Lindsey Graham Reacts to Debate Snub with ‘Emoji Guide’ to ‘Trump Debacle’

Senator Lindsey Graham has known for a while now that he hasn’t been polling well enough to make it into Fox News’ big Republican debate––the first of the season––and so, accepting that he’ll be in the earlier candidate forum, he’s decided to embrace that debate as the “Happy Hour Debate”: Well, after word officially came in that Graham didn’t make it into the big primetime debate, he posted an “emoji guide” on his Twitter with a shot at the big dog: No word yet on a response from Trump or whether he thinks emojis are Continue reading "Lindsey Graham Reacts to Debate Snub with ‘Emoji Guide’ to ‘Trump Debacle’"

Matthews: Trump Looks Like More of a Leader Than Obama Did at the Start

matthewsChris Matthews said tonight that Donald Trump comes across as a “leader” more so than President Obama did when he got his start in the presidential race. He talked about how he’s been growing “Team Trump” or a “Trump party” with his popularity and support among people like Sarah Palin. And then Matthews even called Trump a “leader.” He said you can tell leaders by whether they have lots of people following them and said, “That was a problem with Obama for a long time. Nobody back there, just him.” Watch the video below, via MSNBC:
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O’Reilly Presses Trump: Are You Ready to Actually Give Specifics?

bill trumpBill O’Reilly spoke with Donald Trump tonight and pressed him a little on whether he’s actually ready to provide specifics about the issues he’s been talking about for weeks. O’Reilly brought up Trump’s constant refrain that he would build a wall on the Mexican border and would make Mexico pay for it. O’Reilly told him that’s just not going to work, and said he’s gonna have to be specific about why it will. Trump went off on Mexico with his usual talking points, but O’Reilly told him he’s said that before and wanted to hear specifics. Trump ended up telling him, “I’m gonna say, ‘Mexico, guess what? This is not gonna continue.'” He said he really wants to talk about policy during the debate and get away from the personal attacks. But, Trump added, that won’t stop him from highlighting the others’ “deficiencies.” Watch the video below, via Continue reading "O’Reilly Presses Trump: Are You Ready to Actually Give Specifics?"

Another Trump Adviser Caught Sharing Incendiary Memes on Facebook

At this point, how surprising should it be to find a Donald Trump adviser with a long history of incendiary social media posts? Just days after the Trump campaign fired one of its top advisers, Sam Nunberg, after years-old, racially-charged Facebook posts he had made about not only President Barack Obama but also Al Sharpton’s daughter emerged, it’s happening again. This time, The Daily Beast uncovered a series of incendiary memes posted to Facebook by Brad Nagel, who is listed as the Senior Political Advisor for Donald Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in Iowa on his LinkenIn page. Below is one image Nagel shared on his public Facebook page during the run-up to the 2012 election, calling Obama supporters “racist brainwashed zombies”: Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.43.41 PM Previously, he shared memes that linked the Obama administration to Nazis: Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.45.41 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.45.54 PM Other posts uncovered by The Daily Beast include anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant memes, along with Continue reading "Another Trump Adviser Caught Sharing Incendiary Memes on Facebook"

Ted Cruz’s Website Accidentally Links to Gigantic Ass Picture

Ted Cruz‘s anti-Iran deal website accidentally links to a Twitter account featuring a picture of a giant ass, and it isn’t Donald Trump. features a list of the email, Twitter, and phone numbers of every U.S. Senator for concerned citizens to contact. But Cruz’s site didn’t link to the Twitter account for Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, @SenatorCantwell. Instead, it linked to @CantwellPress, a Twitter account whose description reads, “This open twitter account for your most wanted porn material film star.” The cover image for the account is, well, a giant ass. Ass Oops. [h/t Buzzfeed] [Image via screengrab]
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‘I Whole-Hearted F*cked Up Today’: Kelly Osbourne Apologizes for Latino Comments

During an appearance on The View Tuesday morning, Kelly Osbourne posed the rhetorical question: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” So why was it Rosie Perez who ended up apologizing on Twitter? Osbourne must have felt just a little bit guilty after reading that tweet and a few hours later posted her own statement on Facebook, in which she insisted that she is not “racist” but nonetheless acknowledged that she had royally “fucked up” by saying what she did. Read Osbourne’s full Facebook statement below:
I want to start by saying I ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions. In this particular case I Continue reading "‘I Whole-Hearted F*cked Up Today’: Kelly Osbourne Apologizes for Latino Comments"

Trump Once Claimed ‘Any Girl You Have, I Can Take From You’ in Interview Fight

trump2As Donald Trump presses on with his 2016 campaign, media figures continue to look into his past, having discovered several bizarre or unflattering statements from him already. The Daily Beast previously reported that Trump’s ex-wife Ivana said that he once made her feel “violated” during sex, and on Sunday, they released an article about how once reportedly bragged about “stealing” the girlfriend of New York Daily News writer and E! host, A.J Benza. The incident began in 2001 when Benza appeared on The Howard Stern Show, and he brought up how model Kara Young left him for Trump. Later in the show, Trump called in, saying that he was not aware that Young was dating Benza at the time, but as the dialogue progressed, he added, “A.J., I won your girlfriend. You know it, she knows it, and everybody knows it.” Benza did not take Continue reading "Trump Once Claimed ‘Any Girl You Have, I Can Take From You’ in Interview Fight"