Rep. Michelle Bachmann Suspects That TV Hosts Are Stalking Her

Picture 10Last night Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and was told by the host that she is “second to Sarah Palin in far left angst…they’re after you now.” Bachmann responded by saying “it’s almost like I have personal stalkers, only they have TV shows” explaining that they are on a competing cable network (hint – it’s MSNBC). Bachmann also suspects that MSNBC has a “stereotype for women” in which she does not fit into.

Bachmann’s full quote: “I think it happened with a competing cable network that took an interest in me, and it’s only grown,” she responds. “Now, it’s almost like I have personal stalkers, only they have TV shows, so it’s kind of an interesting phenomenon.”

Dennis Miller Honors FNC B-Day By Dissing MSNBC, CNN and Glenn Beck?

Picture 9Bill O’Reilly had regular guest Dennis Miller on last night to discuss/celebrate the 13th anniversary of Fox News. And in what seemed a strange road analogy, Miller took predictable swipes at the cable news competition. But even stranger was that Miller also called out the extreme views of FNC hosts Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. A vexed O’Reilly quickly defended his co-horts.

Comparing cable news to a long stretch of highway Miller said that “on the left lane, MSNBC has gone completely over the shoulder, over the breastplate, over the hip, over the knee…they are so far out there now that quite frankly Magellan and OnStar can’t locate them.”

On CNN, Miller opined “They’ve been around the longest…they are sort of like that old faded yellow line down the middle of the road. Periodically a rumble strip breaks out for the elections or the debates or something like that, but by and large, but people know it, they’re familiar with it…but if they flip right through it and see Wolf Blitzer, they might think they’re watching a Hunt for Red October because he looks like the U-Boat commander.” (Explaining a joke is never a proud moment for a comedian.)

On the Fox News Channel, Miller said “Now on the right side — granted, now I believe that Fox is in the right lane, but you still got rubber on the road! Hannity’s gone off road, and Beck, he’s way down the road, but for the most part you, Cavuto, Greta, Bret… you still got rubber on the road! And I think credibility is like a baseball diamond in a cornfield – if you build it they will come.”

For his part, O’Reilly appeared to be none too pleased by the candid assessment of FNC’s right-lane position, and immediately fired back. “Now I disagree with you in two ways there” he said. “Hannity represents the Republican party – he’s a Reagan Republican, so the Republicans are going to watch Sean. And there’s nothing wrong with having someone on the air that represents the Republican party. But he’s not off the rails anywhere, he’s a Republican.”

“Beck is successful, fabulously successful, because he’s just a guy! He’s not a journalist, he’s a guy. The first time we’ve ever had a guy, all right? He doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a guy, who loves his country he says ‘everyday, I’m going to tell you what I think. It may not be what you think, but its just from me.’ People want to watch people that they identify with, and they identify with beck”

The back and forth starts around the 1:35 mark.

Bill O’Reilly Asks If ACORN Voter Fraud Got Al Franken Elected

Picture 7Last night Bill O’Relly surmised that voter fraud perpetuated by ACORN may have been the reason why Al Franken was elected US Senator from Minnesota. An interview with guest Laura Ingraham started with O’Reilly admitting that “(he) despises Al Franken” because he’s a “dishonest man.” After raising the specter of Franken’s fraudulent election, O’Reilly quickly claimed it was unfair to make that claim, just ask the question.

Turning Point? Lindsey Graham Slams Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly

Picture 4Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham Thursday blamed the lack of civility in today’s political discourse on 24-hour news cycle, talk radio and voters’ electing confrontational politicians to office. But he saved some of his best shots at Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

During a conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg at The First Draft of History (a conference in Washington, D.C. produced by The Atlantic, the Newseum and The Aspen Institute), Lindsey Graham slammed some very popular (and powerful) members of the media. Imagining if the Framers had to write the Constitution today, Graham speculated that host Bill O’Reilly would complain that “Ben Franklin [is] giving in on something.”

Asked what he thinks of another Fox News personality, Glenn Beck, Graham replied, “Only in America can you make that much money crying,” adding that Beck is “not aligned with any party as far as I can tell. He’s aligned with cynicism. And there’s always been a market for cynicism.”

“But we became a great nation not because we are a nation of cynics. We became a great nation because we are a nation of believers,” he added.

On the issue of whether he agreed with President Jimmy Carter’s assessment that much of the criticism towards President Obama of is rooted in racism, Graham said, “I don’t think so. There are people in this country that are having a hard time reconciling the fact that we have a black president,” he acknowledged.

Goldberg Calls Out Fox News Hosts ‘Pretending To Be Journalists’…On Fox News

goldberg_9-30Something happened on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor last night that rarely occurs in cable news – criticism of a network, on that network. FNC Contributor and weekly Factor guest Bernie Goldberg was on with Bill O’Reilly, and played the role of ombudsman.

The conversation highlighted the main criticism with Fox News and their opinion ‘journalists’, while also showing what separates O’Reilly from his fellow FNC hosts.

O’Reilly started the segment with a premise: “Never in the history of broadcasting in this country has one network, Fox News Channel, been attacked been attacked so unrelentingly as this one has. Why?”

Goldberg had three reasons: conservative, successful, provocative. He called the attacks “by and large, it’s not legitimate.” But! “Sometimes Fox brings on the criticism itself,” he said. “They don’t cover rallies and tea parties, they cheerlead for rallies and tea parties, and as a journalist I’m totally against that.”

Goldberg continued later. “They pretend to be a journalist, and at the same time they’re saying, ‘I’m not a journalist,’” he said. “They go on the air after they give their opinions, which is fine with me, they then state as facts things that aren’t facts at all.”

“That’s legitimate, and that should be criticized,” said O’Reilly. (For what it’s worth, they both agree personal attacks should be out of bounds.)

NEXT: What, and who, Goldberg was referring to.

Who’s To Blame For The “Kill Obama” Poll On Facebook?

tp-facebook-306-2560522What’s scarier: A Facebook poll asking people if President Barack Obama should be killed (with the response options: “yes”, “maybe”, “if he cuts my health care”, and “no”), or the fact that over 730 people voted?

The offensive poll, which was hosted by a third party “Facebook Poll Application”, was removed the day after it appeared on mini-feeds across the land, followed up by the creator of the application posting these facts about himself along with an open-ended Q&A in an effort to tame the beast, so to speak.

The facts, which include that he has been an “Obama supporter for a long time,” also reiterate the idea that Facebook should not have any blame in the ordeal, but rather that it was simply the medium through which he created the polling application.

An idea echoed throughout the political blogosphere in a time when even the death of an iconic American like Senator Ted Kennedy can trigger vicious commenter backlash like “Hells awaiting”, the concept of respect on the Internet is called into question.

And while some in the media like to believe that it’s the actual websites who are spewing the hate, is it really the backwards hateful (KKK-esque) agendas of these website/blogs? Or is it something far scarier than that: the actual users?

Like Jose Antonio Vargas posted on the Huffington Post yesterday, “All the Internet does is reflect–and amplify –human behavior.”

It’s a frightening thought but as Media Matters pointed out after the O’Reilly/ Daily Kos debacle over the death of White House press secretary, Tony Snow, it was the comments which were hate filled, not the content.

So as the “user problem” grows, will it just further the generational divide between those familiar with unfettered interactive communications and those who aren’t? Or is it possible to find a happy medium for these mediums?

Bill O’Reilly Expresses Serious Interest in Pres. Obama’s Stones

Picture 8Man, it takes a big set of stones to be President of the United States. But those stones are nothing compared to the stones you need to fight terror in the farthest reaches of the globe. Needless to say, Obama’s stones don’t hearten Laura Ingraham.

Bill O’Reilly: Do you believe that President Obama — if all else fails — has the stones to either launch military action against iran or let israel do it?

Laura Ingraham: I, I don’t think, I don’t think — from what i heard today from his speech at the end of the day at the G20 when he was asked about Iran … what he said to the reporter was ‘hey, this isn’t a football game, I’m not interested in victory,’ and he went on to talk about the process and how he wants results. What do you mean you’re not interested in victory?! you’re interested in victory over those who seek to use terror as means of influence around the world. And so when i heard him say that was I heartened? No, I was not heartened.