WATCH: GOP Congressman Calls CNN Reporter ‘Fake News’ While Running Away

Earlier this month, VICE News did an interview with Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in which the congressman presented a theory that the violence in Charlottesville was a false flag operation carried out by leftists funded by George Soros. CNN wanted to get to the bottom of Gosar’s comments and if see he still stood by his claims. So they sent a reporter to Capitol Hill to speak with the Arizona lawmaker. In a segment aired this evening, CNN correspondent Randi Kaye pressed Gosar on his comments, and things got testy in short order. When Kaye asked the Congressman what proof he had that the Charlottesville march was carried out by the left, Gosar responded by telling her to “stay tuned” and to check out his website. We then got this exchange:
Kaye: You said it’s possible the billionaire was behind this whole thing? Gosar: Like I said, go back Continue reading "WATCH: GOP Congressman Calls CNN Reporter ‘Fake News’ While Running Away"