Stephen Colbert and Bob Odenkirk Switch Places For Their Newest Project: Late Show: The Movie

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Despite the fact that Stephen Colbert and Bob Odenkirk may be two of the biggest names in comedy today, the two stage and screen vets each have their comedic origins firmly planted in sketch comedy. Colbert was a resident of the Second City Mainstage in Chicago before debuting on The Dana Carvey Show, while Odenkirk cut his teeth and rose to fame early on as half of the illustrious Mr. Show duo. So it should be no surprise to see Colbert and Odenkirk of Better Call Saul dig into their full-on sketch comedy backgrounds for a wackily heightened bit last night on The Late Show in the sort of segment we rarely see play out on late night comedy today. The two played off a desk segment where Odenkirk was promoting his latest project — titled “Late Show: The Movie” — where he plays host Stephen Colbert himself. The Continue reading "Stephen Colbert and Bob Odenkirk Switch Places For Their Newest Project: Late Show: The Movie"

David Cross Does Black Face in W/ Bob & David Skit About Police Brutality

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Comedian due Bob Odenkirk and David Cross‘s Mr. Show followup, W/ Bob & David, is coming to Netflix later this month. To promote the new special, Netflix released a five-minute skit in which Cross’s character goes in black face to test the limits of a police check point. Titled “Know Your Rights,” the skit combines shoddy title graphics, public domain clips, and a car equipped with cameras to help Gilvin Daughtry (Cross) of “CITIZENS AGAINST UNLAWFUL ABUSE” help viewers find out what’s needed to avoid police brutality. The resulting skit looks like a nicer-looking version of the usual rigmarole one can find in the political depths of YouTube. This is supposed to be satire, of course, so Daughtry’s initial encounter with an officer played by Key & Peele alum Keegan-Michael Key results in no brutality. Nada. Not even any verbal aggression. To get the results he wants, Cross’s Continue reading "David Cross Does Black Face in W/ Bob & David Skit About Police Brutality"

Must-See Late Night Clip: Kimmel and Bob Odenkirk Mock Fallon’s Games

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Jimmy Fallon may be on vacation this week, but that doesn’t mean late night TV is completely free of stupid games. Last night, during his interview with Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy Kimmel invited the actor to play a fun new game called “Heatherball,” which is just like tetherball except the ball has a picture of Heather Graham’s face on it. “I completely get it, and it’s a wonderful idea, but I don’t want to play it,” Odenkirk said. “Can’t we just talk?” From there, he got his publicist on the phone and complained that Kimmel was making him do something to which he had never agreed. No, the two men never actually mentioned Fallon by name, but it was clear what they were up to. Watch video below, via ABC: [Photo via screengrab] — —
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New Breaking Bad Spin-Off Clip Reveals How Saul Met Mike

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As the start date for Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul approaches, eager fans are snapping up every tidbit they can get. Which made the latest clip released online this weekend all the more delicious. In the short scene from the series, which will take place before the events involving Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, we learn how Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman came to meet Jonathan Banks’ Mike Ehrmantraut.
These 60 seconds really tell you all you need to know about how their business relationship works. Watch video below, via AMC: [Photo via screengrab] – –
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Breaking Bad Spin-Off Better Call Saul Gets First Teaser, Release Date

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Over the weekend, AMC quietly released the first footage from the network’s upcoming, highly-anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk as shady lawyer Saul Goodman. The short clip below, in which the title character can be seen comparing retaining a lawyer to having health insurance, aired on AMC, but has not been officially released online. Last month, AMC announced that the show’s timeline would overlap with that of Breaking Bad’s making it something other than a traditional prequel as it was originally described. “One of the great things about having a time line which is flexible is that perhaps some of it takes place before Breaking Bad, during Breaking Bad, and after Breaking Bad. That gives us the ability to bring back characters that were killed on Breaking Bad,” executive producer Peter Gould told the New York Daily News. Jonathan Banks, who played Mike Ehrmantraut on the original show will be joining Better Call Saul as a series regular and Bryan Cranston has hinted that his Walter White could show up in a cameo as well. Cranston also plans to serve as director for at least one episode of the new show, telling The Daily Beast, “It’s family. They’ve got the same crew, and it’s exciting to think that we can rekindle that flame; that it’s still alive.” According to the new promo, Better Call Saul will debut in February 2015. Watch video below:
[Photo via screengrab] – –
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TV Reporter Has No Idea He’s Interviewing a Star of FX Show He’s Covering

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Pro-tip: If you’re going to cover the filming of a high-profile TV series in your hometown, you might want to do some research on one of the show’s famous recurring cast members. Or maybe not; because this makes for some pretty special video. Comedian/actor Bob Odenkirk was on his way to lunch in Calgary during a break from shooting FX’s dark comedy Fargo, when Global News reporter Gil Tucker stopped him to ask questions. “What do you see over here, eh?” Tucker asked Odenkirk, who coolly responded, “We’re shooting the show.” “You working with them?” Tucker inquired. “Oh, yeah, I’m an actor,” Odenkirk said, continuing to subtly mimic a Canadian accent. The conversation continued on for a few minutes, before Odenkirk said he had to get lunch and turned to leave. “Oh, hey, what’s your name?” Tucker asked, as is standard procedure for man-on-street interviews. “Bob.” Watch below, via Global News: [h/t Uproxx] – –
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Better Call Saul: AMC Announces Breaking Bad Prequel Spinoff

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Bummed-out fans of American Movie Classics’ Belize-bound Breaking Bad saga have reason to rejoice today, as AMC and Sony have announced production of a spinoff series that will focus on the pre-Walter White adventures of crooked lawyer Saul Goodman, portrayed by Bob Odenkirk. The announcement helps to ease the pain of Breaking Bad‘s imminent finale, and offers a ray of hope to an AMC that will also find itself bereft of Mad Men.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“As conceived, the new series is based on the show’s popular Saul Goodman character with the working title Better Call Saul,” the studio and network confirmed in a joint statement, adding: “plans call for Saul to be a one-hour prequel that will focus on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character [played by Bob Odenkirk] before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer.”

The series will star Odenkirk, with writer/producerPeter Gould set to run the effort as it was Gould who created the character back in season. Bad creator Vince Gilligan, who conceived of the spin-off with Gould, will remain involved, and noted in late July that it was his “fervent wish” that the spinoff  move forward. At that time, Odenkirk added: “I’d do it in a second.” A formal series order won’t come until Gould, Gilligan and Odenkirk have deals finalized, a topic for which the network and studio declined comment.

AMC also announced the cancellation of The Killing, which alienated audiences by drawing out its first season mystery into a second season, and was unable to attrct viewers in its tighter, grittier third season.

Introduced in Breaking Bad‘s second season, the Saul Goodman character was almost killed by the series’ two protagonists, but went on to become their attorney and assistant criminal mastermind. Like many of the show’s characters, Saul’s low-rent defense attorney could have become a one-note stock annoyance if not for the show’s impeccable writing, and Odenkirk’s surprisingly modulated performance. Time will tell if this turns into Frasier, or AfterMASH.

For the uninitiated, here’s an AMC-produced commercial for Saul’s law practice:

[photo via screengrab]

Samsung’s Super Bowl Ad Leaves Apple Alone

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Samsung used to spend a lot of money making fun of the iPhone and its fans – just like Apple used to do with Microsoft. And people really liked those ads.

But now the guy who pushed that campaign has gone over to Google. And Samsung’s new spot doesn’t even bother to tease the competition. Here’s the company’s Apple-less Super Bowl spot (remember, you no longer have to wait to see the game if you want to watch the ads):

Peter Kafka Patented Snap Judgement Review: Bob Odenkirk, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are all awesome. But they’re more awesome when they’re not doing this stuff for a sponsor.