Toobin Defends Trump’s Attacks on Judges: ‘I Do it All the Time’

A CNN panel went off script Wednesday morning after Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin took the opportunity to defend Donald Trump. Toobin specifically said that there was no problem with the president criticizing federal judges. “Can I offer a word of defense for Donald Trump?” he asked. “Who says you can’t criticize a judge? These people serve for life. They are unaccountable to anyone, and you can’t criticize them?” he added with disbelief. The defense sparked a minor uproar from panelists. “So you disagree with Neil Gorsuch?” asked Wolf Blitzer, citing the judge’s opposition to Donald Trump’s broadsides against the federal judiciary. “Absolutely I disagree with Neil Gorsuch,” Toobin shot back. “I don’t happen to agree with [Trump’s] criticism, but his right to criticize judges. Boy, I do it all the time.” The panel took place just moments before the third Continue reading "Toobin Defends Trump’s Attacks on Judges: ‘I Do it All the Time’"

Report: ‘Obsessive’ Trump Records ‘Basically All of the Cable News’

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.06.17 AM In a recent edition of the Slate Trumpcast podcast, New York Magazine writer, Gabriel Sherman, made a stunning claim about the 45th president. According to Sherman, sources close to the White House told him that, in addition to the president’s already voracious diet of live television news, Donald Trump also records everything he misses from other networks to watch later. Sherman said the behavior was indicative of Trump’s “obsessive” need for media “validation.” Per Slate:
My sources in Trump world say basically a lot of Fox, but the other thing he does, from a source close to the White House told me that he does DVR basically all of the cable news. It’s kind of remarkable when you think about it, that someone would actually want to watch cable news on recording. Donald Trump, apparently he does. And when he goes back up to the residence at Continue reading "Report: ‘Obsessive’ Trump Records ‘Basically All of the Cable News’"

CNN’s Poppy Harlow Pens Essay on the Importance of Paid Paternity Leave for Fortune

imageedit_107_7367338024 CNN’s Poppy Harlow feels strongly that both parents need time off after the arrival of a new child. She isn’t alone in her conviction. Anne Hathaway addressed the UN about the issue earlier this month and in a new piece for Fortune, Harlow noted that the topic — and practice! — of paid leave for both parents is picking up traction, not only in major, headline-making companies, but in companies and families she and her husband are familiar with, too. Calling her husband’s paternity leave after the birth of their daughter “a gift to [their] family,” she detailed the importance of both parents being present for at least the first month of a child’s life. She recalled speaking to a pregnant woman who said her husband was working extra hard to “provide” for them during and likely after her pregnancy. Harlow mused, “‘Providing’ is so much more than bringing Continue reading "CNN’s Poppy Harlow Pens Essay on the Importance of Paid Paternity Leave for Fortune"

Democratic Senator: 2016 Was ‘The Equivalent of an Election Robbery’

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse stopped by the set of New Day, Tuesday, to talk about the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and FBI Director James Comey’s explosive testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. “[Comey] publicly confirmed that, yes, there is an ongoing investigation into Russia’s meddling into the U.S. election and whether or not there was any collusion with anyone on the Trump campaign,” said co-host Alisyn Camerota. “Were you satisfied with his answers?” “We’ve been asking that question for a long time,” said Whitehouse, who then went on to make a curious analogy about bank robberies. “For as long as there have been bank robberies, the FBI has been showing up after the bank robbery to say ‘hey we’re on the case.’ Here you have the equivalent of an election robbery and it would be easy for Continue reading "Democratic Senator: 2016 Was ‘The Equivalent of an Election Robbery’"

Cooper Sasses Jeffrey Lord in Feisty Panel: ‘You’re Smarter Than That … Come on Jeffrey’

Things got heated during a Monday evening edition of Anderson Cooper 360, when Cooper’s eight-person panel turned to the issue of the FBI investigation into the White House’s Russia connection and Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims. “We have a president who is a congenital liar,” said CNN mainstay David Gergen. “It really matters.” CNN’s in-house Trump defender, Jeffrey Lord, refused to concede the point. When queried by Cooper, he said he did not believe Trump was a “congenital liar” or that he has “lied repeatedly.” The assertion led to a mini-eruption among Cooper’s panel and even drew an exasperated rebuke from the host. “You’re smarter than that,” said Cooper. “Come on Jeffrey.” “All of us except for Jeffrey would agree he is a liar,” said Daily Beast contributor Matt Lewis. The panel, which Cooper regularly returned to throughout the show, piled Continue reading "Cooper Sasses Jeffrey Lord in Feisty Panel: ‘You’re Smarter Than That … Come on Jeffrey’"

CNN’s Gloria Borger on Russia Hearing: ‘The Worst and Most Perilous Day’ of Trump’s Presidency

Following the conclusion of today’s House Intelligence hearing into Russia’s interference of last year’s presidential election, CNN political analyst Gloria Borger commented that this appeared to be an extremely bad and dangerous day for President Donald Trump. At the hearing today, FBI Director James Comey revealed that there is a criminal investigation into potential links and coordination between Trump associates and the Russian government. It was also pointed out that there was no wiretap of Trump Tower ordered by former President Barack Obama. Borger explained that what was highlighted today was damaging to the White House. “You would have to say this is the worst and most perilous day of Donald Trump’s young presidency,” she stated. “In this hearing over the last bunch of hours, we have seen the director of the FBI rebut Donald Trump directly.” The CNN analyst went on note that Continue reading "CNN’s Gloria Borger on Russia Hearing: ‘The Worst and Most Perilous Day’ of Trump’s Presidency"

My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

eric-bolling-photo Over the past few months, Fox News has witnessed unprecedented movement in its on-air ranks. Tucker Carlson took the ball and ran (with his program outdrawing his predecessors), while Greta Van Susteren — and later Megyn Kelly — found greener pastures elsewhere (albeit for very different reasons). In the Roger Ailes era, major changes at the network were rare, leaving little real chance for movement. So, with this newfound opportunity gold rush at (or from) Fox, who is best poised to make the next meteoric rise? My cable news Ouija board is spelling out Eric Bolling. (Insert eye roll here.) Yes, the conservative pundit has been toiling in only somewhat prominent spots on the Fox farm for a long time, but Bolling’s extensive — and often controversial — track record put him in the perfect spot to become the new Fox News darling. Back in 2006, CNBC was Continue reading "My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star"