GOP Sen. Charlie Dent Unloads on Trump Over ‘Deplorable’ Tillerson Firing: There’s ‘Chaos And Anarchy’

Sen. Charlie Dent was asked on CNN’s New Day by host Alisyn Camerota whether President Donald Trump’s stunning ouster of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday caused him concern — and the Republican senator didn’t hold back. “Rex Tillerson is a good man,” Dent said. “He was dealt a very bad hand. He didn’t play it particularly well. He he was never set up for success. He walks into the office and he gets a 30% proposed cut to his budget, he can’t hire anybody, he gets undercut by the president on diplomatic issues like North Korea. So he was always in a tough spot.” Dent went on to warn that the State Department is dangerously understaffed: “The State Department right now we don’t have enough qualified people there because many of the top Republican foreign policy officials and national security establishment types are disqualified from serving because Continue reading "GOP Sen. Charlie Dent Unloads on Trump Over ‘Deplorable’ Tillerson Firing: There’s ‘Chaos And Anarchy’"

New Emails Reportedly Show Ben Carson Picked Out $31,000 Dining Set

Remember when Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said he had nothing to do with the $31,000 dining set his department bought? Well according to emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and reported by CNN, Carson and his wife hand-picked the pricey furniture. Per CNN:
An August email from a career administration staffer, with the subject line “Secretary’s dining room set needed,” to Carson’s assistant refers to “printouts of the furniture the Secretary and Mrs. Carson picked out.” The documents were released following a Freedom of Information Act request from American Oversight, a liberal watchdog group led by former Obama administration officials, and offer a snapshot into how the agency acquired the furniture.
That flies in the face of a statement made a month ago by HUD spokesman Raffi Williams, who said as the controversy simmered that “Mrs. Carson and the secretary had Continue reading "New Emails Reportedly Show Ben Carson Picked Out $31,000 Dining Set"

Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Crazy Old’ Phil Mudd: ‘Unbalanced Guy You See Screaming on CNN’

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson went after CNN analyst Phil Mudd for his remarks on the House Intelligence Committee’s recent conclusion made by Republicans that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and that they found no evidence that proves that Russia aided the Trump campaign over the Clinton campaign. Yesterday, Mudd trashed House Republicans for their report, saying if it was “written on toilet paper,” he wouldn’t “stoop to wipe his ass with it.” Well, Carlson slammed the former CIA official turned CNN pundit since he hasn’t read the report but still acted “like a lunatic on television.” He then played various clips of Mudd’s most colorful moments, including when he called himself a “proud sh*tholer” in reaction to President Trump‘s reported remarks about countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and other African nations. “Well, the next time you hear some idiot reporter lavishing praise Continue reading "Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Crazy Old’ Phil Mudd: ‘Unbalanced Guy You See Screaming on CNN’"

Fox News’ Ingraham Tops Time Slot on Monday, MSNBC’s Hardball Third in Demo at 7 PM

On Monday, MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was the most-watched cable news program, coming out on top in both total viewers (3.183 million) and the key 25-54 demographic (742,000). Meanwhile, Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle led its 10 PM time slot in both total viewership (2.356 million) and the demo (2.356 million), leading MSNBC’s The Last Word, which pulled in an overall audience of 2.251 million and 480,000 demographic viewers. In the 7 PM hour, MSNBC’s Hardball came in third in the demographic (325,000), finishing behind CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront (352,000) and Fox’s The Story with Martha MacCallum (384,000). It finished second during the time slot in total viewers with 1.737 million. During the primetime 8 PM to 11 PM time period, Fox News was first in total viewership, averaging 2.732 million viewers compared to MSNBC’s 2.462 million. MSNBC, however, captured the
Continue reading "Fox News’ Ingraham Tops Time Slot on Monday, MSNBC’s Hardball Third in Demo at 7 PM"

Brooke Baldwin Baffled by Trump’s ‘Professional Mountain Climbers’ Wall Remark: ‘What?’

President Donald Trump visited Southern California Tuesday to examine prototypes of a border wall, which he thinks will stop “professional mountain climbers” otherwise known to him as Mexicans. In response, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had only one word: “What?!” As if the less-than-diplomatic remarks weren’t shocking enough, one former official with insider knowledge of drug trafficking operations said the wall doesn’t come close to addressing the heart of the issue, part of which lies underground. In an interview with Baldwin following Trump’s remarks, Former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Sandweg said the notion that a wall would cut off the drug flow into the U.S. was “disturbing.” “I’ve been right not that far away from where the president is standing in a drug tunnel that we seized and stopped…about two miles long, was fully ventilated, it even had a rail system inside,” Sandweg said. Continue reading "Brooke Baldwin Baffled by Trump’s ‘Professional Mountain Climbers’ Wall Remark: ‘What?’"

Trump’s Fired Personal Assistant Reportedly Under Investigation For ‘Serious Financial Crimes’

New details are emerging surrounding the firing of President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, who was reportedly escorted out of the White House on Monday. The Department of Homeland Security is investigating “serious financial crimes” committed by the longtime Trump aide, a source with knowledge of the departure told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. But he won’t be far from Trump’s side: moments after news broke of McEntee’s firing on Tuesday morning, it was announced he’d be joining the president’s 2020 re-election effort.