Trump: Paris Terror Attack Will ‘Probably Help’ Marine Le Pen in Election

donald-trump-1 President Trump expanded upon his earlier tweet about how the terror attack in Paris––the attack that resulted in the death of one police officer––would have a “big effect” on the upcoming French presidential election. In an interview with the Associated Press, Trump did not go so far as to endorse Marine Le Pen, but he did say the attack may boost her chances:
President Donald Trump says he believes Thursday’s attack in Paris will “probably help” far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s upcoming election… because she’s the candidate who is “strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France.”
The AP report also notes that the president added “he’s not worried about emboldening terrorists by saying an attack can have an impact on a democratic election.” After Trump won in November, Le Pen told CNN, “Donald Trump Continue reading "Trump: Paris Terror Attack Will ‘Probably Help’ Marine Le Pen in Election"

FLASHBACK: LGBT Activists Flipped Off Reagan’s White House Portrait in 2012

2017-04-20-CNN-TL-Kid_Rock_Palin_Nugent Liberal commentators predictably hammered Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock over their trolling photo in front of Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait on Wednesday. The left’s reaction on Twitter to the dinner guests of President Donald Trump varied from a lecturing tone to straight fire-breathing. CNN’s Ana Navarro asserted on Friday that the trio’s pose was “immature, childish, foolish, and to be expected from that crowd.” The pundit Continue reading "FLASHBACK: LGBT Activists Flipped Off Reagan’s White House Portrait in 2012"

Fox News Contributor, Kevin Jackson: Black Shooter Killing White Men is ‘Legacy of Obama’

During an appearance this morning on Fox & Friends, Fox News contributor and conservative talk radio host Kevin Jackson used the recent racially motivated shooting in Fresno to take aim at former President Barack Obama and liberals in general. Speaking to co-host Steve Doocy, Jackson was asked about the Fresno police stating that the shooting was motivated simply by race and wasn’t a terrorist incident, despite the shooter yelling “Allahu akbar” during the killings. (Kori Ali Muhammad, a 39-year-old black man, shot and killed three white men during the Tuesday rampage.) “It’s a typical sort of narrative of the left to say pick one,” Jackson noted. “They’re saying pick one. You can’t have terror and you can’t have race at the same time.” ‘The Black Sphere’ host went on to state that this is a “trick” by liberals to force the public to pick Continue reading "Fox News Contributor, Kevin Jackson: Black Shooter Killing White Men is ‘Legacy of Obama’"

DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison Offers Stunning Critique of Obama: ‘Could Have Been a Better Party Leader’

In the wake of an election in which the Democratic party lost the White House and failed to take the Senate, newly-minted DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison offered some shocking criticism of President Barack Obama‘s tenure as the de facto head of the party. During an event Wednesday at the University of Minnesota, Ellison was asked by moderator Rachel Stassen-Berger whether he thinks Obama “was responsible for some of the failures of 2016.” “Yeah, he was,” Ellison said. Ellison made clear his admiration for Obama’s work as the nation’s chief executive. But as the country’s highest-ranking Democrat, Ellison believes Obama could have accomplished more. “Barack Obama could have been a better party leader,” Ellison said. “And I think that the fact that he wasn’t has put his legacy in jeopardy.” Specifically, the new DNC Vice Chair called Obama out for not campaigning harder during the midterm elections Continue reading "DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison Offers Stunning Critique of Obama: ‘Could Have Been a Better Party Leader’"

‘I’d Rather Have Obama Back’: Mike Huckabee Rages at Comcast on Twitter

huckabee Maybe it was an airline. Maybe it was the cable guy. At some point in your life, no matter what it was about, you used your Twitter account to complain about a company (possibly in the hope that they would see your anger and DM you an offer of free stuff). Mike Huckabee is just like you! You are just like Mike Huckabee! He complains about cable service online, too!

‘Total Failure’: Trump Slams Obama Foreign Policy in New Tweet

President Donald Trump revisited his past broadsides against his predecessor’s foreign policy in a Monday morning post on Twitter. As he has in the past, the President also tagged Fox and Friends, and appeared to be reacting to a segment from earlier in the program with Michael J. Knowles. Knowles is the author of “Reasons To Vote For Democrats,” a book that consists of nothing but 266 blank pages. Trump endorsed Knowles’ book in another Tweet Monday morning. You can watch the relevant portion of the Knowles segment from Fox and Friends above. [image via screengrab]

Chris Wallace: Trump Shows ‘Willingness to Project American Force’ We Didn’t See With Obama

Fox News’ Chris Wallace observed this afternoon, in reaction to the massive bomb the United States dropped on ISIS territory in Afghanistan, that Donald Trump is showing a “willingness to project American force” that we “certainly didn’t see” under his predecessor. “As opposed to Barack Obama,” Wallace said, “[Trump is] willing to project and very comfortable projecting the use of U.S. force anywhere he feels is necessary.” He did note that this is “a surprise” to many in D.C. given how vocal Trump was about “not wanting to get involved overseas in foreign entanglements.” Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac