Vicente Fox Wants to Thank Trump For Everything He’s Said About Mexico

Vincente FoxFormer president of Mexico Vicente Fox penned an op-ed in The Guardian, condemning the GOP frontrunner for his “disgraceful and highly offensive” language.

In the column published Wednesday, entitled “Let’s raise our voices against this dictator, Donald Trump,” Fox writes:

Trump has said Mexicans are the problem, calling us rapists and criminals. He thinks building the “Trump Wall” will right every wrong in the United States. Indeed, he’s built a huge mental wall around himself already, which doesn’t allow him to see the greatness of our people.

Despite that, I want to thank him for his racist and ignorant ideas. Thanks to them, Mexico is in the global spotlight; every day, more and more people inside and outside the United States are realizing the decent way Mexicans live their lives.

He further blasts Trump’s isolationist rhetoric as a “lose-lose” proposition. “He says that he’ll make America great again,” Continue reading "Vicente Fox Wants to Thank Trump For Everything He’s Said About Mexico"

Here’s Some Free Advice to Cable News As It Fails To Educate Viewers on Open Convention Process

delegates-convention-e1458325042925-650x366If Mr. Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot

Delegates aren’t ghosts, they’re human beings

But on the 2nd ballot, Rubio and Kasich delegates could elect Ted Cruz

On the 5th or 6th ballot, Paul Ryan or

If there is no winner on the first ballot, that’s when floor fights occur and back-room deals are cut

The lines above are just a paraphrased summary of what we’ve been hearing on cable news following last night’s 13-point victory for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, thereby almost assuring a contested/open convention will be held this summer in what will be dubbed five billion times between now and then as The Chaos in Cleveland. “Christmas in July” is how Joe Scarborough characterized the juicy prospects of such an event on Morning Joe today, and if you’ve been mesmerized by this campaign season for all the right and wrong reasons Continue reading "Here’s Some Free Advice to Cable News As It Fails To Educate Viewers on Open Convention Process"

Spike Lee Compares Each 2016 Contender to One Of His Famous Characters

Spike Lee once compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Now, the man who boycotted this year’s Oscars for ignoring minorities is comparing Trump’s fellow presidential candidates to characters in his films.

Lee is currently hitting the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders (probably because Sanders is the best basketball player on the 2016 court and Lee loves basketball) and while feeling the bern in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he was asked which of his characters had the most in common with Trump.

Here’s what he said, per THR:

I mean, I did a film called Summer of Sam. (Laughs.) It was about the infamous summer of 1977, New York City [when so-called Son of Sam David Berkowitz killed six people]. And there was a certain person who had the whole city in terror.

Lee went on to say that Hillary Clinton was Ruby Dee  Continue reading "Spike Lee Compares Each 2016 Contender to One Of His Famous Characters"

Coulter Defends Trump: More Abortions to Come If He Doesn’t Stop ‘Latin American Rape Culture’

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.15.27 AMAnn Coulter appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball yesterday, where she hyper-supported Donald Trump again by dismissing the latest controversies and negative poll numbers against him.

The conservative commentator sat opposite Charlie Sykes, who took some #NeverTrump shots by saying that the candidates’ abortion pivoting and his anti-immigration plans belie his lack of substantive consideration on the issues. This was not Sykes and Coulter’s first exchange, as Real Clear Politics reported on a prior discussion between the two where Coutler called Trump’s initial abortion stance “fabulous.”

When Chris Matthews asked Coulter about the latest Trump pile-ons, she responded that it was the mogul’s opposition that actually lacked substance, and that Trump is clearly pro-life now. Since this is Ann Coulter though, she eventually made her way back to her unapologetic hardline on illegal immigrants by saying that Trump’s wall is Continue reading "Coulter Defends Trump: More Abortions to Come If He Doesn’t Stop ‘Latin American Rape Culture’"

S.E. Cupp on Doomed GOP: ‘Real Migraine’ Will Start When Trump ‘Actually Wins’ Nom

cuppIn her Wednesday column for the New York Daily News, S.E. Cupp delivers a hard blow of realization to the conservative base waking up this morning in blissful denial after a Ted Cruz victory in Wisconsin over likely nominee Donald Trump.

Despite the decisive win in the Badger State for the Texas Senator, writes Cupp, the prospect of a Trump nomination is no longer the stuff of fantasy; instead, a real, “…look at the numbers makes it more than likely that Trump will win the nomination outright — no contested convention, no last-minute saviors.”

It is an idea that the conservative base by and large has been slinging to: divert enough delegates away from the Trump Train in the hopes of forcing a toss-up situation at the Cleveland convention this summer. However, Cupp has admittedly moved onto the stage of acceptance that a Trump nomination is inevitable.

Continue reading "S.E. Cupp on Doomed GOP: ‘Real Migraine’ Will Start When Trump ‘Actually Wins’ Nom"

Daily Show Digs Up Most Disturbing Donald Trump Daughter Clip Yet

One of the worst running jokes in a campaign full of them has been Republican frontrunner Donald Trump‘s truly gross habit of sexualizing his daughter, Ivanka Trump, but you really haven’t seen anything yet. On Wednesday night, The Daily Show revealed that they had dug up a 1994 clip from an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (which was apparently still on in 1994) in which Trump took his windowless-van parenting style all the way to eleven. There is really no way to prepare yourself for this.

That’s right, folks, Donald Trump speculated about his then-infant daughter Tiffany Trump’s potential breast size and legs that won’t quit. Here’s to all the lucky people who went long on brain bleach stock yesterday.

Watch the clip above, from The Daily Show.

Trump Campaign Blasts ‘Lyin Ted’ In Bonkers Statement Over Primary Loss

Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign is going through a rough patch. On top of a week of fresh controversies and fending off attacks across the board, he has now lost the Wisconsin primary to Ted Cruz.

Of course, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, so he sent a statement to Robert Costa of the Washington Post, and conceded his loss tonight with the grace and poise the world has come to expect from him.

Long story short, it was absolute insanity:

[image via screengrab]

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