk about some awful thing that happened on an airplane.” Over the weekend, the outspoken conservative expressed her frustrations that the airline forced her to give up the seat she chose and paid for. She also slammed the Delta staff and the woman who ended up taking her seat. The Daily Show host said that one flyer “survived an experience so tragic” that he had to talk about it. “This is the civil rights struggle of our generation,” he continued. “How long will white women be asked to move to the back- well not the back but just slightly over two seats.” He said Continue reading "Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Airplane Rosa Parks’ Ann Coulter Over Delta Tweetstorm"

Ann Coulter Shows Us How To Perfectly Handle Airline Tyranny

The Washington Post ran a story on Monday morning titled, “Ann Coulter had to switch seats on a Delta flight. Then came the tirade.” Fully aware of the bias against Coulter, one might be curious as to just what exactly consisted of a “tirade” according to the Post? Did she throw a temper tantrum on the plane? Did she refuse to comply with flight attendants’ requests? Was there an expletive-filled rant? Or did she send out a bunch of tweets complaining about the airline’s service?

When David Dao Was Dragged Off a United Flight, Ann Coulter Called For His Deportation

For anyone tired of Donald Trump Jr. the biggest story of the weekend somehow ended up with Ann Coulter. The GOP firebrand went into an epic two-day tirade against Delta Airlines after being removed from an extra leg room seat. The imbroglio broke Twitter with partisans torn between supporting Ann Coulter or siding with a U.S. airline. While Coulter may have expected sympathy, she didn’t get much from Blue Check Twitter. While partisanship and general Coulter-hatred certainly played a role, some also likely remembered her opinions when Dr. David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight in April. As footage of the bloodied Dao being hauled down the aisles swept the Internet, Coulter took to Twitter to call for his deportation.