An Australian Reporter Had the Best Trump Takedown Yet — and Twitter is Going Nuts

Donald Trump’s visit to the G20 summit in Hamburg came in for mixed reviews. Some (like Trump) felt it was an overwhelming success, while others critiqued the President for a lackluster meeting with Vladimir Putin and briefly sitting his daughter Ivanka Trump at the leader’s table alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping an British Prime Minister Theresa May. There was nothing mixed, however, about Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann’s assessment of the summit. In a blistering video for the Australian Broadcast Corporation, Uhlmann dropped the mic. “He has no desire and no capacity to lead the world,” said Uhlmann. “The G20 became the G19 as it ended.” From there, Uhlmann derided Trump for abandoning the Paris Climate Accord and chided him for missing an
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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack Near Melbourne, Australia

2017-06-06-CNN-Melbourne_Australia_ISIS ISIS has claimed responsibility for an incident on Monday near Melbourne, Australia where a gunman killed one and took a woman hostage for hours before being killed by police. Three police officers were also injured during the standoff. Reuters detailed the suspected terrorist attack in a Tuesday report. The alleged terrorist, Yacqub Khayre, had been acquitted of assisting in a 2009 plot to attack an Australian army base in Sydney. Three other men were convicted in that case. According to the wire agency, “court documents show Khayre migrated as a child with his family to Australia through a Kenyan refugee camp. He was recognized as a refugee under Australia’s humanitarian migration program and later became a citizen, police said.” After his acquittal in the 2009 case, Khayre had been “jailed in 2012 over a violent burglary in Melbourne, where he was found to have repeatedly struck a woman and Continue reading "ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack Near Melbourne, Australia"

John McCain: Vladimir Putin is a Bigger Threat Than ISIS

It’s no secret that John McCain doesn’t think much of Russia. During an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Monday, the Arizona Republican again made it clear just how he felt, saying be believed Vladimir Putin to be the “premiere” global threat today and that his continued danger to world security was a greater threat than the Islamic State. “I think he is the premiere and most important threat, more so than ISIS. I think ISIS can do terrible things … But it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election,” said McCain. “I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have.” The Russia comments were part of a nearly 30-minute interview the Senator sat for in which he also touched upon some familiar bailiwicks including the Paris Climate Accords, North Continue reading "John McCain: Vladimir Putin is a Bigger Threat Than ISIS"

3 things BuzzFeed News thinks about before sending a push alert

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump met Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in New York. While the big story in the U.S. that day was the passage of the Republican healthcare bill in the House of Representatives, the meeting was major news in Australia. As a result, BuzzFeed News decided to send an alert to its app users who have chosen to follow Australia news in its news app. The alert read: “There were some delays, but Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump finally met in person. Here’s how it went down. 👴🏻 ❤️ 👴🏻 ” Yes, it included the emoji, which has purposefully become a hallmark of the BuzzFeed News app, Brianne O’Brien, the lead news curation editor at BuzzFeed’s London office said on a panel at the ONA Dublin conference on Friday. After BuzzFeed launched its news app in 2015, two-thirds of the downloads were from
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Australia’s kid-focused newspaper Crinkling News wants to teach media literacy to young readers

Saffron Howden knew she was on the right track with Crinkling News, her Australian kid-focused weekly newspaper, within a few days of Donald Trump being elected. Even among Australian schoolchildren, there was a lot of trepidation about the implications of a Donald Trump presidency. One school introduced art therapy to help kids process their emotions. The uncertainty that kids felt in November — much of which persists among both the young and not-so-young — underscored Howden’s initial motivation a year ago to create a newspaper written for the country’s young news consumers, ages 7 to 15. The world can be a scary place, she argues, and the country’s largest media companies were doing a poor job of explaining things in a way that kids could understand. “I was hearing a lot of stories from parents about how their kids really wanted to read the newspaper, but the parents felt like
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Trump: ‘Of Course the Australians Have Better Healthcare Than We Do –– Everybody Does’

donald trump Yesterday President Donald Trump told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that his country has “better health care than we do.” When Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders filled in for Sean Spicer today, she was asked about those remarks and said, “The president was complimenting a foreign leader on the operations of their health care system and it didn’t mean anything more than that.” She added, “He believes that they have a good health care system for Australia.” President Trump elaborated this afternoon that the reason he said Australia has better health care than we do is because “everybody does”: [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac