Jake Tapper and Sebastian Gorka Trade Barbs on Twitter

Jake Tapper traded barbs with Sebastian Gorka on Twitter Monday, over the deputy White House assistant’s request for the CNN anchor to host a debate between him and Ben Rhodes. Gorka had requested to debate Rhodes, who served as former President Obama’s foreign policy adviser, on Twitter, a debate he would like to be moderated by Tapper. When asked by a Twitter user if Tapper and Rhodes had accepted his offer for a debate, Gorka said there was “COMPLETE radio silence” from the two. And Tapper clapped back, replying on Twitter that he “reached out and [is] awaiting an answer.” “[Most] of us don’t have as much free time as you seem to,” Tapper added. Gorka has yet to respond to Tapper’s snipe.

‘I Love The Media!’ Republican Lawmakers Defy Trump on Press Bashing

Republican lawmakers are rejecting President Donald Trump’s war on the media, as reported in a new Buzzfeed story. “You’ve read a lot about the Republican war on what Donald Trump calls fake news,” Buzzfeed’s Alexis Levinson writes. “But here’s the thing: For many Republicans, it’s a phony war too.” Buzzfeed interviewed a number of Republican’s on Capitol Hill about their thoughts on the American media, and found that GOP lawmakers don’t hesitate to tout the value of a free and open press. “I love the media!” said pro-Trump Rep. Mark Meadows, who is the chairman of the staunchly conservative House Freedom Caucus. “I mean, y’all are real people, and I’m a real person and you’ve got a job to do and my thing is, provide you access, provide clarity, be direct, be honest, and trust in the integrity of the reporters that are covering you,” he said. Continue reading "‘I Love The Media!’ Republican Lawmakers Defy Trump on Press Bashing"

Expanding post-Y Combinator, OMGDigital wants to win the African millennial media market

As a college student focused on biotechnology in Ghana, Jesse Arhin Ghansah didn’t predict that he would become the CEO of a pan-African media startup that just raised $1.1 million in seed funding. He just wanted to read entertaining things online that he could relate to. “The news agencies had their websites online, but there was no content for the youth like us. So we started a blog back in college to create not-boring news,” Ghansah said. “In the West, Cracked, BuzzFeed, and Mashable had really picked up steam. We couldn’t relate to the contents; we didn’t get the jokes. So we decided to create content for people like us.” That was back in 2010. Seven years later, Ghansah and the other cofounders of OMGDigital have over 90 million monthly content views across all platforms, more than a million dollars in seed funding from investors including Kima Ventures Continue reading "Expanding post-Y Combinator, OMGDigital wants to win the African millennial media market"

‘It Makes Me Sick’: Buzzfeed Ben Slams CNN For Not Standing By KFile’s Andrew Kaczynski

Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith lambasted CNN for failing to defend Andrew Kaczynski, the KFile reporter whose piece on HanAssholeSolo — the Redditor who created the now-infamous Trump-CNN bodyslam video — set the internet ablaze this week. Kaczynski noted in the controversial story that CNN would not publish the Redditor’s information given his apology for the video. But one sentence in the article — “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change” — drew swift and severe backlash amongst those who saw the line as a threat to dox the anonymous Redditor. It was later revealed that Kaczynski had not written the line, and that it was added during the editing process — but that did little to quell the firestorm of fury directed at Kaczynski, which was fueled by prominent commentators like the president’s son Don Jr., who inaccurately accused Kaczynski of attempting Continue reading "‘It Makes Me Sick’: Buzzfeed Ben Slams CNN For Not Standing By KFile’s Andrew Kaczynski"

Trying to write a killer headline for social? Here are some of the most (and least) effective phrases

Jostling for readers for your listicle on Facebook? Aim for the number “10” in your headline. Trying to promote a story on Twitter? Emotion-based appeals popular on Facebook don’t translate to Twitter. Findings from a BuzzSumo trigram analysis of 100 million headlines published between March and May of this year confirms a lot about the clickbait-y, competitive publishing environment of social media. The analysis reveals nothing particularly surprising, for instance, about the headline phrases that generated the most likes, shares, and comments: “Will make you” was by far the most successful phrase, and emotion-based appeals like “melt your heart” and “make you cry” also do well. (Also, we reported that 10 was the most common number for a BuzzFeed list way back in 2013.) Publishers beware though: Facebook says its algorithm is cracking down again on clickbait in its News Feed. Phrases that performed poorly on Facebook? “Control
Continue reading "Trying to write a killer headline for social? Here are some of the most (and least) effective phrases"

Pizzagate Gunman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Edgar Maddison Welch, the man who opened fire inside the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington D.C. after hearing about the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday, according to Buzzfeed. Welch drove from his home in North Carolina in December 2016 to Comet, and, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and a handgun, searched the restaurant as diners fled. When he found a locked door, he fired on it with the assault rifle. Authorities arrived shortly after, and arrested Welch without incident. He told authorities that he had traveled to Comet to “investigate” the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which was propagated online by outlets like InfoWars and alt-right social media figures like Jack Posobiec. The theory held that a sex-trafficking ring was being run out of the pizza place by Democrat operatives, including Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. According to Buzzfeed, Continue reading "Pizzagate Gunman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison"

Must Reads in Media & Technology: June 21

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