Bill O’Reilly Will Not Let This Tom Hanks Thing Go

Bill O’Reilly continued his not-at-all personal attack on Tom Hanks again last night, bringing on retired Lieutenant Colonel and Fox analyst Ralph Peters to discuss why Hanks has to “inject racism” into his new mini-series about the War Against Terror in Hanks’ new mini-series with Steven Spielberg, The Pacific. And this has nothing to do with last week, when Tom Hanks made fun of Fox News Italy, as evidenced by the fact that O’Reilly still continues to insist that Hanks is both a patriot and a pinhead.

Best: Peters: “In the Pacific, we responded to savagery with ruthlessness of our own, and we won. In the War Against Terror, we’ve responded with lawyers, and we’re not doing so well.” Maybe that’s because it takes a team of lawyers to figure out exactly who the enemy is in our “War Against Terror.” Is it the Islamist Jihads? Al-Qaeda? Are they in Afghanistan? Iraq? It’s like saying the War on Drugs didn’t succeed because we didn’t respond with enough ruthless savagery of our own.

Tonight’s O’Reilly Segment Today: Former NYT Editor Blasts Fox News

Former New York Times executive editor Howell Raines takes to the Washington Post op-ed page today to blast Fox News – and the rest of the media.

His main quibble boils down to the fact that Fox News isn’t news at all, and everyone is afraid to call out Fox CEO Roger Ailes and the network as a whole.

Here’s some from Raines:

Why has our profession, through its general silence — or only spasmodic protest — helped Fox legitimize a style of journalism that is dishonest in its intellectual process, untrustworthy in its conclusions and biased in its gestalt? The standard answer is economics, as represented by the collapse of print newspapers and of audience share at CBS, NBC and ABC. Some prominent print journalists are now cheering Rupert Murdoch, the head of News Corp. (which owns the Fox network) for his alleged commitment to print, as evidenced by his willingness to lose money on the New York Post and gamble the overall profitability of his company on the survival of the Wall Street Journal. This is like congratulating museums for preserving antique masterpieces while ignoring their predatory methods of collecting.

Of course, FNC had a response. Here’s what a spokesperson told Mediaite:

We find it ironic that Howell is dispensing advice to other journalists after he nearly single handedly destroyed the journalistic credibility of the New York Times.

Related: Jayson Blair backstory.

Apparently Raines has had it out for Fox News and Ailes for a while. Newsbusters has more on the history between the two sides.

Of course, the battle between the New York Times and Fox News has had several incarnations, with top host Bill O’Reilly never shies away from the Gray Lady, and the Times now has someone in charge of keeping tabs on FNC (sort of).

Raines brings it all around with:

As for Fox News, lots of people who know better are keeping quiet about what to call it. Its news operation can, in fact, be called many things, but reporters of my generation, with memories and keyboards, dare not call it journalism.

This sort of across-the-board generalization about what ‘Fox News is’ makes journalistic presumptuousness even more prevalent than actual journalism.

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Bill O’Reilly Defends Lesbian Couple’s Kids In Catholic School Controversy

Even though we’ve noticed it before, we still find Bill O’Reilly’s transformation to a more moderate and inclusive news analyst somewhat remarkable. The latest example of tolerance demonstrated by Fox News’ alpha male is his defense of the two preschool-aged children of a Lesbian couple, who were recently expelled from a Boulder-area Catholic preschool. He even got into it with Fox contributor — and Catholic Priest — Father Jonathan Morris, which made for and interesting visual: the proud Irish-Catholic O’Reilly getting into it with a man of the cloth.

O’Reilly opened his “Unresolved Problem” segment saying “A controversial situation in Bolder, Colorado…Authorities at the Sacred Heart of Jesus School expelled a preschool and kindergartner because their parents are Lesbians. As a Roman Catholic myself, that seems to be a bit harsh, and I don’t know if Jesus would have made the same call. Kids have no power over who their parents are.

National Enquirer Editor: John Edwards Indictment Could Be Soon!

The National Enquirer really hit a grand slam in 2008 with their Rielle Hunter/John Edwards story: not only did it bring some previously unthought-of prestige to the tabloid (they’re up for a Pulitzer!) for uncovering the affair, but now Edwards may actually be indicted by a grand jury for diverting political campaign funds for both Hunter and hush money. Now we’re talking not just a politician’s love-life, we’re talking federal charges. Enquirer Executive Editor Barry Levine was on Bill O’Reilly tonight to discuss.

So Edwards has appeared secretly before the grand jury already? So what’s the big…oh, this time we’ll get to see it on TV/read about it in the Enquirer. Got it.

Last Night’s Factor: Barbara Walters Sick Of Movie Stars, O’Reilly Sick Of Tom Hanks

There is no doubt that Hollywood has changed drastically since the golden era of MGM and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: with the rise of perceived celebrity accessibility through new mediums like Twitter and gossip blogs, there is a rare actor that can still bring in audiences while maintaining their privacy. Bill O’Reilly had Barbara Walters on The Factor so they could lament about the death of the true Hollywood star…but since that wasn’t political enough, Bill then turned it around and started attacking Tom Hanks for making a joke at Fox’s expense on MSNBC.

Babs complaining about the death of Hollywood and being “sick of celebrities”:

Bill O’Reilly “respects” Tom Hanks, even though he’s a “political sniper:”

The only reason O’Reilly is giving Hanks a pass is because he was such a huge fan of The DaVinci Code. But honestly…it seems a little strange to talk about the death of the classy Hollywood actor and then pick on Tom Hanks, who, for his 30+ years in film has kept a pretty low profile, tabloid-wise. Sure, he might have his political beef, but are you telling us that in the 60s 50s, during the friggin’ McCarthy era, that Hollywood stars weren’t all running around pointing fingers at their friends for being American traitors and picking political battles? Nostalgia wears rosy glasses, and O’Reilly and Walters might want to find some new shades.

Bernie Goldberg On O’Reilly: ‘No Original Ideas Coming Out Of The Network News’

Former CBS correspondent Bernie Goldberg was on The Factor tonight promoting his new book “A Slobbering Love Affair” (not the good kind), and helping Bill O’Reilly lament the fall of network news. “These guys who run the three networks think their title is President of the News Division,” said the man who once wrote a book called 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (90 percent liberals, apparently), “their real title is “funeral director.”

Later on in the segment, Goldberg goes on to say that each of networks’ news directors are “not men of ideas.” Sean McManus might have a couple of harsh words to say back to his network’s former employee when he gets the chance.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer!

The walking dead have apparently taken over publishing (and no, I don’t mean the corporate suits who are increasingly running the show). First there was (the very successful) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which zombieified Pride and Prejudice. Now comes Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Not kidding! The walking dead are the new Hilter mashups of the publishing world.

Actually, it sort of sounds like a scene from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure gone awry, but we’re game. Here’s the premise. Continue reading "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer!"