Trump Says NY Times Might Have Fabricated Anonymous Op-ed: ‘Totally Corrupt’

Towards the end of his 46 minute interview with Fox & Friends, President Trump opened fire on The New York Times for the kazillionth time because of the anonymous op-ed they published weeks ago from a supposed senior official in his administration. The op-ed was a major bombshell last month since it described an internal government resistance that works to undermine Trump in certain ways while containing his volatile tendencies at other points. When asked if his administration was close to figuring out who the writer might’ve been, Trump blasted off with a “fake news media” tangent and suggested that the Times might’ve completely manufactured Anonymous by writing it up themselves.
“There is a chance – I don’t say it’s a big chance – but there is a very good chance that was written by Times and if it wasn’t, it would be a low level – thousands of Continue reading "Trump Says NY Times Might Have Fabricated Anonymous Op-ed: ‘Totally Corrupt’"

Trump Calls on Jeff Sessions to Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed Author

President Donald Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday that he wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate who wrote the anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times Wednesday. The only public information about the author is that he or she is a “senior official” in the White House. “We’re going to take a look at what he had, what he gave, what he’s talking about also where he is right now,” Trump cryptically explained to reporters. “I don’t want him in those meetings,” Trump added in regards to if the author has high-level security clearance. Trump also said he was considering taking legal action against the Times for an endangerment of “national security,” calling publishing the op-ed a “disgrace.” He also said that The New York Times‘ stock dipped slightly after Trump spoke out against the article’s publication. Trump said as much Wednesday as Continue reading "Trump Calls on Jeff Sessions to Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed Author"

O See, Can You Say

Between the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill and an anonymous op-ed from within the Trump White House, a wave of rule-bending and -breaking has crashed on Washington. This week, we explore how political decorum and popular dissent have evolved since the early days of our republic — and how the legal protections for those core freedoms could transform our future.
  1. Brooke and Bob on how best to cover the anonymous op/ed written by a "senior official in the Trump administration." Listen.
  2. Geoffrey Stone, professor of law at University of Chicago, on our evolving — and occasionally faulty — interpretations of the first amendment. And, Laura Weinrib, professor of law at University of Chicago, on how early-20th century labor struggles gave birth to our modern ideas about freedom of speech. Listen.

  3. Tim Wu [@superwuster], professor of law at Columbia University, on how the first amendment Continue reading "O See, Can You Say"

WATCH: Trump Can’t Say ‘Anonymous’

On Thursday, President Donald Trump held a rally in Montana where talk, not surprisingly, turned to the New York Times op-ed railing against his presidency and fitness for office. “The so-called resistance is angry because their horrible ideas have been rejected by the American people and it is driving them crazy,” Trump said. He then added: “They are the ones, honestly, that have been driven crazy.” Yet things went a bit awry when he tried to say “anonymous.” “The latest active resistance is the op-ed published in the failing New York Times by an anom-oni-ss, really an anom-in-iss gutless coward,” he said slurring the word “anonymous.” Moving on, the president then suggested that the op-ed author may be a woman because they say he’s a man. Watch above, via Fox News

Speculation: Who is the Anonymous White House Official Behind the ‘Resistance’ Op-Ed?

The New York Times dropped a bomb on the news cycle Wednesday afternoon when the paper published an op-ed from an anonymous, senior administration official that tells the story of resistance against Donald Trump within the White House. And everyone wants to know who it is. Speculation naturally followed immediately after publication, and internet sleuthing started with the words themselves. The premise, voiced below by an MSNBC tech reporter, is that the style or choice of words will lead inevitably to the writer. And on that line of thinking, Panoply’s Dan Bloom noted something one fairly intriguing term: “lodestar.”

CNN’s Lanny Davis Problem

Six weeks ago, CNN broke a blockbuster story: According to several anonymous sources, President Trump had advance knowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting. It was a potential smoking gun, until one of those sources — Lanny Davis, attorney for Michael Cohen — recanted. Beyond that headache for CNN, there was another. The original article had claimed, "Contacted by CNN, one of Cohen's attorneys, Lanny Davis, declined to comment." Depending on how you understand the word "comment," and depending your general disposition, that claim could be technically true or woefully, mendaciously disingenuous. Bob spoke with Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi about the implications — and dangers — of this latest media mishap. 

Crowdsourcing Justice: The Truth Behind the Steubenville Rape

Five years ago, two high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio were found responsible in juvenile court for the rape of a 16-year-old girl.  For much of the national media, that was the end of  the story — but for those in Steubenville who lived through it, the truth never caught up to the lies that spread online and the vigilante terror that resulted. A new, three-part audio documentary from Audible examines the case and the danger of crowd-sourcing justice to online activists. Bob spoke to producer Derek John who, along with Anders Kelto, reported the series for Audible’s new podcast, “Gamebreaker.”