Dem. Congressman Suggests North Korea Could Smuggle Nuke Into U.S. Inside ‘Bale of Marijuana’

Brad Sherman Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) took to Twitter Wednesday to voice his fear that North Korea could smuggle a nuclear bomb into the United States – simply by hiding the devastating weapon inside a bale of marijuana. After the U.S. Senate was bussed to the White House for a briefing on North Korea, Vice President Mike Pence and other officials headed to the Capitol to brief Congress. While many Democrats slammed the briefing as little more than a photo-op, Sherman had serious questions for the Trump administration – namely, whether it’s prepared for North Korea to slip a nuclear weapon into the U.S. disguised as a large bale of marijuana. The congressman also suggested that North Korea could sell its weapons to a cash-rich Iran, and slammed the administration’s resolve as “weak.”

WATCH LIVE: Trump Signs Executive Order on Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection

President Donald Trump is scheduled to sign an executive order on improving accountability and whistleblower protection at 4:45 PM ET today. The EO will impact the Department of Veterans Affairs and the signing will take place at the VA. On Wednesday, VA Secretary David Shulkin held a press briefing on the upcoming executive order, explaining that the Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Office will place “an executive in charge that will report directly” to him so they can identify who shouldn’t be working at the VA anymore. Shulkin acknowledged that there will be an additional cost to this office, stating that it is an important responsibility. However, he didn’t have the exact figures yet on the costs. Watch above, via the White House. [image via screengrab]

‘Calm Down’: Spicer Says it Makes Sense Michael Flynn Wasn’t Vetted By Trump Administration

Prior to today’s White House press briefing, it was reported that the Department of Defense had warned former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn about taking foreign payments back in 2014. Also, Flynn is currently being investigated by the department’s inspector general. Therefore, it was natural that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was going to be confronted with questions about Flynn today. One of the things reporters wanted to know is what level of vetting the transition team and White House gave Flynn prior to handing him the job of national security advisor. Well, according to the spokesman, the blame was entirely on the Obama administration. Yep. That was his position. The White House was relying on the prior security clearance issued to Flynn by the prior administration and didn’t feel it was necessary to do anything else. With Spicer laying this gauntlet down, CNN’s Jim Acosta decided to confront Continue reading "‘Calm Down’: Spicer Says it Makes Sense Michael Flynn Wasn’t Vetted By Trump Administration"

Trump Has Changed at Least Three Major Positions After World Leaders Explained Them to Him

Donald-Trump-in-Jan-interview-via-ABC-News A number of reports out Wednesday claimed President Donald Trump was considering an executive order to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Trump, who has repeatedly lambasted the agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico as “catastrophic”, reversed course Thursday, agreeing to renegotiate the deal after speaking with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. During a presser in Canada, Trudeau responded to questions from reporters on what led to Trump’s decision to stick with the trade deal, implying that all it took was explaining to the president the simple consequences of pulling out: According to The Record, a Canadian newspaper, Trudeau told Trump that NAFTA had in fact Continue reading "Trump Has Changed at Least Three Major Positions After World Leaders Explained Them to Him"

Whoopi Goldberg Giggles at WH Assurance That Ivanka Won’t Solicit From Foreign Countries

On today’s episode of The ViewWhoopi Goldberg laughed at a joke from Jedediah Bila. Except it was no joke. Bila was reading a White House official statement saying this:
[Ivanka Trump] will not solicit funds. This is not a White House fund. This is not something she will have any authority over in any way.
Goldberg clearly uttered “tee-hee-hee” throughout Bila’s recitation. “Okay White House, we heard ya!” she giggled. Goldberg was annoyed because “at one point, [Ivanka] was trying to raise funds from other countries for her foundation and I thought that was what the new guy was accusing the then-candidate Hillary Clinton of doing with her foundation. Can anybody explain to me what the difference between the two is and why no one is saying, ‘Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t you say this wasn’t going to work out, this was a bad thing?'” Sunny Continue reading "Whoopi Goldberg Giggles at WH Assurance That Ivanka Won’t Solicit From Foreign Countries"

As Flynn Troubles Deepen, Trump Launches Furious Tweetstorm on Every Other Issue

Donald-Trump-via-CNN-2 Earlier today, CNN reported that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn looks to have found himself in deeper and deeper trouble. The House Oversight Committee says it has obtained documents from the Department of Defense that show Flynn was warned from accepting foreign payments back in 2014. Meanwhile, the DoD’s inspector general has opened an investigation into Flynn. So, considering that this news could cause further headaches for President Donald Trump and his administration as it relates to the Russia investigations, how did the president react? By launching a Tweetstorm that covered just about every other subject, that’s how.

‘It’s Called Bullying’: Trump Surrogate Claims Liberal Media is Torturing Ivanka and Jared

The White House roles of President Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law have come under intense scrutiny of late, especially with Ivanka Trump’s recent trip to Germany to take part in an international women’s conference. Obviously, with the Trump family members serving as senior advisors in the White House, accusations of nepotism and conflicts of interest have been rife. Well, according to one Trump associate, the criticism of Ivanka and Jared Kushner is akin to torture and nothing more than bullying by the liberal media. Erin Elmore, a former Apprentice contestant who bills herself now as a spokesperson for the president, showed up on Fox & Friends this morning to make the case for the First Daughter while slamming the “hypocritical” treatment of Ivanka. “Let’s face it, to torture Ivanka or her husband is just another example of Continue reading "‘It’s Called Bullying’: Trump Surrogate Claims Liberal Media is Torturing Ivanka and Jared"