Chuck Todd Backs Trump For Calling MS-13 Gang Members Animals: ‘I Don’t Care Where They’re From

President Donald Trump got an unlikely ally in his latest battle with the media over his comments labeling MS-13 gang members as “animals.” Appearing on the Bernie & Sid Show on WABC Radio in New York on Friday, NBC’s Chuck Todd — whom the president has dismissively referred to as “Sleepy Eyed Chuck” — said that he’s in agreement with Trump over his use of the term “animals.” “A lot of people have called violent anybody animals,” Todd said. “Anybody who is a violent criminal in my book can get called an animal. They’re mulling, killing, and raping people. I don’t care where they are from.” The Meet the Press host added that he believed the brouhaha over the remarks — comments which a number of outlets misrepresented in their initial reporting — could potentially play into the hands of Trump, and damage the media’s credibility. “This Continue reading "Chuck Todd Backs Trump For Calling MS-13 Gang Members Animals: ‘I Don’t Care Where They’re From"

Andrea Mitchell: Kim Jong Un Has ‘Gained the Propaganda Advantage’

Andrea Mitchell spoke with Chuck Todd about the latest developments from North Korea––namely, that they’ve cancelled talks with South Korea and reportedly threatened to cancel the upcoming U.S. summit. Todd asked if Kim Jong Un is “poking the fence.” “This was so utterly predictable,” Mitchell responded. “Once the President was so eager to accept the terms before the terms are even spelled out…” They both noted how the North Korea talks sounded like a done deal, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talking just two days ago about it. Mitchell took note of President Trump‘s praise of Kim Jong Un the night the three prisoners came to the U.S., wondering why the man who wrote The Art of the Deal was “so eager.” She also pointed out how much Trump and his team have already touted the success here, with the President even publicly Continue reading "Andrea Mitchell: Kim Jong Un Has ‘Gained the Propaganda Advantage’"

Alan Dershowitz Hits Giuliani, Concedes ‘This Was a Very Bad Week for the Trump Team’

It seems, at times, as if there hasn’t more a prominent, fervent, unaffiliated advocate for President Donald Trump than famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz. But even he could not escape the reality of the past seven days — and their implication on the president’s defense in Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe “I think this was a very bad week for the Trump team,” Dershowitz said. Dershowitz’s reasoning for his conclusion stemmed from the admissions made by Rudy Giuliani during his stunning interview with Sean Hannity — specifically Guiliani’s statement that the president reimbursed his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for the $130,000 hush money payout to Stormy Daniels. “I think they’re admitting to enough that warrants scrutiny,” Dershowitz said. He added, “It seems to me that the approach last week of the Trump team plays into the hands of Mueller’s tactic to try at any cost to try to find Continue reading "Alan Dershowitz Hits Giuliani, Concedes ‘This Was a Very Bad Week for the Trump Team’"

BREAKING: NBC News Issues Major Correction, Michael Cohen Was Not Wiretapped

NBC News announced a major correction to a report out Thursday. The original report claimed that federal investigators had wiretapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phone calls. The correction stated that sources told NBC News investigators were monitoring the calls, but not actually listening to their contents. NBC News reporter Tom Winter appeared on Meet The Press to announce the correction with anchor Chuck Todd. “Before we get further into the Giuliani news, we have a correction via NBC News,” Todd announced. Winter explained that “based on information from two independent sources who have a long term track record of credibility in providing accurate information to this news organization — earlier today based on that information we reported there was a wiretap on Michael Cohen’s phone. Meaning they were able to listen in Continue reading "BREAKING: NBC News Issues Major Correction, Michael Cohen Was Not Wiretapped"

Chuck Todd Grills Conaway on House Intel Probe: How Can You Definitively Say No Collusion?

Chuck Todd confronted top House Intel Committee Republican Mike Conaway on the committee’s Russia probe ending when there are still loose ends to tie up. They first addressed Andrew McCabe, who testified before the committee. Todd asked Conaway if he felt McCabe was forthcoming. Conaway said, “To the extent that we knew it. But if that proves to be incorrect then that was a bad judgment on my part.” Todd directly asked, “Did he back up Comey’s contention that he was fired because of the Russia probe?” Conaway responded, “It’s been a while since I sat through that, that testimony. I haven’t had read it recently. We were focused not so much on that as the––because that feeds into the collusion issue. And, and our committee doesn’t––was not charged with answering the collusion idea. So we really weren’t focused on that direction.” As for the committee’s Continue reading "Chuck Todd Grills Conaway on House Intel Probe: How Can You Definitively Say No Collusion?"

Rubio Doesn’t Like How McCabe Firing Happened: Should’ve Been Able to ‘Finish Through the Weekend’

Senator Marco Rubio doesn’t agree with the decision Jeff Sessions made to fire ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe days before he was set to receive his full pension. He told Chuck Todd this morning, “I don’t like the way it happened. He should’ve been allowed to finish through the weekend.” Todd asked him if he’s concerned about “damage this does to the FBI, to the Office of Professional Responsibility.” Rubio said he thinks it’s a bad idea to be “smearing everybody” within law enforcement agencies like the FBI. Watch above, via NBC. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

Chuck Todd: Is Trump Going to Have ‘Credibility Problem’ With World Leaders After Trudeau Flap?

In a seemingly endless series of scandals, the White House is again left clinging to its credibility. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd slammed President Donald Trump‘s administration Thursday after a leaked fundraising speech showed he made up claims that Canada ran a trade deficit with the U.S., which he argued was true in a conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In the recorded remarks made in Missouri during the private fundraiser event, Trump recapped the discussion without hesitation. “Trudeau came to see me,” he recalled. “He’s a good guy, Justin. He said, ‘No, no, we have no trade deficit with you, we have none. Donald, please.'” In response, Trump decided to fib… a lot. “I said, ‘Wrong, Justin, you do.’ I didn’t even know… I had no idea. I just said, ‘You’re wrong.’” Baffled by the president’s remarks, Todd questioned the motives behind Trump’s admission. “Why Continue reading "Chuck Todd: Is Trump Going to Have ‘Credibility Problem’ With World Leaders After Trudeau Flap?"