Chris Wallace to Priebus: Trump Didn’t Reach Out to Democrats on Health Care, Why’s He Blaming Them?

Chris Wallace pressed White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus this morning on why President Trump would blame Democrats for the health care bill tanking when he “never reached out to Democrats, he never offered Democrats a compromise.” Priebus actually said that “it would be nice to get some Democrats on board” and called the president’s tweet taking a shot at the House Freedom Caucus “100 percent correct.” He said, “I think the president’s disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him that weren’t.” Priebus reiterated Trump’s desire to work with moderate Democrats and said he doesn’t want to be a “partisan president.” Watch above, via Fox. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

House Freedom Caucus Chair Reacts to Trump Calling Them Out on Twitter

Mark Meadows, the Republican leader of the House Freedom Caucus, reacted on ABC’s This Week this morning to President Trump calling out the caucus in a tweet: Some Republicans in Congress have leveled harsher criticisms at the caucus. Meadows did not have words of criticism for the president, telling George Stephanopoulos that there’s been a lot of discussion in the past 48 hours about how Republicans can come together to ‘get this over the finish line.” He said that Democrats shouldn’t be applauding this because America’s health care system still requires some serious changes. Meadows admitted he’s done some “self-critiquing” lately, but said this isn’t the end of the Continue reading "House Freedom Caucus Chair Reacts to Trump Calling Them Out on Twitter"

Priebus: Trump Doesn’t Want Paul Ryan to Step Down, Tweet About Judge Jeanine’s Show ‘Coincidental’

This morning on Fox News Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus addressed the fact that President Trump promoted a Fox News program that began with the host calling for Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker. Yesterday Trump tweeted that everyone should watch Judge Jeanine Pirro‘s show and she led her program going off on Ryan. Chris Wallace asked Priebus, “Does the president want Paul Ryan to resign as Speaker?” Priebus said no and told Wallace the tweet was “more coincidental.” Wallace responded, “Come on.” Priebus insisted that “there was no pre-planning here” and said that the president was simply doing Pirro a “favor” by promoting her show. Watch above, via Fox. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

Trump: Democrats ‘Smiling’ Because Freedom Caucus ‘Saved Planned Parenthood’ and Obamacare

donald-trump-1 Before the American Health Care Act was pulled from the House floor on Friday, President Trump took to Twitter to call out the House Freedom Caucus specifically: Trump delivered some brief comments in the Oval Office on Friday and, when asked about the Freedom Caucus, he said he was “disappointed” that this group of Republicans opposed the legislation. The caucus did oppose the AHCA, but there were Republicans outside that group who came out against the bill as well. This morning on Twitter, Trump, while not outright attacking the Freedom Caucus, this time said that Democrats are “smiling” because of their actions:

‘How Could You Possibly Misjudge This?’ Fox’s Pirro Demands Ryan Resign Over Health Care Bill Failure

Fox’s Judge Jeannine Pirro held nothing back on Saturday night when she called on Paul Ryan to resign as House Speaker over the failed attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act. In light of the decision to pull the vote on the American Health Care Act (ACHA), Pirro placed the blame on Ryan for the “complete and total failure” the Trump administration observed this week. Pirro explained that Ryan is more to blame than Trump over the decision, since the president is still relatively new to politics while Ryan is an experienced political operative who should’ve known how to navigate the bill through the House of Representatives. “How could you possibly misjudge this,” Pirro furiously asked. “I certainly have not spoken to the president about any of this, but I can only imagine that he and his aides took on healthcare because they believed you Continue reading "‘How Could You Possibly Misjudge This?’ Fox’s Pirro Demands Ryan Resign Over Health Care Bill Failure"

Violence Erupts as Fights Break Out Between Pro-Trump Marchers, Protesters in California

Things got intense in Huntington Beach today when several fights started as protesters confronted a group of marchers showing support for President Trump. The rally was one of several pro-Trump events being held around the country today under the online banner of #MAGAmarch. Protesters faced off with pro-Trump demonstrators in California, though things turned nasty after a protester reportedly pepper sprayed the march organizer. The face-off descended into chaos shortly afterwards, and multiple physical confrontations were filmed and uploaded to social media.

Report: Bannon Told Trump to Keep ‘Sh*t List’ of GOPers Who Voted Against Healthcare Bill

Bannon-650x364 New reports suggest that White House strategic advisor Steve Bannon is telling Donald Trump to take names for everyone who stopped the president from replacing the Affordable Care Act yesterday. The American Health Care Act (ACHA) was abandoned on Friday, shortly after House Speaker Paul Ryan told Trump that the bill was opposed by too many skeptical conservatives who promised not to vote for it. According to The Daily Beast, journalists spoke to White House officials yesterday, and they were reportedly told that Bannon wants Trump to make sure he never forgets the ones who sunk the new legislation. “[Bannon] has told the president to keep a shit list on this,” one official reportedly said. “He wants a running tally of [Republicans] who want to sink this…Not sure if I’d call it an ‘enemies list,’ per se, but I wouldn’t want to be on it.” The indication Continue reading "Report: Bannon Told Trump to Keep ‘Sh*t List’ of GOPers Who Voted Against Healthcare Bill"