Trump: If You Watch the Democratic Debate, You’ll Be Asleep in Minutes

trumpDonald Trump has made no secret of how he’s taken credit for the record levels of viewership given to the 2016 Republican debates. Now, with the first Democratic debate coming up on CNN, Trump is saying that without him there to boost ratings, the event will be too boring to watch all the way to the end. “I think people are going to turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep,” Trump said on Fox and Friends. “I don’t think they’ll do badly because there’s a curiosity factor, but I don’t think they’ll do great and I think a lot of people will turn off after a while.” Trump also weighed in on how he expects Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will perform tomorrow, but predominately talked about how un-entertaining a non-Trump debate could be.

Bye, Carly! Fiorina Loses Debate Bump After Planned Parenthood Fiasco

One of the great subplots to emerge from the 2016 presidential campaign has been the arc of former Hewlett Packard CEO and erstwhile Demon Sheeper Carly Fiorina, who went from basement-dwelling also-ran to third pillar in the GOP’s Holy Trinity of White Male Resentment in the space of a few short weeks. Now, it looks like her campaign might have gotten a prophetic omen when this happened in late September: In August, Carly Fiorina was relegated to the GOP’s Sad Trombone Happy Hour Debate, but a couple of well-placed zingers and an avoidance of throwing up on her own shoes gave Fiorina enough of a boost in the polls to get her into the main debate in September (with a little help from CNN’s rules). Once CNN took action that was decidedly affirmative to Fiorina’s case, she made the most of it, steamrolling debate moderators over Continue reading "Bye, Carly! Fiorina Loses Debate Bump After Planned Parenthood Fiasco"

Trump Will Finally Appear on Fox News Sunday Next Weekend

wallace trumpYou may have noticed that over the past few months, Donald Trump has made a lot of Sunday show appearances. He’s done CNN’s State of the Union, CBS’ Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, and ABC’s This Week. Notice anything missing there? Like, say, the Sunday show hosted by one of the moderators at the debate Trump was really angry about? That’s right, ever since announcing his 2016 candidacy, Trump has not once appeared on Fox News Sunday. And while part of that may have been due to how upset Trump was at the line of questioning he got from Chris Wallace at the debate, there’s actually another reason. See, you may have noticed that Trump likes calling in to a lot of shows instead of sitting down for interviews. The other Sunday shows haven’t had a problem with it, but Wallace drew a line in Continue reading "Trump Will Finally Appear on Fox News Sunday Next Weekend"

Trump Immediately Regrets Taking Question About Not Being a Friend to Women

PicMonkey Collage - TrumpDuring an appearance at No Labels’ New Hampshire Convention, Donald Trump seemed to find himself in an uncomfortable position while taking a tough question about how he has acted towards women in the past. Over the past few months, Trump has drawn attention for his comments on Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, and other women that seemed to attack their physical appearances and being a woman in general. While taking questions today, Trump took a question from a women who apparently put the controversies into perspective:
Maybe you can prove me wrong, but I don’t think you’re a friend to women.
As the crowd cheered, Trump turned to the mic and said “I knew I shouldn’t have picked her.” From there, Trump went into his familiar talking points about how he cherishes women and how his construction empire has offered women numerous jobs. “I have given women more Continue reading "Trump Immediately Regrets Taking Question About Not Being a Friend to Women"

Trump Hits Back at ‘Terrible’ Obama for Saying He Would Lose 2016 Race

PicMonkey Collage - Trump  ObamaRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump hit back at President Barack Obama for saying on CBS’ 60 Minutes that he was just a “publicity seeker” who would never be president. “Well, I watched his performance last night and I thought it was terrible,” he said on Fox and Friends Monday. “I thought it was sad because everything’s negative, you know, there’s nothing positive.” “It’s not, ‘How come we’re doing so well here, how’d you get these great trade deals?’ Instead we have a trade deal that’s a disaster and even Hillary Clinton finally got smart even though she supported it, she probably heard my stance.” Trump noted that “in all fairness” Obama couldn’t really say he thought he was going to win. “He can’t say ‘What do you think of Donald Trump?’ ‘Well, I think he’s going to be the Continue reading "Trump Hits Back at ‘Terrible’ Obama for Saying He Would Lose 2016 Race"

CNN to Host Highest-Rated Democratic Debate Ever on Cable; Here’s Why

PicMonkey CollageAudience for first GOP debate, Fox News, August 6: 24.0 million. Audience for second GOP debate, CNN, September 16: 22.9 million. My prediction for the first Democratic debate, CNN, October 13: 10.3 million. Big difference in the numbers, right? No big surprise there, as the Trump factor really is that huuuggge when it comes to bringing in casual political viewers and those normally not remotely involved in the process to the table. But apparently my 10M+ prediction is a bit aggressive in the eyes of two industry bigwigs I spoke to, as both believe the number will be more in the eight million range, with each citing past Democratic primary debate audience numbers as a guide. In looking at those numbers closely, they’re quite interesting when juxtaposed against this year’s massive audience for Fox and CNN on the GOP side: The highest-rated Democratic debate ever occurred on Continue reading "CNN to Host Highest-Rated Democratic Debate Ever on Cable; Here’s Why"

Trump on Oregon Shooting: ‘Result Would’ve Been Better’ If Someone Had a Gun

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he believes that “the result would’ve been better” if somebody had a gun in the classroom where a shooter opened fire at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, killing nine people and injuring nine others. “Had somebody in that room had a gun, the result would’ve been better,” Trump said on Face the Nation Sunday morning. He also suggested that a teacher — who is trained in how to use a gun — should be armed in a classroom in order to defend his or her students. Overall, Trump said, he feels more safe when he is armed, and is a “big Second Amendment person.” Watch the video above, via CBS. [Image via screengrab] — — >>Follow Andrew Desiderio (@desiderioDC) on Twitter