Must Reads in Media & Technology: June 5

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Newsonomics: Craig Newmark, journalism’s new Six Million Dollar Man

Craig Newmark is a creature of the internet. Like Beyoncé, a singular name defines a great brand, one he provided 22 years ago to the eponymous Craigslist. Though long associated with “free,” this organically grown San Francisco-based classifieds provider may produce a billion dollars in annual revenue sooner rather than later. Today, at 64, Newmark is all about the money — but distributing it as much as earning it. “It’s incumbent on me as an ultra-patriot to spend like a sailor on shore leave,” he told me last week. Newmark is a long-time student of the American press. “Now I’m mostly educated. I still have questions about news ethics, but I’ve learned I think as much as I need to start moving ahead hard…The idea’s a lot’s happening, and as a funder of nonprofit journalism, I’m an amateur. I have been helped by Tom Rosenstiel and others at API, Continue reading "Newsonomics: Craig Newmark, journalism’s new Six Million Dollar Man"

Craigslist Creep Seeks ‘In-Shape,’ ‘Well-Educated’ Foodie to ‘Cruise’ Chicago’s Restaurants

If you’re “in shape, intelligent, college-educated with an MBA, personable,” and you are looking to dine with someone with all of those same qualities, you’re in luck. Allow us to introduce you to this guy. Normally, he’s in a relationship with a “classy, attractive woman,” but currently he’s “between girlfriends” and he’s looking for a dinner companion on Craigslist to “cruise the Chicago restaurant scene.” craigslist The best part? He won’t even “hassle you for sex,” even though he’ll pay for dinner. Come on, how nice is that? He’s a great wingman, has a “nice sense of humor,” and is “fun to be with.” All you have to do if you’re interested is send this guy your “basic stats- age, height, weight (or at least dress size), hair/eye color, etc” in an e-mail. Not creepy at all. [featured image via Wikimedia Commons/John Picken] Follow Dana Eisenberg on Twitter.

A Canadian Olympian Tested Positive For Cocaine Because He Kissed a Woman Who Used it

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-5-41-47-pmCanadian Olympian Shawn Barber of Canada got higher than any other pole vaulter at the 2015 world championships. He also got higher than any other pole vaulter at the 2016 Canadian championships, in more ways than one. According to the CBC, Barber tested positive for cocaine due to a sexual encounter he’d had with a woman who snorted it in a hotel bathroom where they’d met. The incident occurred on July 9 in Edmonton, where Barber was competing in the Canadian championships. Barber reportedly found the woman via the “casual encounters” section on craigslist. He posted that he wanted to meet a “professional” woman. A man contacted Barber to set up an encounter with his girlfriend. They arranged to meet in the hotel room, where the woman snorted cocaine right before Barber arrived, unbeknownst to the Olympian. “I didn’t know that kissing a girl could transfer coke,” Barber said on Continue reading "A Canadian Olympian Tested Positive For Cocaine Because He Kissed a Woman Who Used it"

Joker Poses as Univision Exec Trying to Resell Gawker Media on Craigslist

The writers over at Gawker Media are in revolt. Univision bought up their company after Peter Thiel bankrolled its historic demise, kicked the flagship Gawker site to the curb, and got to work Univision-ing the rest of the staff. The off-the-wall posts that the other blogs were known for are becoming more toned-down by the day, but most notably, six articles were deleted from the blogs altogether. Today, one of those blogs, Deadspin, fought back, finding a clever way to republish some of the articles. They published a lawsuit that had resulted from two of the pieces and just so happened to include all of the original copy in the complaint. It’s like a made-for-TV movie about babysitting. The kids that looked so sweet before Mommy and Daddy left are now banning together to cause a lot of trouble for the uptight straight-A student who was just trying to get
Continue reading "Joker Poses as Univision Exec Trying to Resell Gawker Media on Craigslist"