The Deal Breaker for These Cruz Fans? Trump Was Mean to Heidi Cruz

cruz trumpTed Cruz supporters who were unmoved by Donald Trump‘s policies, record, and campaign trail antics said they would refuse to vote for him because the GOP frontrunner had mocked Heidi Cruz.

In a segment aired Monday night, CNN visited a Cruz rally to speak to some of the Texas senator’s supporters, who said The Donald’s recent attacks against their candidate’s wife were a step too far.

“I’ve had a lot of problems with Donald Trump,” said one Cruz supporter. “I just thought he was better than Hillary What really changed my mind and put me in the hashtag ‘Never Trump’ camp, so to speak, is his attacks on Heidi Cruz.”

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Flustered Karl Rove Doesn’t Quite Deny That Establishment Will Steal Trump’s Nomination

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.24.55 PMEric Bolling grilled Karl Rove Monday night about reports of a cabal of establishment Republicans plotting to change convention rules in order to deny Donald Trump the nomination.

Rove attempted to dismiss them, claiming that there might be “cosmetic” changes to the convention rules, but nothing “substantive.” The meetings Bolling referred to, he said, were about understanding convention rules, not altering them in a meaningful way. He further characterized Bolling’s line of questioning as “paranoia.”

It is possible Trump will enter the convention with a plurality of delegates, but not the decisive majority of 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. “I’m for the guy who gets the majority of the votes,” Rove asserted.

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Trump Campaign Defector Takes ‘Full Responsibility for Helping Create This Monster’

trumpturA former PR operative for the Donald Trump campaign published a contrite open letter Monday, expressing her sympathy with Trump supporters whom she says were, like her, hoodwinked by a candidate whose bid for the White House was never very serious — and is now turning dangerously plausible.

“I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far,” Stephanie Cegielski wrote in a post published on XOJane. “And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all.”

Cegielski was communications director for the Trump-aligned Super-PAC Make America Great Again. She gave an interview to the Washington Free Beacon last week, in which she criticized the real estate mogul for his vitriolic remarks and lack of substance. She regularly mocks the candidate on her Twitter account for his ignorant and uncouth remarks.

“He certainly was never prepared or equipped to go Continue reading "Trump Campaign Defector Takes ‘Full Responsibility for Helping Create This Monster’"

Good News: Donald Trump Said He Won’t Consider Internment Camps for Muslims

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.16.53 PMNot for the first time, Donald Trump has been asked by a reporter to clarify his views on internment camps and whether there would be space for them in his presidency.

Back in December, when the man proposed his Muslim ban, he appeared on ABC to talk to George Stephanopoulos. He defended his ban by saying it was really no different than what Franklin D. Roosevelt did with Japanese Americans, which caused Sephanopoulos to jump in and press him on whether he was advocating for the use of internment camps, which is what FDR really did with Japanese citizens.

He swore he was against internment camps, saying this:

They stripped them of their naturalization proceedings. They went through a whole list of things; they couldn’t go five miles from their homes. They weren’t allowed to use radios, flashlights. I mean, you know, take a look at what FDR did Continue reading "Good News: Donald Trump Said He Won’t Consider Internment Camps for Muslims"

White Supremacist Party Releases Proposed Trump Cabinet and It’s Predictably Bonkers

trumpThe white supremacist American Freedom Party has released their draft of a proposed Donald Trump cabinet, and as you can imagine, their ideas are somewhat crazy.

Among their suggestions:

  • Chris Christie for Vice President. “Governor Christie possesses the experience and temperament to balance a Trump ticket.”
  • Newt Gingrich for Secretary of Defense.
  • Rand Paul for Secretary of the Treasury. The party really wanted to nominate his father Ron Paul, but cited his advanced age.
  • Elon Musk for Secretary of Transportation.
  • Trey Gowdy for Attorney General.
  • Ann Coulter as Secretary of Homeland Security. “Ms. Coulter will do what needs doing and she will give proper direction and coordination with the Secretary of the Agriculture to achieve administration goals.”
  • Openly bisexual Democratic Oregon Governor Kate Brown for Labor Secretary, due to her being “a proven champion of a living wage.”
  • And perhaps most bizarrely given the source,  Continue reading "White Supremacist Party Releases Proposed Trump Cabinet and It’s Predictably Bonkers"

In Radio Interview, Trump Proves That He Just Can’t Let Anything Go

trump cruzSpeaking to Charlie Sykes in a Wisconsin AM radio interview Monday morning, Donald Trump proved to the world that he can’t let anything go.

Challenged to address the utter lack of statesmanship in his handling of the current spat between the GOP frontrunner and Sen. Ted Cruz, Trump would only insist — over and over again — that Cruz started it.

A super-PAC first dredged up images of Trump’s wife and then-girlfriend Melania Trump, which she posed for as part of a GQ photo shoot. Trump blamed Cruz for the photos’ newfound exposure, and, in turn, threatened to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife, Heidi.

“Remember, we’re not on a playground,” Sykes said, “we’re running for President of the United States.”

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CNN Commentator Slams Trump Supporter: He’s Had Three Wives, Cheated; You Call THAT Integrity?

CNN contributor Tara Setmayer, who in the past has never hidden her anti-Trump agenda, got into an impressive war of words with conservative commentator Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN Monday morning. I note “impressive” specifically to highlight Setmayer’s quotations from scripture off the top of her head in direct rebuttal to Hughes’ claims over the issue of Donald Trump‘s so-called war on woman.

The issue at hand was a simple one: how can Trump — the GOP frontrunner whose derisive rhetoric against woman in his past has sparked untold controversies on the campaign trail — be considered a role model to young women? Hughes proudly asserted that not only is Trump a positive leader for young females, but that she, in fact, would be taking her own eight-year-old niece to see Trump Tower because “I look at actions.”