Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Ann Coulter for ‘Pandering to the Angry and Hateful’

Chrissy Teigen called out Ann Coulter this afternoon for not believing all the “racist, hateful” things she says and exploiting that market instead. Coulter, who wasn’t happy about President Trump‘s bipartisan immigration meeting earlier this week, said this in response to the President’s “shithole” comments: Teigen responded by saying Coulter doesn’t even believe in her own schtick:

Lindsey Graham Hits Conservative Trump Immigration Critics: His Job Is to Lead, Not ‘Sell Books’

Senator Lindsey Graham took a few shots at people like Ann Coulter who were criticizing President Trump from the right on immigration. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum showed Graham both the mockery from MSNBC and the serious criticism from Coulter last night. Graham responded, “Those folks don’t have to solve problems, the president does… His job is not to sell books, his job is not to carry a TV show, his job is to solve problems.” He praised Trump over yesterday’s public meeting and said he has the ability to finally get this issue done in a way his predecessors couldn’t. And Graham reiterated, “The difference being a radio talk show host and a TV personality and president is that as president, you’ve gotta solve problems.” Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

Pence Responds to Trump Criticism from Coulter, Tucker Carlson: We’re ‘Committed’ to Promises

Both Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson publicly slammed President Trump yesterday over his public meeting on immigration, and today Vice President Mike Pence responded. To recap: Coulter called the meeting a “DACA lovefest” before later declaring it to be the “lowest day” of Trump’s presidency. Carlson, meanwhile, was stunned by what seemed like Trump abandoning one of the biggest issues people supported him on, asking, “What was the point of running for president?” On Fox News’ The Story tonight, Martha MacCallum noted the criticisms from her colleague and Coulter and said, “Some of the President’s biggest supporters when it comes to immigration… were really––felt very betrayed by what the President said at that table yesterday, that he sort of gave the farm away on the issue.” “They felt,” she added, “that the issue of the wall and creating a border that is impenetrable and sending people back who Continue reading "Pence Responds to Trump Criticism from Coulter, Tucker Carlson: We’re ‘Committed’ to Promises"

Ann Coulter Slams Trump’s Immigration Meeting: ‘Lowest Day in the Trump Presidency’

Ann Coulter appeared with Lou Dobbs tonight on FBN to elaborate on her frustrations with President Trump‘s immigration meeting. Earlier today, she tweeted it was a “DACA lovefest,” and when Dobbs asked Coulter for her take, she said this:
“When Kevin McCarthy is the hardliner on immigration in the room, I think we can call this the lowest day in the Trump Presidency. I mean, he was clearly trying to overcome the bad press of this Michael Wolff book by showing he’s in command, but in fact what he did was fulfill every description of him in the Michael Wolff book. He doesn’t listen. He has no command of the facts. He agrees with the last person who speaks with him.”
Dobbs quickly broke in to say, “We don’t need to go through the whole damn book, it’s trash.” “No, It isn’t!” Coulter quickly said. “He Continue reading "Ann Coulter Slams Trump’s Immigration Meeting: ‘Lowest Day in the Trump Presidency’"

After Immigration Meeting, Trump Tweets ‘Our Country Needs the Security of the Wall’

President Trump is making sure everyone know where he stands after his bipartisan meeting today with Congress, and he’s doing it through Twitter.

Trump took to his favorite method of communication to tell the American people that any deal concerning the border wall “must be part of any DACA approval:”

While many people praised the president’s ability to to sit down and negotiate immigration reform with both Republicans and Democrats, some in his base were less than thrilled. Conservatives like Ann Coulter slammed the president and the appearance that he isn’t fighting hard enough for the border wall, calling the meeting a “DACA lovefest:”

Ann Coulter is Threatening Trump Over Immigration — But After Bannon, Who Cares?

As President Donald Trump held a bipartisan immigration meeting with lawmakers and reporters on Tuesday, he appeared to make a number of concessions on his typically hardline immigration stance — and one of his more vigilant supporters took notice. Ann Coulter sent out a series of tweets deriding the meeting as a “DACA lovefest” that would prove even more damaging to Trump than Michael Wolff’s explosive book on the White House (the one which reported — reliably or not — that administration officials think the president has lost his mind.) One can hardly blame Coulter for her rage. She has often stressed that a denial of amnesty for Dreamers, as well as construction of a southern border wall, are nonnegotiable. But in the meeting, Trump waffled on both: he was noncommittal on details of his long-promised wall, and even suggested he was open to a bipartisan “bill of Continue reading "Ann Coulter is Threatening Trump Over Immigration — But After Bannon, Who Cares?"

Ann Coulter Fires Off Tweetstorm Slamming Trump Over ‘DACA Lovefest’

Plenty of people were surprised by the almost-hour-long televised meeting between President Trump and members of Congress on immigration. But In Trump We Trust author Ann Coulter had a more negative reaction. Coulter live-tweeted Trump’s meeting with Democrats and Republicans and slammed the “DACA lovefest”: